IoT For Enterprise

The Internet of Things, or IoT as most call it, is just a simple name for the network of communicative devices connected to the internet. In our personal lives, we tap into IoT everytime we use our smartphone, Ring doorbell, or Nest thermostat. In the enterprise, IoT is in the form of sensors, tablets, and connected SaaS platforms. By 2021, Gartner estimates there may be as many as 25 billion devices making up IoT.

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IoT For Enterprise

The Importance of Effective Enterprise IoT Security

Enterprises have the reach, capital, and resources to deploy next-generation IoT solutions and services at a very large scale. As such, they also run the risk of prematurely implementing systems and solutions that are vulnerable to external threats and cyber attacks.


Enterprise IoT security is a must for any organization that wants to deploy IoT solutions and simultaneously lessen the risk of data breaches, ransomware attacks, insider threats, and other forms of IoT attacks on physical devices and the underlying network.


How to Secure IoT for Your Enterprise

Most enterprises understand the need for effective enterprise IoT security. The challenge is transitioning from ideation to strategic planning to proactive execution. Here are some practical ways enterprises can invest in the right security solutions and processes:


  • IoT risk analysis. Start by exposing all of your IoT related risks. Put everything on the table. (If you’re unsure of the precise risks you face, you’ll need to conduct a formal audit to uncover any and all points of vulnerability.)
  • IoT auto-segmentation. Trying to implement a hodgepodge mixture of manual IoT security processes and methodologies no longer works. You need IoT auto-segmentation, which auto-generates and enforces policies on your behalf. This ensures unauthorized access is intuitively blocked to and from your devices. Devices can only use communication protocols that are designed to be used.
  • IoT threat prevention. It’s important to have an IoT enterprise security solution that blocks known attacks. However, it’s equally important to have a system in place that blocks suspicious attacks that haven’t yet been encountered. Look for features like on-device runtime self-protection, virtual patching, and IoT-specific threat intelligence.

Selecting the Right IoT Security Solutions

With so many IoT security solutions on the market, it can be challenging to decipher which solutions are best for which enterprises. The key to make the right selection is to start with your needs.

From IP cameras and routers to HVAC systems and tablets, there’s an IoT device for every need. The right IoT security solution will account for each of these entry points and ensure there are no weak links in the system.

The type of IoT security solution you use will be highly dependent on your industry and the type of sensitive data that you store. For example, healthcare facilities will need a solution that’s tailored to their need to protect sensitive patient data in a mode that’s consistent with HIPAA regulations. Likewise, an industrial plant will need secure operational technology (OT) to ensure safety and integrity of all industrial operations and to reduce disruptions.

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