Quectel Proactively Defends Its Network, Assets and IP with Check Point Quantum and Harmony Email & Collaboration

Our network and endpoints are delivering significantly better performance since we deployed Check Point Quantum Security Gateways. Our users have seen Internet speed dramatically increase and their computers run more smoothly.”
—Mr. Chen Chen, IT Director, Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd.


Quectel connects devices and people to networks and services, powering digital innovation and helping build a smarter world. Its products include IoT modules and antenna solutions for embedded and external applications, as well as Connectivity-as-a-Service across 190 countries.

Business Challenge

Manufacturing Under Attack
Customers in the payment, energy, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, transportation and other industries rely on Quectel solutions for critical data communication. Quectel provides IoT modules, antennas, and wireless connectivity across telecom spectrums to deliver business-critical data where it’s needed. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company supports six R&D centers, more than 50 sales offices worldwide, and 3,000 employees.

As a manufacturer, Quectel is a member of the most-targeted industry for cyber attacks, with ransomware as the primary weapon. Ransomware attacks can paralyze a business, simultaneously disrupting downstream supply chain partners for additional pressure to pay the ransom. Phishing attempts and attacks on known vulnerabilities are the other top threats for manufacturers.

Quectel experienced them all. Repeated public network attacks installed malware, which significantly hampered network and endpoint performance. One ransomware attack resulted in losses totaling 80,000 yuan (US$1.2 million). In addition, the move to remote and hybrid work created a new attack surface of home-based employees and endpoints.

“We needed a comprehensive network security solution,” said Mr. Chen Chen, IT Director for Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. “A new solution had to defend us against phishing, malware, and ransomware and also protect our core technology, intellectual property, and confidential business data.”


Expanding and Advancing Security Protection
Advanced security was the company’s first requirement. The company needs to protect its SAP systems, codes, files, web services, and production-related data. Quectel also needed a solution that could cope with rapid expansion of network assets and geographic presence. With a global network footprint, connections had multiplied—dramatically slowing throughput. The new solution had to eliminate operational disruption and provide a seamless network security experience for users and partners. Finally, the new solution had to be easy to use. The IT team needs to ensure consistent policy across the enterprise while maintaining the highest level of threat prevention.

Mr. Chen and his team turned to Check Point. Together, they established a Proof of Concept (POC) implementation to test Check Point Quantum Security Gateways and Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration.

“Check Point delivered outstanding performance during the POC,” said Mr. Chen. “The solutions demonstrated their ability to not only solve our current requirements, but also to scale easily as we deploy new network assets in the future.”

Efficient Leading-Edge Defenses
Quantum Security Gateways provide more than 60 industry-leading security services to protect against Gen V cyber attacks on networks, data centers, cloud, IoT, devices, and remote users. They combine SandBlast Zero Day threat prevention and threat extraction capabilities with hyper-scale networking, unified management, and remote access security to protect against the most sophisticated cyber attacks. Quectel deployed Quantum series firewalls in its Shanghai headquarters, as well as its office network, factories, and an R&D center.

Harmony Email & Collaboration protects the company’s Microsoft 365 environment and collaboration apps. It inspects emails and attachments, removing threats and delivering clean files to users. Machine learning and AI capabilities analyze data from Check Point ThreatCloud, a global network of threat sensors, to block phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks before they reach users’ inboxes. Data Leak Prevention (DLP) keeps sensitive business data inside the organization.

Unified security management simplifies everything for the IT team. From a single pane of glass, the team has visibility and control across network, cloud, IoT, and remote user environments. Security gateways are configured automatically, and AI-driven security policy helps prevent zero-day attacks while updating policy automatically. With a single click, the team can implement best practices. Unified management increases efficiency by up to 80%.


Effective Protection
Check Point Quantum security gateways have repelled threats and effectively prevented attacks on Quectel’s servers and network. Malware and ransomware no longer have the power to disrupt the company’s operations.

“Our network and endpoints are delivering significantly better performance since we deployed Check Point Quantum Security Gateways,” said Mr. Chen. “Our users have seen Internet speed dramatically increase and their computers run more smoothly.”

Efficient Deployment
Quectel implemented Harmony Email & Collaboration in less than an hour—immediately delivering heightened protection to users. Check Point cloud APIs made it simple to integrate with Office 365. The company now enjoys complete protection for cloud email and collaboration apps. Phishing attacks reaching mailboxes have declined by more than 99%. Malicious attachments are stopped before reaching users.

“Harmony Email & Collaboration has delivered precise protection for us,” said Mr. Chen. “We simply turned it on from the POC and it has blocked numerous phishing emails and malicious attachments.”

Ready to Grow
Quectel found that Check Point not only protects its network and locations, it easily scales to keep pace with the company’s needs. Thanks to Check Point ThreatCloud, newly revealed threats are uncovered and defenses are updated almost immediately. Although manufacturers might be the most-attacked companies, Quectel now has powerful defenses that prevent attackers from succeeding.

“Check Point security scales laterally with us and can be deployed exactly as we need it,” said Mr. Chen. “Not only is it convenient, most importantly it delivers highly effective protection.”

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