Check Point Secures Branch Office SD-WAN Connections to the Cloud
As enterprises increasingly move their on-premise branch office workloads and applications to SaaS applications, they are adopting Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) to intelligently route traffic to cloud services. However, connecting branch offices directly to the cloud significantly increases their security risk and security management costs. Watch this webinar reply to learn how Check Point CloudGuard Connect and CloudGuard Edge transform branch office security.

Absolute Zero Trust Security with Check Point Infinity
With cyber-threats existing both inside and outside the perimeter, security professionals across the industry are rebuilding their strategies around a Zero Trust approach. Watch this webinar to learn about the principles of the Zero Trust security model, and about the Check Point Infinity practical approach to their implementation.

CloudGuard Log.ic: Cloud Security Will Never Look the Same
After securing the cloud network and configurations, Check Point proudly introduces CloudGuard Log.ic. CloudGuard Log.ic provides native threat protection and security analysis for the public cloud. Watch this webinar replay to learn how CloudGuard Log.ic provides context-rich visualization, integrates with your SIEM solutions, enables you to see every data flow and audit trail, and allows you to alert and quarantine public cloud threats.

Turbo Charge your Enterprise with up to 1 Terabit per second of Threat Prevention
The Check Point 16000 and 26000 are a new generation of high performance Security Gateways for the enterprise market segment. With the new appliances, enterprise customers can enable advanced threat prevention and inspect for threats within TLS encrypted traffic.

Security Report 2019 Webinar
Watch our special 2019 Security Report webinar replay to learn how cyber crime is now more accessible than ever and has lead to more attacks, learn how malware is even more stealth like, and understand why Cloud, Mobile and IoT platforms are most at risk.

Innovation Done Right: Introducing Check Point Maestro
The industry’s first truly hyperscale network security solution. Check Point Maestro is a revolutionary new solution that enables businesses of any size to enjoy the power of flexible cloud-level security platforms, and to seamlessly expand their existing security gateways to hyperscale capacity. This enables organizations to start with their current security implementations, no matter how small, and scale their protection almost infinitely according to their changing business needs.

Unveiling 100+ Features in R80.20: Learn Their Benefits
R80.20 is here. Check Point prides itself in delivering the most innovative and effective security that keeps our customers protected against large scale, fifth generation cyber threats. There is only one way to manage this, find out by watching our webinar on demand to learn all about the innovations and features of R80.20: with groundbreaking performance against Gen V attacks, introducing new AI engines for the highest and most accurate catch rate in the industry, and exclusive for R80.20 – new Cyber Attack Dashboard that improves incident response efficiency by consolidating multiple security events into a single actionable view.

Leading Cloud Security with Dome9
More workloads are moving to the cloud. For good reason—it’s the great equalizer, helping businesses scale and achieve efficiencies not possible otherwise. Yet, daily reports of data breaches due to misconfigured servers or third-party lax security practices have sketched it as one big threat zone. See what it takes to securely take advantage of all the cloud has to offer, without the risk. Join our webinar on November 1 and discover how you can benefit from the combined forces of Check Point and Dome9.

SandBlast for Education: Protecting Learners, Shielding Schools
Schools are increasingly providing students with digital devices to transform their education experience. This trend further exposes students and schools to the dangers of the digital world: Offensive and inappropriate content, cyberbullying, personal information leakage, cyberattacks, unauthorized access to school resources, and more. Check Point now offers a simple, innovative, and robust content control and cybersecurity solution for school provided Chromebooks: SandBlast for Education.

Phishing, Bots and Malicious Sites Threaten Mobile Workers
Phishing attacks are among the hackers’ favorite tools. Now phishing attacks have hit mobile with increasing frequency. Sending malicious links over email, messaging apps, and even social media apps is an amazingly effective way to target the sensitive data on employees’ devices. However, phishing is just one mode of attack used by cybercriminals to exploit mobile networks. Watch this webinar replay to learn how SandBlast Mobile 3.0 employs a revolutionary security architecture to combat network attacks.

Smart Security for the era of Gen V
With increasing connectivity and a dramatic increase in security incidents we need to be smarter with the security technologies available to us. The top challenges in the industry are clear, there is a lack of resources, expertise and the use of multiple vendors stopping security teams everywhere from achieving the Gen V security needed to stay operational and efficient. Watch this webinar replay and learn how to leverage these technologies for real-time knowledge and regulatory compliance in the era of Gen V.

GDPR Hacks for Mobile Businesses: A Pragmatist’s Approach
On May 25 the European Union will begin enforcing the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, impacting enterprise mobile security. GDPR enforces practices to prevent unauthorized use or accidental loss of data through the deployment of appropriate security measures. Watch this webinar replay to learn what key principles of GDPR impact mobile businesses and how Check Point SandBlast Mobile handles data processes, making it GDPR compliant.

Migrating Your Datacenters to AWS with Automated Security
With the sophisticated nature of today’s Generation V attacks, having advanced security services protecting cloud networks is more important than ever. However the cloud is far more agile and automated than our legacy environments. Security needs to be as automated and dynamic as the cloud in order to be effective. Watch this webinar replay to learn how to migrate premises-based datacenters to AWS with automated and dynamic security.

Securing Your Business in the Era of Multi-Vector Attacks
2017 was a global wake-up call to get serious about addressing the cyber threat landscape. Unprecedented levels of cyber attacks played out as large-scale, multi-vector mega-attacks that inflicted major damage on business and reputation. As a result, we find ourselves in the midst of the fifth generation of cyber attacks. Watch the webinar replay to gain insights into the fifth generation of cyber threats and how you can protect your business from multi-vector mega-attacks.

Diagnosing the Evolving Mobile Threat Landscape
Mobile devices are critical to every organization’s digital transformation initiative. According to a recent survey conducted by Dimensional Research, 20% of all businesses were breached in 2017, while 94% of security professionals expect the frequency of mobile attacks to increase. Watch this webinar replay to learn why IDC named SandBlast Mobile the leading mobile threat management solution.

Introducing CloudGuard SaaS
SaaS applications help increase business agility, but they also expose businesses to risks from advanced external threats. To protect enterprises from these developing risks, Check Point introduces CloudGuard SaaS. Watch this webinar replay to learn how SaaS applications are breached, why cyber criminals are targeting employee SaaS accounts to take them over, and how to prevent SaaS hacks and protect sensitive data.

Mobile Cyberattacks Impact Every Business
Check Point’s mobile threat research team analyzed mobile threat data for 850 businesses worldwide over the course of 12 months. Watch this webinar replay to learn the findings of this landmark study, what industries and regions are most impacted by mobile malware, and what organizations can do to prevent attacks.

Securing Your Cloud With Check Point vSEC (now CloudGuard)
As public and private cloud adoption skyrockets, the number of attacks against cloud infrastructure is also increasing dramatically. Now more than ever, it is crucial to secure your cloud assets and data against advanced threats. Check Point vSEC makes securing your cloud environment painless. It provides complete visibility to monitor network traffic across physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructure while supporting a wide variety of SDDC infrastructures. Learn how you can easily leverage vSEC as a critical security component for your cloud environment.

Check Point vSEC (now CloudGuard) for Cisco ACI
The Check Point vSEC and Cisco ACI joint solution architecture delivers comprehensive threat prevention for ACI-powered data centers while offering complete visibility and consistent control of both physical and virtual environments in an agile and automated manner. Watch this webinar to learn how to infuse security into software-defined data centers with Check Point and Cisco.

Check Point and Microsoft Secure Enterprise Mobility
Mobile devices have become a backdoor for cybercriminals to breach an organization’s network. Check Point has teamed with Microsoft to secure business data and protect mobile devices from advanced cyber threats. Watch this webinar to learn about the current mobile threat landscape and how this integration can help secure and manage enterprise mobility.

WannaCry: Protect Yourself Now
The recent WannaCry outbreak clearly demonstrates just how damaging ransomware can be, and how quickly such attacks can disrupt vital services. Learn about WannaCry’s inner-workings, understand how to effectively protect from this threat and what you should do to be prepared for future attacks. Watch this webinar to learn how Check Point’s SandBlast solution can protect you from WannaCry and other ransomware attacks.

Are You Prepared for the Next Mobile Attack?
Cyber thieves use brute force to target enterprise mobile devices. They know the smartphones and tablets your employees use for personal and work purposes are treasure troves of valuable, unprotected data. Learn about the latest attack vectors used by cybercriminals to breach enterprise mobile devices and how Check Point SandBlast Mobile works to provide the highest grade of security and protection.

Securing Workloads and Assets in Azure with Check Point vSEC (now CloudGuard)
Enterprises are increasingly migrating workloads to the public cloud like Microsoft Azure for speed, agility, scale, and cost benefits. However, cloud providers like Microsoft Azure maintain that enforcing security is a shared responsibility between itself and the customer. Learn about the security challenges of moving workloads to the public cloud and how Check Point vSEC for Azure helps customers protect their assets with agile and scalable security. Hear from a customer on how Check Point vSEC allowed them to leverage the full capabilities of the cloud without sacrificing security while maintaining compliance.

Preparing Effectively for GDPR
The paradigm of data privacy is changing and data protection procedures must vastly adapt. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR‘) that will take effect in May 2018, will directly impact the way international organizations handle EU citizens‘ private information. GDPR imposes an extensive list of protections, limitations and requirements for compliance while mandating severe penalties for non-compliance. Proactively take steps towards compliance now.

Introducing Check Point Anti-Ransomware: Defeat Cyber Extortion
Did you know ransomware hit 1 in 3 businesses during 2016? Today more than ever you need a new way to effectively prevent ransomware from impacting your organization. Watch our webinar replay to learn how you can automatically detect, block and remove the most sophisticated infections, protecting both your online and offline endpoints.

Avoid Mobile Security Breaches in Healthcare
Delivering quality care is top of mind for every medical professional. Instant, mobile access to systems and data enables practitioners, clinicians and support staff to work faster and with more accuracy, but not without risk. Just one security breach could trigger investigations, cause costly HIPAA violations, or even jeopardize patient care. Learn how an ounce of mobile prevention is worth a pound of cyberthreat cure.

Gooligan: Uncovering the Attack that Breached Over 1 Million Google Accounts
It’s enough of a risk when the security of any account is compromised, but what happens when Andorid malware like Gooligan breaches over a million Google accounts? Our smartphones and tablets are gateways to the sensitive personal and business data we keep stored on cloud services. That opportunity keeps cybercriminals hard at work and ahead of the curve. Without the right protection, these attacks can expose you and your business to significant risk right under your nose. Watch this webinar to learn about today’s cybersecurity challenges and how to secure your organization from the device to the data center.

Check Point vSEC (now CloudGuard): Comprehensive Threat Prevention Security for AWS
Organizations transitioning to a cloud-based environment can face a new set of security risks and challenges that their legacy security approaches are unable to address. Listen to Check Point and AWS talk about ways to seamlessly extend the same advanced security that protects your on-premises infrastructure to your AWS workloads. Hear about real-world examples of how enterprises have secured their AWS assets with vSEC and best practices for identifying and preventing sophisticated cyber threats from reaching your cloud workloads.

HummingBad, QuadRooter, Trident: What’s the next mobile threat?
We spend more time than ever our smartphones and tablets, but can we trust them to keep our sensitive corporate information safe? These devices hold treasure troves of valuable data, which keeps cybercriminals hard at work and sometimes ahead of the curve. Sophisticated attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in Android and iOS like QuadRooter and Trident are pervasive and persistent. Mobile malware such as HummingBad have infected millions of phones worldwide. These unique and unknown threats are the ones you should worry about most. Without the right protection, these can expose you and your business to significant risk right under your nose.

Best Practices for Defending the Endpoint
Understanding today’s rapidly evolving endpoint technology landscape positions businesses like yours to implement solutions best suited to defend endpoints, detect and block constantly evolving threats, and quickly understand and mitigate business impact.

Mike Rothman, Analyst & President of Securosis, shares his view of the current state of endpoint protection technology and how it has evolved. Mike provides valuable insight into advanced endpoint defense strategies and solutions designed to reduce attack surface, detect and prevent attacks, and enable rapid response to cyber threats.

Orli Gan, Check Point Head of Threat Prevention Products, joins Rothman to discuss how Check Point SandBlast Agent can protect your endpoints, stop the spread of malware post-infection, and get your organization back to business quickly after an attack. Watch this video to see how your business can stay one step ahead of today’s most advanced threats.

Pegasus & Trident: Government-grade Espionage on iOS in the Wild
iOS devices are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals with new, sophisticated ways of stealing sensitive information. Pegasus, a lawful government cyberespionage tool being misused by entities beyond the law enforcement community, and Trident, a series of three iOS exploits cybercriminals use to install Pegasus are the latest examples. Users of iPhone and iPad devices assume their data is secure, but these new threats clearly prove how you and your business can be exposed to significant risk. Watch our webinar to learn how threats like Pegasus and Trident work, what information on iPhones and iPads could be exposed, and how Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention detects and remediates attacks like these.

Best Practices to Securing the Hybrid Clouds and SDDC
Organizations are rapidly embracing cloud technologies to lower costs, simplify operations, and accelerate application deployment. However, cloud technologies aren’t well understood and most organizations lack the right skills to effectively respond to security incidents or address the risks associated with moving data to the cloud. Watch this webinar to learn more about this strategy and its profound effect on cyber security.

SandBlast Agent for Browsers webinar replay
Web browsing introduces an array of security risks to all organizations. Malware hidden in web-downloaded content, phishing and social engineering attacks and even the reuse of corporate passwords by your employees for non-business web services puts your organization at risk. To further complicate matters, hackers constantly evolve these attacks to evade detection by traditional signature-based solutions. Watch the on-demand webinar where we discuss how Check Point SandBlast™ Agent has expanded to help protect your employees at the browser and maintain business productivity and security.

How to Keep Mobile Threats at Bay
As smartphones and tablets become more powerful, keeping devices and data protected is critical, but more than half of decision makers in a recent IDC survey experienced security and compliance issues during mobility rollouts. With savvy cybercriminals using vulnerabilities in apps, networks, and operating systems to gain control of mobile devices, businesses need mobile security that integrates with existing systems for continuous protection. Watch this webcast to learn why comprehensive mobile security is needed, how the cloud helps reduce complexity and increase visibility and control, and the role Check Point plays in preventing advanced attacks on iOS and Android.

Advanced Threat Prevention for Office 365™ Cloud Email
Join us as we discuss how Check Point is expanding the award-winning SandBlast™ Zero-Day Protection solution suite to protect the users in your Office 365 environment. Discover how SandBlast Threat Emulation delivers the highest catch rate for known and unknown malware, proactively preventing attacks. In addition, learn how SandBlast Threat Extraction provides safe content to end-users without compromising delivery speed. Be sure to attend our presentation for information about how the SandBlast suite provides advanced threat prevention as a pure cloud solution that is transparent to end-users and is easy to deploy and manage.

The Evolution of Crypto Attacks: Understanding, Detecting, and Preventing Ransomware
As ransomware attacks continue to mature both in frequency and intensity, their impact on business has grown exponentially. Hackers have encrypted hundreds of thousands of files, including shared network storage, incapacitating users and often taking whole networks hostage. They demand payment of ransom in return for decryption keys to enable you to regain access to your files. To successfully prevent ransomware attacks against your organization, you need to understand their nature, how they work, and how you can detect and stop them. Watch the webinar to learn how ransomware targets your end users and infiltrates your network. Also see real-life examples of ransomware attacks and discover best practices to protect your organization.

A New Model for Security Management
Faced with the barrage of connected devices, new technologies like cloud computing and continuous waves of sophisticated threats, is it a challenge for your security team to keep pace? Join us for this webcast to understand the trends that are disrupting the way security is managed today. Learn new approaches to managing security that can help you be more organized, efficient and effective in protecting your users and your business.

Mobile Attacks Storm the Doors of the Enterprise: Are You Ready?
Cyber thieves are banging on smartphones and tablets with terrible brute force. They know the mobile devices your employees use for personal and work purposes are treasure troves of valuable, unprotected data. But bolstering your security to protect against new, unknown mobile threats is tricky. Join our webinar to hear how security experts at Samsung Research America use Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention to protect mobile devices and data.

Closing the Loop – Advanced Endpoint Protection and Forensics with SandBlast Agent
As threats evolve to capitalize upon alternative threat vectors and security gaps, such as laptops roaming outside the network perimeter and malware originating on a USB device, organizations must find means to continuously detect and prevent attacks and respond quickly to limit damages. You need access to the insights required to understand and triage attacks to quickly identify source and scope, and to determine the best path of resolution.

Understanding SandBlast – A Technical Overview of Check Point Zero-Day Protection
Check Point SandBlast protects organizations against unknown malware, zero-day threats and targeted attacks, and prevents infections from undiscovered exploits. By combining CPU-level detection with our industry leading OS-level sandboxing, Check Point has made a significant leap in enterprise security. Threat Extraction, a part of SandBlast, preserves business agility and continuity.

Making Mobile Security Stepping Stones Out of Cybercrime Stumbling Blocks
Today’s cyber thieves are particularly sneaky. They work long and hard at finding new ways to steal sensitive data from the devices we use and trust the most: our smartphones and tablets. These data-rich devices are quickly replacing laptops and PCs as our primary screens at work too, making it more important than ever to defend them against new, advanced mobile threats. But how do you step ahead of sophisticated cyber thieves without stumbling over security or the end-user experience?

When a CISO Closes a Door, a Cyber Thief Opens a Window
Staying one step ahead of sophisticated cyber thieves isn’t easy. They work as hard at finding new ways to steal sensitive information as you do to keep it protected. And as smartphones and tablets rapidly replace laptops and PCs, cyber thieves know their best opportunity — and your greatest risk — is the valuable data on mobile devices. But what if those trusted to help keep mobile data safe, like device makers and mobile carriers, were giving thieves the keys to your front door? Certifi-gate, a set of Android vulnerabilities recently uncovered by Check Point is exactly that kind of threat. It exposes hundreds of millions of devices right out of the box to clever cyber thieves right under your nose.

Watch this Webinar to learn how mobile devices have shifted the security paradigm and threat landscape, how vulnerabilities like Certifi-gate work and how they can leave you exposed, best practices for mitigating mobile risks and threats, and how Check Point and MobileIron work together to help detect and stop threats before they expose your enterprise data.

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