Provision-ISR Scores Industry Leadership, Customer Trust, and New Opportunities with Check Point Quantum IoT Protect Firmware

Check Point IoT Protect Nano Agent gives us a robust, end-to-end security solution for our customers. Provision-ISR cameras will have next-generation cybersecurity provided right out of the box, with plug-and-play implementation.”
—Yonatan Pick, Chief Technology Officer, Provision-ISR


Provision-ISR is an Israeli multinational company that provides high-quality, IP-connected Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) products. Its innovative products offer solutions ranging from cost-effective, single-device installations to fleet implementations of enterprise-class cameras with exceptional image quality. Committed to helping customers ensure their safety, Provision-ISR cultivates strong relationships with distributors and installers to support everyone’s success.

Business Challenges

Closing an Open Door
CCTV devices play a critical role in keeping people and organizations safe—from transport hubs, retail stores, banks, and critical infrastructure to private homes and small offices. Originally used strictly for video surveillance, organizations increasingly rely on CCTV cameras as a broader security and operational management tool.

In the past, CCTV cameras were like many other Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Compact, with limited processing power and bandwidth, they primarily fed audio and video data to a control center for monitoring. Cameras were usually installed on proprietary, standalone networks. However, as IP-based cameras are increasingly connected to organizations’ networks, they expand the cyber attack surface. With little—or no—onboard security and no way to install agents, these devices have become prime targets for cybercriminals.

“Up to 85% of all CCTV products installed never have the default username and password changed,” said Mr. Yonatan Pick, Chief Technology Officer at Provision-ISR. “They’re an open door for cyber attackers to enter an organization’s network.”

Highly publicized security breaches stemming from hacks of security cameras, baby monitors, and other IoT devices have increased customers’ privacy awareness. As a result, Provision-ISR decided to take a new approach to cybersecurity for its products.

“At Provision-ISR, we want to lead from the front with 100% secure CCTV devices that will give customers peace of mind,” said Ami Finer, Vice President of Sales & Business Growth for Provision-ISR. “We needed an optimized threat solution with an extremely small footprint that would be completely reliable. This is where Check Point comes in.”


Combining Expertise
Adding strong cybersecurity features as a natural evolution of its products made perfect sense. As an IP camera and video expert, Provision-ISR also wanted to team with an expert in security.

“We looked for a company with mature, industry-leading technology, a strong cybersecurity market presence, and proven experience,” said Mr. Pick. “We decided to entrust cybersecurity of our CCTV devices to Check Point. With an end-to-end cybersecurity solution on Provision-ISR devices, we are set to create a new standard for CCTV cybersecurity.”

The Provision-ISR team chose Check Point Quantum IoT Protect™ Nano Agent—embedded runtime protection that enables them to create connected cameras with built-in firmware security that defends against cyber attacks. IoT Protect Nano Agent prevents attacks, assesses risks in IoT device firmware, and hardens devices with granular policy definition and enforcement.

Based on cutting-edge control flow integrity technology, the lightweight IoT Protect Nano Agent fends off the most sophisticated device attacks. It closes the door to shell injections, memory corruption, and control flow hijacking regardless of where attacks are or how they are deployed. IoT Protect Nano Agent provides 100% firmware coverage—including third-party components—without compromising device performance. It can also uncover the security posture of the device’s native firmware, including unknown vulnerabilities, giving manufacturers the insight they need to identify and remediate security gaps.

Combined with Check Point Infinity Next security management, IoT Protect Nano Agent enables manufacturers and device customers to harden devices. Infinity NEXT supports assets across the network, endpoints, mobile devices, cloud, workloads and IoT, providing the highest level of security. It enables users to set granular security policies for devices protected by the Nano Agent. With full reporting, logging and alerting capabilities, customers can integrate data with their SIEMs to enforce policy and manage IoT devices from a single console.


Smart Security
Mr. Pick describes the integrated camera and security capabilities as an advanced immune system. The camera understands its own code functions. IoT Protect Nano Agent enables the camera to recognize when something tries to enter with a different language or behavior—even if it has never been seen before—and immediately shuts the door. Runtime protection not only protects against vulnerabilities and prevents zero-day attacks, it applies what it learns to block operations in the future.

Efficient, Painless Protection
Built-in security and advanced protection make it fast and painless for installers to deploy secure new cameras and systems. Customers can easily manage their devices and security from a web or mobile interface—with access from anywhere at any time. Industry-leading IoT on-device runtime protection with threat intelligence enables Provision-ISR to continue delivering innovative solutions with high-quality video—and no impact on performance.

Teamwork Works
Quantum IoT Protect Nano Agent reinvents IoT device security. Provision-ISR does not have to add costly CPU resources, device size, or complexity to its products. At the same time, it effectively addresses customers’ concerns about privacy and device security with the ability to access continuous threat intelligence that benefits their entire security posture.

“Our partnership with Check Point enables us to be a leader in the CCTV market and include leading-edge security in our IP surveillance products,” said Mr. Pick. “As an industry leader, Check Point’s objective expertise enables us to build customer trust. Our customers gain unprecedented protection. This is a win-win situation for everyone.”

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