RheinMain University of Applied Sciences Increases IT Security for Students, Teachers and Employees

With Check Point’s Next Generation Firewalls, we have a modern and powerful platform that opens up many new ways to protect our IT services, as we can anticipate potential issues ahead of time – before any major attack occurs.
—Chief Information Security Officer, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences


RheinMain University

RheinMain University of Applied Sciences offers more than 85 degree programs for 13,000 students at five locations in Wiesbaden and Rüsselsheim. As a family-friendly university, it offers maximum support in balancing studies and careers with family life.

Business Challenge

  • At RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, IT security is a top priority, particularly protecting students’ and employees’ personal information.
  • An advanced solution was needed to protect against modern threats with more proactive measures and greater transparency.
  • A powerful and secure VPN connection was essential as many students use it to work on the University’s network.
  • Much of the internal traffic goes through the firewall, so a solution was needed that could handle large volumes of data.
  • The distributed location of RheinMain University requires efficient central management for all devices.


  • In co-operation with systems integrator, SVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbH, the University installed a Check Point solution.
  • Cross-device administration of Check Point Next Generation Threat Prevention allows the University to use the Smart Dashboard to set up and implement faculty-related rules across multiple campuses, as well as cross-University. This results in the best possible security with minimal interference to the flow of information and daily business.
  • Check Point Endpoint Remote Access software provides users with access to RheinMain University’s network via a secure VPN connection, regardless of location, device and software.


  • The solution copes with the high volume of internal data crossing the firewall, with teachers and students exchanging video recordings and other materials. It is designed to cope with further increases in data volumes.
  • The University has developed stronger proactive IT security measures.
  • User-specific rules can be stored and applications filtered.
  • Students can access the network via a VPN connection from any provider’s network.
  • The high reliability of the solution within cluster at the two most important locations is guaranteed.
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