What is Remote Secure Access VPN?

Remote secure access VPN provides remote and secure access to a company network to individual hosts or clients, such as telecommuters, mobile users, and extranet consumers. Each host typically has VPN client software loaded or uses a web-based client. Privacy and integrity of sensitive information is ensured through multi-factor authentication, endpoint compliance scanning, and encryption of all transmitted data.

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VPN Benefits

Encryption of all transmitted data can be done within in a single session between the client and server using TLS. This is the widely used client to server standard used to secure web traffic to banks, hospitals, web search, etc. Another method is to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel between the remote client and the corporate resource. Multiple sessions from the client to different corporate servers can be secured within the VPN tunnel. The end result is the same. Businesses use remote secure access VPN to make sure the connections between their networks, offices and remote devices are secure.

  • The main advantage of remote secure access is the ability to provide individual users a way to remotely and securely connect to a computer network through an encrypted tunnel that allows them to access all resources in that network.
  • Remote secure access VPN provides IT technicians a faster and easier way to troubleshoot software functionalities. They do not need to go to the server’s location to fix the problem, and instead can log in remotely to a corporate network by simply using their personal devices.
  • For a relatively low price, a remote secure access VPN helps both small and medium-sized businesses give their remote workers secure and convenient access to the company’s private servers and reduce a possible exposure to cyberattacks.
  • Consequently, a remote secure access strategy also gives organizations the flexibility to attract the best talent and promote collaboration between teams, offices, and locations.

Key Takeaways

Remote secure access VPN provides individuals with protected, efficient access to a company network, wherever they are located. A remote secure access strategy promotes collaboration and connectivity between teams, networks, and offices across the world. Whether you are travelling or working remotely, connectivity and secure access can easily be achieved with a remote access vpn.

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