What is Nano Agent Security?

Check Point’s Nano Agent is an on-device runtime protection solution for Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) devices. It monitors these devices and identifies potential cyber attacks in any deployment situation. The design of Check Point’s Nano Agent makes it capable of detecting even zero-day attacks, providing security and building customer confidence for critical systems and consumer Internet-connected devices.

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What is Nano Agent Security?

How Does Nano Agent Security Work?

Check Point has designed its Nano Agent to harden the device with on-device runtime protection, preventing zero-day attacks. Once deployed, it monitors the inputs, outputs, and state of a protected device. It searches for both known attacks and anomalies that may indicate an attempt to exploit a zero-day vulnerability. If such an attack is detected, the Nano Agent can either block the attack entirely or alert the organization’s security team.

Nano Agent Security Benefits

With the Nano Agent deployed to provide OT and IoT security at runtime, a number of benefits are provided:

  • Runtime Protection: Vulnerability detection and protection within production environments and in any deployment scenario. This makes it capable of protecting against attempted exploitation of IoT and OT vulnerabilities while the device is in active use.
  • Zero-Day Protection: Nano Agent monitors for abnormal inputs, outputs, or device behavior that could indicate a potential attack. It does not rely upon signature-based strategies for exploit detection. This enables it to provide effective protection even in deployment scenarios where updates and patching are infrequent or impossible.
  • No Need for Source Code: Nano Agent deploys as a wrapper around a binary executable. This means that it is not necessary to have the source code in order to use. This enables consumers and organizations to deploy protection against cyber-attacks at the device level.
  • 100% Firmware Coverage: Nano Agent security offers 100% firmware coverage for supported platforms (Linux over ARM32/ARM 64). This includes all 3rd party components as well.
  • Device Agnostic: Nano Agent is designed as a device-agnostic security solution, meaning that it can run in a wide variety of deployment environments. While currently only devices running a wide range of Linux variants are supported, additional operating systems will be supported soon.
  • Open Management API: As a device-agnostic solution, it includes an open management application programming interface (API) to support DevOps continuous deployment and integration methods.
  • Minimal Impact on Device Performance: Nano Agent software agents are designed to have minimal impact on device performance. This includes using less than 10% of CPU and memory and 1-50 MB of storage (depending on the security policies deployed on the device). This small footprint and low resource requirements make Nano Agent security a viable option in resource-constrained environments such as IoT and OT environments.
  • Consolidated Management, Visibility, and Logging (Optional): Nano Agent has built-in integrations with Check Point Infinity NEXT. This provides users with easy and consolidated management, visibility, and logging for IoT and OT devices in a variety of deployment scenarios. However, the Nano Agent can also be deployed in standalone mode in isolated environments with no network or Internet connectivity.

Achieving IoT and OT Security with Check Point

The Internet of Things is rapidly growing, and these Internet-connected devices are inherently vulnerable. In many cases, these devices have basic security flaws that make them easy for cybercriminals to exploit. Additionally, these devices are commonly deployed in ways that make it unlikely that they will receive the security updates that they require to patch these vulnerabilities.

At the same time, both IoT and OT devices are a growing target for cybercriminals. These devices provide access to corporate networks or are a prime target for ransomware and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Protecting these devices against exploitation is of critical importance, especially as the rise of 5G means that they will only grow in number.

Check Point’s Nano Agent solution provides organizations with an option to effectively and scalably protect their IoT and OT devices against exploitation. The use of runtime self-protection means that Check Point’s Nano Agent can identify and block a wide range of potential attacks, including novel and zero-day exploits. Additionally, this solution does not require signature updates, an essential feature for IoT and OT devices.

As IoT and OT cyber threats grow, organizations require OT and IoT device security solutions capable of detecting and protecting against them. Check Point Nano Agent security protects these devices against cyber threats and integrates them into an organization’s unified cybersecurity platform. To gain an understanding of your IoT security posture, sign up for a free IoT firmware risk assessment. You’re also welcome to request a demo of Check Point’s Nano Agent to see how it can help to close your IoT and OT security gaps.

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