Check Point Infinity Total Protection ensures the protection of sensitive financial data

“We have used Check Point for a very long time, and it is heavily involved in our daily operations. We are very happy with what Check Point provides us.”
– Kaur Lillepõld, Head of Network and Telephony at SEB Baltics


SEB Baltics

SEB Baltics provides banking and advisory services in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to 1.8 million private customers and 130,000 small and medium-sized corporate customers, through a network of 113 branch offices, online or through mobile solutions. Baltic real estate holding companies are also part of the division.

Business Challenge

Balancing security with availability

Dealing with confidential financial data means that for SEB Baltics, security is always a top priority.

“We need to keep this kind of information very secure but ‘always on’ so that everybody can access their account information no matter their location,” says Kaur Lillepõld, Head of Network and Telephony at SEB Baltics. “We have phishing attacks on a daily basis so we must try to keep our security as up to date as possible.”

SEB Baltics was also challenged with managing three separate networks, each with a different set of rules and challenges. The bank needed to consolidate these networks into a single architecture that would be easy to manage and provide complete protection of its assets.

The bank also requires a solution that enables it to undertake necessary maintenance and make any essential IT changes while having no impact on the security of their customers, products and services.


Future-proofing with Check Point Infinity Total Protection

SEB Baltics has used Check Point solutions for over 10 years.

Check Point Infinity Total Protection provides SEB Baltics with a single, consolidated security architecture across its networks, cloud and mobile endpoints, with real-time threat prevention and shared threat intelligence. Check Point Infinity Total Protection protects against the phishing attacks on SEB Baltics by delivering real-time threat prevention against 5th generation cyber-attacks. It leverages Check Point’s most advanced products and technologies across all networks, cloud, endpoint and mobile, all managed on a single console.

Because it is moving towards a flexible working environment, the bank also uses Check Point Remote Access VPN to ensure that connections between corporate networks and remote devices are secure and can be accessed virtually anywhere. The Check Point Remote Access VPN solution provides access to the company network for individual hosts or clients, such as telecommuters and mobile users.


Real-time threat prevention and shared intelligence

Check Point provides SEB Baltics with the vital security it needs and with a scalable solution that will enable it to grow the business by introducing secure new services.

“We have not started to use the cloud yet, but we see a need for it in the future and Infinity will certainly help us to achieve that,” says Lillepõld. “The biggest benefit for us so far is the reporting. Check Point logs show us quite accurately where problems occur, whether they are firewall, hardware or software related. From that we know what we need to do in our environment, what we might need to change and it’s great that we can make any changes without impacting the production environment.

As the bank plans to make a number of changes to its network in the next two years, with Check Point Infinity Total Protection it can now act much more quickly in case of emergency, thanks to the flexibility of its enterprise license agreement.

“It’s good for us to know that whatever happens in our environment, Check Point will be able to provide us with support.”


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