Check Point Advisories

MS-RPC over CIFS Inspection Properties (CVE-2003-0533)

Check Point Reference: CPAI-2005-136
Date Published: 9 Oct 2005
Severity: High
Last Updated: 8 May 2018
Industry Reference:CVE-2003-0533
Protection Provided by:

Security Gateway
R80, R77, R76, R75, R71, R70

Who is Vulnerable?
Vulnerability Description DCE/RPC stands for Distributed Computing Environment / Remote Procedure Calls. It is a Remote Procedure Call system that allows software to work across multiple computers, as if it were all working on the same computer. This system allows programmers to write distributed software without having to worry about the underlying network code.There are many known vulnerabilities in applications based on the DCE-RPC protocol. Though IDS and IPS devices have signatures to detect attacks exploiting these vulnerabilities, these devices can be evaded by using an invalid value in the NDR field. Attackers may use this as an IDS/IPS evasion technique.

Protection Overview

By enabling the Block Fragmented Bind Request protection, IPS will block fragmented Bind requests. By enabling the Block Multiple Context Bind protection, IPS will block requests with more than one context item.The detect mode makes it possible to track such attempts without blocking them.

In order for the protection to be activated, update your Security Gateway product to the latest IPS update.For information on how to update IPS, go to SBP-2006-05, click on Protection tab and select the version of your choice.

Security Gateway R80 / R77 / R76 / R75 / R71 / R70

  1. In the IPS tab, click Protections and find the MS-RPC over CIFS Inspection Properties protection using the Search tool and Edit the protection's settings.
  2. Install policy on all modules.

This protection's log will contain the following information:

Attack Name:  DCE-RPC Enforcement Violation.
Attack Information:  Unallowed number of context items in Bind/Alter context reques

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