IoT For Smart Building

IoT Smart Buildings connect people with technology to create productive, enjoyable, and efficient work spaces. Smart buildings are equipped with IoT-connected infrastructure that streamlines processes and increases profitability.

A secure network is the foundation of every smart building. IoT-connected technology on the network can be used to perform tasks and collect the data that drives informed decisions. With accurate data, those decisions ultimately improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and occupant safety.

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IoT For Smart Building

Types of Technology Inside an IoT Smart Building

Smart thermostats, Wi-Fi, security systems, and smart windows are just a few technologies you’ll find in a smart building. Depending on the industry, you might also find AI assistants (like Alexa), weather alerts, and real-time safety insights streamed through a digital display.


You’ll also find employees and building occupants using a variety of personal IoT-connected devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and printers.

Key Benefits of an IoT For Smart Building

IoT smart buildings offer a variety of benefits to every industry, for example:

  •     Delivering useful services to building occupants, like lightning fast Wi-Fi, real-time data for weather alerts
  •     Having a green building powered by IoT infrastructure that supports reducing a business’ energy footprint
  •     Data insights can reduce network downtime and costs while boosting safety and profitability
  •     Predict equipment failure in industrial facilities

Protect Your Smart Office IoT Devices

Every IoT-enabled device has the potential to be hacked by a cyber-criminal when left unsecured. To avoid cyber-threats, it’s critical to secure every device from IP cameras to medical devices.


Securing your smart office IoT devices is critical for industries governed by data privacy laws like HIPAA. Healthcare organizations are a target for cyber-criminals. In 2019, 40 million patient records were exposed in multiple data breaches. All it takes for a hacker to exploit your data is one unsecured IoT device.


IoT cyber-security solutions from Check Point will help you secure any IoT smart building across any industry to protect your business from network and device-level cyber-attacks.


IoT smart building protection begins with risk analysis to uncover vulnerabilities across all network devices. Next, security policies are automatically generated and enforced through a high-tech automation system. Meanwhile, identifiable threats are blocked immediately.

Securing the New Digital Workplace

If you’ve got IoT devices, they must be secured. There are several ways to secure all IoT devices:

  •  Set a custom password. Never connect to a network with a device’s default password. Cyber-criminals know how to find factory passwords. If the factory-set passwords are created from a predictable algorithm, cyber-criminals will generate potential passwords and use automated software to crack your IoT device.
  •  Utilize cyber-security solutions. Securing your IoT devices is critical, and so is securing your network. You don’t want hackers connecting their own devices to your network. This is especially critical for industrial control systems. Once a hacker accesses a sensor or controller, it’s game over.

IoT is the Future

The future is here – IoT technology is quickly becoming the standard. As more household devices become IoT-enabled, we’re going to see more cyber-security threats. It’s critical to secure your network and IoT devices sooner than later.

Check Point for IoT Smart Building Security

Check Point provides cutting-edge, comprehensive cyber-security solutions for virtually any IoT environment across any industry. Our security solutions will run automatically in the background while you run your business.


Contact us today to learn more about Check Point IoT smart building security.

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