Leading Software Developer – Check Point DDoS Protector Appliances

“Our Check Point solution gives me 100 percent confidence that our data center is safe from Denial of Service threats. It delivers the visibility we need to protect our entire organization against new and emerging threats—from a single pane of glass.”

– Senior Network Engineer, Leading Software Developer


A major enterprise software developer with deep tradition of leadership and innovation in its field, this company has 3000 employees and dozens of sites worldwide, serving tens of thousands of end customers.

Buisness Challenges

Like most large organizations, the software developer relies on its data center to power its most critical business processes and store essential data. DDoS attacks are a serious threat for companies of all kinds, and even a small amount of downtime could cause serious damage to the organization’s daily operations and customer reputation. However, the organization’s existing security appliance could not provide the level of security and manageability the company required. To address these concerns, the organization needed to:

  • Block current and emerging attacks with customized protection
  • Minimize manual IT processes to work more efficiently
  • Improve IT visibility throughout the network


The Check Point Solution

The Check Point DDoS Protector Appliance enables the software developer to discover and block Denial of Service attacks in seconds, while streamlining its network administration and improving insight into the network.

Intelligent, Accurate Attack Prevention

The previous security appliance was difficult to manage and align to the company’s security needs. Incoming traffic from its Internet content delivery network often fluctuated, but its security system lacked the intelligence to determine which traffic was legitimate. Legitimate traffic was often dropped. “Now, if we experience a spike in legitimate traffic, the Check Point DDoS Protector Appliance automatically increases the traffic threshold without intervention from our team,” says the Senior Network Engineer. “I’m extremely happy with the box, especially after the problems we experienced with our previous solution.”

Comprehensive Solution Improves Network Insight

The developer installed a DDoS Protector Appliance at each of its two Internet routers. Each router has a multimode fiber Gigabit Ethernet uplink to the company’s ISP, and is fully protected by the appliance. Built-in intelligence enables the solution to quickly distinguish between attacks and legitimate traffic. “The detection is immediate, and the solution lets us discover threats without manual intervention and troubleshooting,” says the Senior Network Engineer.

Flexible Deployment and Scalability for Changing Needs

Designed to smoothly accommodate a wide range of network environments, the Check Point DDoS Protector Appliance fits seamlessly into the software developer’s topology, while providing plenty of room to grow. “We are considering extending deployment of our solution to three or four more sales offices, and are confident that our solution can easily scale to handle additional sites or bandwidth,” says the Senior Network Engineer


Automated, Multi-Layered Protection Blocks Attacks in Real Time

  • Automatically defends against network flood and application layer attacks
  • “Our inline solution provides immediate detection of potential threats. Its fast response time supports our fiber Gigabit links with no problems whatsoever.” – Senior Network Engineer
  • Filters traffic before it reaches the firewall, to protect network and servers

Fast, Easy Deployment Provides Immediate Protection

  • “The Check Point DDoS Protector solution was very easy to deploy right out of the box. Using the default settings, we were able to configure the device to provide complete protection in about a day.” – Senior Network Engineer
  • Layer-2 appliance fits easily into the organization’s existing topology without impacting performance
  • Attractive licensing options provide complete coverage for all network environment

Integrated Check Point Security Management Enhances Visibility

  • “The Check Point solution has made us more security conscious. We are actually learning more about our own network, because of the visibility this solution provides.” – Senior Network Engineer
  • SmartEvent security and analysis solution delivers real-time threat management information to block threats fast
  • SmartLog log analyzer improves intelligence through searchable visibility into billions of records over multiple time periods and domains
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