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SmartDefense Profiles Available for Users of VPN-1 NGX R62: Assigning a Profile per Gateway

Check Point Reference: SBP-2006-11
Date Published: 13 Nov 2006
Severity: High
Last Updated: 8 May 2007
Source: SmartDefense Research Center
Protection Provided by:
Who is Vulnerable?
Vulnerability Description The most significant enhancement in the NGX R62 release is the enablement of SmartDefense Profiles. SmartDefense Profiles expand the flexibility and granularity of security defenses, while allowing central control and management of the security infrastructure. By defining multiple SmartDefense Profiles and associating them with Check Point gateways, each gateway can have different defense settings and SmartDefense attributes.

SmartDefense Profiles allow the administrator to customize the SmartDefense configuration according to the needs of each gateway in the community. A SmartDefense Profile may be installed on more than one gateway. If a profile is not specified, the gateway is assigned the default profile. All gateways earlier than NGX R60 use the default profile.
Vulnerability DetailsTo take advantage of existing profiles, it is possible to clone a profile. Creating a duplicate copy of an existing profile is called Profile Cloning. For example, if a profile named Northeast is chosen to be cloned, the name of the clone will be copy_of_Northeast. Once a clone is created, changes can be made to customize the new version. This is helpful when only a few changes are required from the current configuration and is easier than creating a brand new profile.

To clone a profile, proceed as follows:
1. Click SmartDefense tab > Profile Management.
2. Select an existing profile.
3. Click New > Clone selected profile. A clone of the selected profile appears in the profile list. For example, if a profile named Default_Protection is selected and cloned, the profile named Copy_of_Default_Protection appears in the Profile Name field.
4. Click OK.
5. Configure the profile settings by using the SmartDefense navigation tree.

View Protected Gateways by a Profile
To view a list of gateways that are protected by a specific profile, proceed as follows:

1. Click SmartDefense tab > Profile Management.
2. Highlight a profile from the list and click Actions > Show Protected Gateways.
The Protected Gateways screen appears with the list of gateways that are assigned to the selected profile.

Protection Overview

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