Jebsen Group Secures Digital Transformation with Industry-Leading Cybersecurity Protection, Automation, and Agility

Check Point enables us to provide the best protection and service levels across the business. Regardless of geography or the technologies we’re using, we gained agility and consistency as we effectively protect our users.
– Brian Chan, Information Technology Director of Jebsen Group


Jebsen Group

Founded in 1895, Jebsen Group is a leading brand builder and a focused marketing, investment and distribution organization. Under the master brand of Jebsen, the Group has four Core Business Lines – Motors, Beverage, Consumer and Jebsen Capital – and two further established business lines around Industrial and Logistics.

Business Challenge

Securing a Digital Transformation

For more than a century, Jebsen Group has acted as a bridge between continents and cultures, suppliers and consumers. Today, Jebsen Group helps more than 200 premium brands succeed in Asian markets. The company has built an agile infrastructure to support digital transformation of its internal processes and integration touchpoints with customers. The IT architecture includes cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments in order to support each business unit most effectively.

“Customer data privacy and service continuity are our top priorities,” said Brian Chan, Information Technology Director of Jebsen Group. “We need to ensure that our customers’ and partners’ data is protected at all times. A constantly changing cybersecurity landscape makes that goal increasingly difficult to achieve.”

To defend its business interests, the company had several requirements. It needed consistent protection and quality of service across its locations, as well as between its AWS cloud and on-premises environments. Gleaning threat intelligence across its locations was also critical to maintaining consistent security for all users. Credential phishing has always been a primary concern, so Jebsen Group wanted better protection for endpoints. Cost-effective scalability was essential. In the past, efforts to cope with a growing attack surface meant completely replacing firewalls or buying extra capacity that might not be needed. Finally, Jebsen Group wanted a solution that delivered high visibility with easy manageability across its diverse environments. It turned to Check Point.


Scale Protection Up, Out, and as Needed

“Check Point enables us to offer the best protection and service levels across the business,” said Chan. “Regardless of geography or the technologies we’re using, we gained agility and consistency to effectively protect our users.”

Check Point Quantum Security Gateways protect the on-premises networks and data centers with scalable, zero-day threat prevention. Check Point CloudGuard Intelligence protects the AWS cloud infrastructures and assets with cloud-native security technologies. Check Point Harmony provides secure access and on-device endpoint and mobile security, protecting the company’s users. This three-pronged security approach defends the company’s network, cloud, data centers, and endpoints against the next-generation of cyber attacks—all unified with Check Point Infinity architecture.

Quantum Security Gateways include powerful firewall, IPS, anti-bot, antivirus, application control, and URL filtering to combat known cyber threats. Check Point SandBlast threat emulation and threat extraction capabilities deliver complete protection against sophisticated threats and zero-day vulnerabilities.

Check Point Maestro delivers hyperscale security, bringing the company’s on-premises security to the world of hybrid cloud. Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrators distribute traffic equally to as many as 52 firewalls in one solution, scaling enterprise threat prevention throughput to 1.5 Tbps and concurrent connections to 500 million. With the Maestro Single Management Object (SMO), any new firewall automatically inherits the configurations, policy, and software to make scalability simple.

“Check Point Quantum Security Gateways and Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrator eliminate our scalability concerns,” said Chan. “We simply scale as needed with minimal time or effort. Both on-premises and cloud environments enjoy cloud-level scalability.”

Expose and Remediate Threats Anywhere

Check Point CloudGuard Posture Management (CSPM) provides Jebsen Group with automated governance across its AWS cloud and hybrid environments. The solution automatically visualizes and assesses security posture, detects misconfigurations, and enforces security best practices and compliance frameworks to save hours of time and increase the security team’s effectiveness. Check Point CloudGuard Intelligence adds another threat detection layer. Automatic signature detection, built-in rules, and threat intelligence feeds create a baseline of account activity. Once this baseline is established, built-in AI and anomaly detection algorithms can spot potentially unauthorized or malicious activity in cloud environments, including serverless applications.

Market-leading Check Point Harmony Endpoint secures users’ devices from ransomware, phishing, and malware. Autonomous attack detection and remediation enable fast recovery, minimizing any potential impact from an attack. Check Point Zero-Phishing® technology also prevents credential theft with real-time identification and blocking of phishing sites.

Jebsen Group greatly simplified security management with Check Point Horizon SOC. Horizon SOC pinpoints attacks across the company’s network, cloud, and endpoint environments. With the same security intelligence and investigation tools used by Check Point Research, Jebsen Group can expose, automatically triage, and remediate with a single click—and 99.9% precision—before damage can spread.


Automated Manageability Ensures Consistency

Automation greatly simplifies management for the security team. With Quantum Maestro, security gateways are immediately configured. Policies are continuously and automatically updated. Seamless scalability eliminates intrusive migrations and upgrades.

At the same time, automation ensures that all locations and users enjoy the same level of industry-leading protection. The team implements best practices with a click, while AI-driven threat prevention defends against zero-day attacks. With Autonomous Threat Prevention policy powered by Check Point ThreatCloud, Check Point security gateways are automatically updated with the latest threat signatures using Check Point-recommended rules. New threats are analyzed and become new signatures for ThreatCloud threat intelligence feeds, providing immediate insight into potentially malicious activity.

“Check Point ThreatCloud provides local threat intelligence, enabling us to maximize protection in each area,” said Chan. “And with CloudGuard Posture Management, we effortlessly ensure consistency across all of our business units and locations.”

Phishing and Ransomware Attempts Fail

Harmony Endpoint fully protects Jebsen Group users while simplifying device management for the security team. Harmony Endpoint blocks malware coming from malicious web pages or email attachments without affecting users’ productivity. Users are protected from ransomware, even if they are offline. Any ransomware behaviors detected are blocked and files are automatically remediated.

“Check Point Harmony Endpoint really minimized risks associated with phishing,” said Chan. “It also gives my team a holistic view of security across all of our managed devices.”

Security Without Limits

Jebsen Group continues its digital transformation journey without worrying about security constraints. As it expands across regions, Chan and his team can easily adopt and manage a multi-cloud environment. Industry-leading protection, automation, and high scalability delivered through a flexible SaaS model support the company’s agile approach.

“Check Point enables us to maximize our cybersecurity posture with a fixed level of investment,” said Chan. “As we need new capabilities, we simply add them. Check Point’s unique flexibility gives us agility for business growth with service continuity for our partners and customers.”

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