The Importance of the Security Operations Center (SOC)

The cyber threat landscape is evolving rapidly, and protecting against potential cyberattacks requires rapid monitoring and response. The longer that a cybersecurity incident goes before it is remediated, the greater the potential damage and expense to the organization.

Addressing these threats is the responsibility of an organization’s Security Operations Center (SOC). The SOC should provide round-the-clock monitoring for cyber threats and the ability to engage immediately in incident response.

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The Benefits of a Dedicated and Effective SOC

In theory, an organization can protect itself effectively without a dedicated SOC. However, in practice, this is complicated and prone to failure, leaving an organization vulnerable to cyber threats. Having a dedicated SOC provides an organization with multiple benefits, including continuous network monitoring, centralized visibility, reduced cybersecurity costs, and better collaboration.

Continuous Monitoring

Cybercriminals will never take a break. While a company may observe standard business hours, there is no guarantee that attackers will do the same. Cybercriminals will commonly perform their attacks after hours or on weekends in order to maximize their probability of success.

As a result, minimizing cybersecurity risk requires 24/7 monitoring of the organization’s IT infrastructure and data. This means that a company must be capable of staffing multiple shifts of their security team to ensure that SOC analysts and incident responders are available around the clock.

Centralized Visibility

Most enterprise networks are growing more complex. Digital transformation initiatives have driven the deployment of cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, while the growth of remote work and bring your own device (BYOD) policies has spurred the connection of remote and mobile devices to the corporate network.

As a result, maintaining visibility and security across the enterprise network has grown more complicated. Technologies that work on one platform may not be effective on another, and new technologies introduce unique vulnerabilities and security requirements that require new security solutions.


In order to effectively secure such a diverse network, an integrated network visibility solution is required. The tools used by an effective SOC provide this, enabling an organization to achieve full visibility into its network infrastructure and potential attack vectors.

Reduced Cybersecurity Costs

Maintaining strong corporate cybersecurity can be expensive. A company may require multiple platforms and licenses in order to achieve comprehensive visibility and protection against cyber threats. A centralized SOC enables an organization to reduce these costs by sharing them across the entire organization. Elimination of departmental silos reduces the additional overhead associated caused by duplication and redundancy.

Additionally, an effective Security Operations Center helps an organization to save money in the long run by reducing cybersecurity risk. A data breach can easily carry a price tag in the millions of dollars, and a successful ransomware attack carries heavy costs in terms of downtime and system recovery. A SOC that blocks even a single cyberattack before the damage is done has already demonstrated a significant return on investment.

Better Collaboration

Good collaboration is essential to effective incident detection and response. If an organization does not have clear processes in place for identifying, reporting, and responding to a cybersecurity incident, then the resulting delays increases the probability that an attacker will achieve their objective and makes it more difficult to completely eradicate an infection.

A SOC centralizes all of an organization’s security resources and personnel within a single team that supports the entire organization. This tight-knit structure supports collaboration between team members and makes it easier to meet the cybersecurity needs of an organization, such as 24/7 network monitoring and rapid response to potential security incidents.

Protecting Your Network with Horizon SOC

Designing and implementing an effective SOC can be a complex process. An organization needs to identify, acquire, and deploy the tools required by the SOC and put in place policies and procedures for identifying and responding to cybersecurity incidents. To help with this process, Check Point has created Horizon SOC.

Horizon allows an organization’s SOC to use the same tools that are used by Check Point Security Research. This provides the SOC analysts with the visibility and capabilities necessary to achieve the certainty needed to identify and shut down attacks against their network with 99.9% precision. Easily deployed as a unified cloud-based platform, it increases security operations efficiency and ROI.

Designed to address common Security Operations Center challenges, Check Point Horizon SOC helps enterprises protect their networks by delivering:

  • Unrivalled accuracy to quickly detect and shut down real attacks
  • Rapid incident Investigations
  • Zero-friction deployment

To learn more about how Horizon can help to revolutionize your organization’s security, contact us for more information. Then, sign up for a free trial of the Check Point Horizon Portal to see how unparalleled visibility and AI-driven security automation can help you to rapidly and accurately identify and respond to cyberattacks.

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