What is Cyber Security Consulting?

Building a successful cyber security program is complex and requires multiple teams and expertise but should always start with a solid understanding of your cyber risk profile and the business impact cyber security has on your orgainstion. How cyber risk is defined, managed and reduced is a core requirement for any ogcainstion who is invested in protecting its business and staff.

Cyber Security is not just a technology convestation, to be successful we must be able to discuss cyber risk, business impact, threats, vulnerabilities and enterprise architecture,  in a language that resonates with C-level, GRC and financial teams.

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What is Cyber Security Consulting?

Fill the Cyber Security Gaps

Even when an organization has an in-house security engineering and security risk team, they may not have all of the expertise they need. For example the organizational demands for transformation, or a change in cyber leadership  can require the need of specialists, external consulting teams to help bridge a skills gap, complete a specific task or assist with an organizational deliverable. With Check Point Cyber security consulting services you can now request our help to fill this gap.

How Cyber Security Consulting Can Be Valuable

The Check Point consulting team acts as your external third-party cyber security consultant,  providing your organization with advice or support when they need it. Some scenarios where cyber security consulting can be valuable include the following:

  • Cyber Security Risk: Defining security posture, and capability, in language that can be shared with non-cyber executives using a commonly understood risk terminology.
  • Strategic Planning: When planning a large operation, such as a migration to the cloud or a network redesign, strategic security planning is essential. Third-party consultants can help an organization design and execute a strategy for migration.
  • Specialized Skill Sets: Security testing, post-incident forensics, and similar activities require specialized skill sets that an organization may lack the resources or need to maintain in-house. Engaging a third-party consultant ensures that an organization has swift access to these skills when they are needed.
  • Fractional Support: Some organizations may only require the services of a CISO or other security personnel part-time. Engaging a third-party consultant provides access to security expertise on an as-needed basis.

With an engagement with Check Point cyber security consulting, companies don’t need to maintain a particular skill set in-house to have access to it, the security consulting team can act as an extension of your in-house team, adding value where required and giving you access to a dedicated pool of experts that specializes in solving the complex cyber security problems that you may be facing, and delivering practical solutions based on security best practices aligned to industry standards.

How It Works

Providers of cyber security consulting services commonly have offerings for common needs, such as cloud transformation or security assessments. Providers may also offer other services — such as CISO consulting — on a regular or as-needed basis.

Organizations in need of cyber security consulting services can engage a service provider for support with that task. For example, an organization planning a cloud migration can sign up for a workshop on designing a cloud security architecture and securing the migration process.

Types of Consulting Services

Security Assessment

Identifying and correcting security vulnerabilities before they are exploited is essential to managing corporate cyber risk and the potential impacts of a cyberattack on an organization. Risk assessments can include a combination of automated vulnerability scanning and manual penetration testing to identify the greatest security risks to the organization.

In addition to the final testing report, security assessments also provide an organization with access to the team that identified the vulnerabilities in their system. This can be invaluable when organizations are looking to achieve compliance with regulatory requirements or close security gaps.

Network Architecture

Corporate networks have grown much more complex in recent years. Cloud migration, Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices, and the growth of remote work all have impacts on the performance and security of corporate networks.

Network architecture consulting services can help organizations design their networks to meet evolving business and security needs. For example, consultants can provide guidance on modernizing network hardware and how to effectively implement a zero-trust architecture within an organization’s IT environment.

Cloud and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation initiatives have the ability to improve the efficiency and performance of an organization’s IT systems and workforce. Cloud computing, IoT, and other solutions offer significant business benefits if implemented correctly.

However, cloud and IoT deployments must be designed and implemented correctly and securely to bring value. Cyber security consultants can help an organization identify solutions that can help the business and provide guidance on designing cyber security architectures to meet the company’s evolving needs.

CISO Consulting Services

During certain events, companies have an increased need for strategic security expertise. Examples include companies performing due diligence for M&A, preparing for a compliance audit, or benchmarking a new service provider.

Consulting CISOs can help businesses to make it through these activities. This includes providing a realistic assessment of an organization’s security posture or developing a strategy for closing identified compliance and security gaps.

Check Point Security Consulting Methodology

Check Point has deep experience in developing security solutions that meet organizations’ business and security needs. Check Point security solutions provide organizations with the ability to protect their IT systems efficiently and effectively against advanced threats.

In addition to providing security solutions, Check Point also offers organizations access to its security expertise. Through Check Point Security Consulting, organizations can access the following services:

  • Security Architecture Review
  • Cyber Security Risk Assessment
  • Cloud Transformation Consulting
  • Cloud-Native Security Architecture for DevOps Advisory
  • Cloud Cyber Security Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Compromise Assessment
  • Manual Penetration Testing and Breach Simulation
  • CISO Consulting Services

Check Point offers support to organizations at any stage in their security journey. If your organization could use some cyber security help, contact us.

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