Kingdee Youshang E-business Service Co. Ltd. – Check Point GO and Mobile Data Protection

With best in class virtualization and encryption technologies, Check Point GO enables secure cloud computing for our employees and customers. Its plug-and-play ability makes it easy to use with very minimal training.
—Gao Fei, Vice General Manager, Kingdee Youshang E-business Service Co. Ltd.


Kingdee Youshang E-business Service Co. Ltd.

Kingdee Youshang E-business Service Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kingdee International Software Group which is one of the largest online software application and service platforms in China. It has been the no. 1 player of enterprise online management service market of China for three years in a row. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Kingdee Youshang E-business Service Co. Ltd. has over 20 branches including established sales and marketing offices across seven key regions within China, and focuses on providing one-stop shopping of management software and E-business services.

Business Challenge

Many Small and medium size business do not have the necessary IT resources for deploying ERP and CRM software solutions. Kingdee Youshang specializes in providing this market with a full array of software, platform, and service support including security. To ensure proper protection of its resources Kingdee Youshang has taken the following measures:

  • Secure Kingdee Youshang applications with a robust data protection solution
  • Ensure data integrity on client’s endpoint machines with proven encryption technology
  • Ensure simple operation with plug-and-play usability
  • Uphold a high level of security for cloud computing and endpoint devices
  • Improve the efficiency of remote offices


Kingdee Youshang maximizes data protection

Kingdee Youshang leverages Check Point data protection solutions to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data accessed through the cloud and on its endpoint machines. This includes the Check Point Full Disk Encryption Software Blade (FDE) for data at rest on desk top and laptop PCs, which protects from unauthorized access to data if laptops are lost or stolen. The company also relies on Check Point GO to enable its clients and mobile workers to access corporate cloud applications and data on both managed and unmanaged machines.

Reduce hardware costs and increase efficiency

Prior to Check Point GO, the practice was to lend laptops to tele-workers with only the data needed at their destinations. Not only was this was inconvenient, it caused availability issues if a worker wanted or needed additional information while on the go. With Check Point GO, Kingdee Youshang and its customers have eliminated the need for providing laptop computers to tele-workers, opting instead to empower them with a secure remote access device. Check Point GO enables users to instantly turn any PC into their own desktop to securely access and work with files and applications anytime, anywhere. Not only has this reduced IT hardware and management costs, it has enabled Kingdee Youshang and its customers to increase working efficiency.

Check Point GO brings peace of mind; enables regulatory compliance

Beyond its own internal needs, Kingdee provides its customers with Check Point GO devices, allowing them to turn any PC into a trusted host device. This enables the company to meet strict internal security requirements as well as industry and government regulations while increasing mobility. Additionally, because Check Point GO segregates the virtual workspace from the host PC the device is resistant to malicious software that may reside on unmanaged machines. As a result, whether Kingdee’s customers are conducting e-commerce, electronic banking, or online trading, all data is seamlessly stored and encrypted within the Check Point GO devices and nothing is ever recorded to the host PC.


Data Protection for a Mobile Workforce

  • Proven Check Point virtualization and VPN technologies create a secure, virtual workspace
  • Secured VPN connection is established to corporate resources even in locations without a very stable network environment
  • Portable USB form factor device reduces IT costs and increases business productivity
  • Full Disk Encryption Software Blade protects sensitive and proprietary data from unauthorized access when laptops are lost or stolen and meets strict data security policies
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