Terma A/S Prevents Targeted Cyber Attacks from Impacting National Security

“We chose Check Point because we need to constantly evolve our security infrastructure to mitigate the new attacks that we see all the time.”
– Søren Kristensen, Security Engineer, IT Department, Terma.


Terma A/S
A Danish company with over 1,400 employees worldwide, Terma works in the aerospace, defense and security sectors. Terma’s developments include coastal and airport radar surveillance solutions, a lightning observatory, missile avoidance systems for fighter planes, and satellite equipment for the International Space Station.

Business Challenge

Prime target for cyber-attacks
Every day, Terma sees attempted cyber-attacks on its systems affecting internal operations and posing risks to national security.

“We are a target for cyber-attacks because there are those who want to know what solutions we are developing in the company,” says Søren Kristensen, Security Engineer, IT Department, Terma. “We need the best security products we can find on the market to ensure compliance and to help protect us against these attacks. Our main challenge is that hackers are very patient, so we always have to be on our toes with the latest technology.”


Segmentation strengthens security policies
Terma first implemented Check Point Security Gateway protection more than 20 years-ago and has since added other solutions including Check Point SandBlast™ Mobile, the mobile threat defense solution.

However, conscious of the need to constantly upgrade to the latest technology, Terma has now incorporated Check Point Infinity for greater functionality and agility. It delivers pre-emptive threat prevention using threat intelligence, open interfaces and consolidated management through a single pane of glass.

Although confidentiality means that the total security environment cannot be revealed, Kristensen says that it uses Virtual System Extension (VSX) to segment its infrastructure into different security zones. The best security measures for each zone are then selected for increased effectiveness.


Agile support for an evolving infrastructure
Terma originally chose Check Point technology believing it to be the best and most efficient solution in the market. This is an opinion that has remained with Terma for 20 years.

After upgrading to Check Point Infinity, Terma now participates in the Check Point early availability (EA) program. This allows Terma to work closely with Check Point to influence new security solutions, delivering increased functionality and the agility needed to react quickly to changes within the company.

“It is an ongoing dialogue where we develop the software together with the engineers to get the most benefit out of it,” says Christensen.

With Terma’s enterprise license agreement for Infinity, it is easy to implement additional Check Point licenses that support upgrades, new projects and expand security services. For example, obtaining additional virtual system licenses has enabled more gateway virtualization, allowing increased management services to efficiently scale Terma’s network.

“We have been able to increase the performance of the network and the management system in order to gain greater operational efficiency. This helps our users get products and projects delivered much faster,” concludes Christensen.

Terma is now focused on moving data to the cloud and will again consider Check Point to support this transition.

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