Sinopec Group – Check Point 12407 Security Appliance

“Our network is mission-critical to our business and any disruption is unacceptable. The Check Point 12407 security appliance is the foundation for our network security strategy and provides us with reliable, high-performance protection in a scalable, integrated package.”

– Sinopec Group Spokesperson


Established in July 1998, China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) is a large petroleum and petrochemical enterprise founded on the basis of the former China Petrochemical Corporation. Headquartered in Beijing, Sinopec Group has a registered capital of RMB 182 billion. Sinopec Group’s key business activities include: Industrial investment and investment management; Exploration, production, storage, transportation (including pipeline transportation), marketing and utilization of oil and natural gas. Sinopec Group is the 5th largest enterprise in Fortune Global 500 in 2011.

Buisness Challenges

Traditional firewall and anti-virus protection are not enough to protect Sinopec’s complex network infrastructure from today’s threats. Together with the growing sophistication of attacks network security has become more challenging than ever.

  • Protect Sinopec’s information assets with comprehensive and robust security
  • Build a future proofed security infrastructure
  • Provide secure remote access to corporate resources
  • Integrate intrusion prevention for increased protection
  • Simplify and centralize network security management


12407 Security Appliance Provides Comprehensive Security

Sinopec relies on the Check Point 12407 Appliance with Firewall, Intrusion Prevention (IPS), IPsec VPN, and Mobile Access Software Blades to provide robust network protection and accessibility to network resources. With features including hot-swappable redundant power supplies and hard drives as well as high-availability technologies such as Check Point ClusterXL and Load-Sharing, the 12407 appliances provide Sinopec with a high level of business continuity and serviceability. Moreover, with a number of Software Blades at its disposal, Sinopec can easily add new layers of protection and functionality as its needs change and evolve.

Integrated IPS Software Blade Provides Unrivaled Network Protection

The Check Point IPS Software Blade provides Sinopec with comprehensive, integrated protection against malicious and unwanted network traffic. Incorporated with various advanced technologies and up to 15 Gbps of IPS throughput, the IPS Software Blade delivers dynamic threat protection to secure the Sinopec network from potential threats.

Mobile Access Software Blade Secures Remote Access

With the proliferation of mobile devices amongst its staff and partners as well as the need for data on the go, Sinopec chose to deploy the Check Point Mobile Access Software Blade to enable secure remote access to enterprise resources, applications, and emails conveniently and safely over the Internet, via smartphones, or PCs.

Advanced Management Solution Enhances Visibility and Control

With the Check Point Smart-1 25 security management appliance, Sinpoec is able administer network policy management, track and analyze events, run reports and more from a single user interface. In addition, with Management Software Blades such as SmartView Monitor, Sinopec can centrally monitor all its Check Point devices to get a complete visual picture of changes to gateways, remote users, and security activities. This enables administrators to immediately identify changes in network traffic flow patterns and stop malicious activity.


Robust Appliance offers comprehensive security and scalability

  • High performance protection for large and business-critical networks
  • Integrated security with multiple Software Blades in a single appliance
  • High-availability features to ensure business continuity
  • Flexible network options to work in any environment
  • Hot-swapable and redundant components enable service without downtime
  • Software Blade Architecture delivers scalability to future proof investment

Integrated IPS provides industry-leading performance and dynamic protection

  • Comprehensive IPS protection with Industry-leading multi-gigabit total system performance
  • A complete set of management tools including real-time event views and automated protection process

Simple and secured remote access

  • Convenient connectivity for mobile devices
  • Data protection
  • Unified management for simplified deployment and administration

Single unified management console simplifying management and improving efficiency

  • Maximized efficiency with a single unified management console for network and endpoint security
  • Real time identification of changes in network traffic flow with improved visibility
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