PGNiG TERMIKA strengthens security to protect energy supplies

“Check Point gives us the tools we need to protect our company and our users. Check Point is easy to manage and provides insights into what’s happening in the network.”
— Konrad Sobczak, Network Engineer, PGNiG TERMIKA


PGNiG TERMIKA is a leading supplier of heat and electricity in Poland. Its facilities produce 11% of the country’s heating and 65% of Warsaw’s demand for electric energy. PGNiG TERMIKA has operations nationwide with plans to develop and acquire further production.


As a critical national infrastructure, PGNiG TERMIKA must protect itself from cyber-attacks, ensuring its customers receive electricity and heat without interruption. At the same time the PGNiG TERMIKA staff requires remote access in order to manage operations of the utility from any location. PGNiG TERMIKA needed to simplify the task of managing security and attain visibility into any threats targeting their staff and day-to-day operations of their critical national infrastructure. Their challenge is to:

  • Protect 3,000 users working across multiple locations
  • Better understand the threats targeting an increasingly connected business


Check Point Next Generation Firewalls with Unified Security Management gives PGNIG administrators detailed visibility and control of users, groups, applications, machines and connection types on its network. PGNiG TERMIKA security administrators can assign permissions to the right users and devices, giving them the access they need to perform their jobs. The Check Point Next Generation Firewall solution with its identity-based policy, makes it easy and cost-effective to enforce security policies.


The result is protection and visibility across the entire organization. The Check Point Next Generation Firewall solution has enabled PGNiG to identify, allow, block or limit usage of applications and the features within them. This enables safe Internet use while protecting against threats from web and email-based malware. In addition, the granular user, device and group policy definition means PGNiG employees get the access they need to perform their day-to-day duties.
Check Point Next Generation Firewalls with identity-based security policy enforcement is a proven and trusted security solution, available in a single, dedicated security gateway appliance. The solution provides PGNiG with a greater understanding of security events across their entire organization.

  • Simplifies security management of multiple devices across several locations through a single interface
  • Close engagement with Check Point support and engineering ensures advanced threat prevention with optimal performance
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