Pérez-Llorca Protects Corporate Reputation with Check Point SandBlast Mobile

“Everything is now managed in the same way. We avoid misconfigurations, we’re reusing agreed rules, and issues are easier to deal with.”
— Aitor Lasala, CTO, Pérez-Llorca



Pérez-Llorca provides high-end advice to international and domestic clients in connection with the largest and most complex transactions and disputes in Spain. As an independent law firm, they approach multijurisdictional work by providing turnkey solutions with other leading independent firms from Europe, the Americas or Asia.

Business Challenge

Identify security threats to protect corporate reputation

Pérez-Llorca is comprised of over 300 lawyers working out of offices in Madrid, Barcelona, London and New York. The firm is a business built on expertise, confidentiality and trust.

“Every day we are experiencing attacks on our network,” says Pérez-Llorca CTO, Aitor Lasala. “No two days are the same. We have to keep the business running. Any loss of confidential information would be very damaging to our clients and the reputation of our business.”

Lasala wanted to strengthen Perez-Llorca’s security position, by simplifying the management of both the network and perimeter: “Our aim was to easily identify security risks across the organization.”


Integrated security management

Pérez-Llorca is a long-time user of Check Point solutions. In their latest engagement, Pérez-Llorca upgraded to Check Point R80 integrated Threat Prevention and installed SandBlast Mobile on all corporate mobile devices.

R80 is an integrated security solution with unified policy management, logging, monitoring, event correlation and reporting – all in a single system.

“We’re using Check Point as our primary firewall,” says Lasala. “We have most of the blades active on the firewalls, giving us advanced threat prevention. We’re using it in every office we have, every perimeter is controlled by Check Point. It’s at the core of our network.”

SandBlast Mobile, the leading security and threat prevention solution for iOS and Android devices, protects Pérez-Llorca’s mobile fleet of iOS devices, from advanced, fifth- generation cyber-attacks.


A single platform to deliver consistency and assurance

Having all security functions now managed from a single platform creates the biggest impact, Lasala says: “Everything is now managed in the same way. We avoid misconfigurations, we’re reusing agreed rules, and for our technicians, whether it’s a core firewall or branch firewall, issues are easier to deal with.” He says this leads to a 50% reduction in time spent managing security.

SandBlast Mobile is deployed in 350 corporate mobile devices (80% of which are mobile phones, 20% tablets). “We realized that security for our mobile devices was a must. A phone contains as much information as a laptop. With SandBlast Mobile, we’re taking care of our data, whether it roams within our perimeter or outside of it. It means we can analyze both the network and the apps installed on the device in an efficient way. We can manage the risk level of a device and the malicious activity that tries to reach it.”

For Pérez-Llorca, the future involves further integration and efficiency. “We want to work with Check Point to ensure we have the latest releases and keep our security systems up to date.”

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