Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
Critical 14 Oct 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-260 Adobe Security Bulletin - APSB09-15 CVE-2009-2991 Preemptive Protection against Adobe Reader and Acrobat Mozilla plug-in Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (APSB09-15)
High 27 Aug 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-171 Virus: W32.Sality.AM
Trojan: Worm.Win32.Koobface.hy
Trojan: TrojanSpy.Win32.Zbot.gen.C
Trojan: Trojan.Win32.FraudPack.ogk
Trojan: Trojan.Spy.Zbot.SO
Trojan: Trojan.Spy.ZBot.RD
Trojan: Trojan.LooksLike.Zaplot
Trojan: Trojan-Spy.Win32.Zbot.wti
Trickler: Trojan.Dropper.Win32.Agent.alda
Trickler: Trojan-Dropper.Agent.IK
Trickler: Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Banload.bda
Snoopware: Wowpa KI
Snoopware: PWS.Win32.Ldpinch.gen
Rogue-Software: XP Antivirus Protection
Rogue-Software: AntivirusDoktor2009
Update Protection against Recent Malware Threats (27-Aug-09)
Critical 6 Nov 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-243 Secunia Advisory: SA36916 N/A Update Protection against Novell NetWare NFS Portmapper RPC Module Stack Overflow
Medium 3 Apr 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-059 Secunia Advisory: SA34212


Update Protection against IBM Director CIM Server Consumer Name Handling Denial of Service
High 24 Apr 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-071 Secunia ID: 34693  


Update Protection against Oracle Application Server 10g OPMN Service Format String Vulnerability
High 19 Jan 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-005 Adware: BHO.gen
Adware: Win32.Mostofate
Adware: Win32 Agent BM
Spyware: WinSpywareProtect
Update Protections against Recent Malware Threats (19-Jan-09)
Medium 19 Mar 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-048 SmartDefense Research Center Integrity Clientless Security (ICS) Update
Medium 9 Jan 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-015 Secunia Advisory: SA30621 CVE-2008-2364 Update Protection against Apache mod_proxy Interim Responses Denial of Service
Medium 23 Jan 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-023 Secunia Advisory: SA33582 CVE-2008-4388 Update Protection against Symantec AppStream Client LaunchObj ActiveX Control Program Execution
Medium 13 Feb 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-049 Secunia Advisory: SA30037 CVE-2007-6339
Microsoft 960715
Update Protection against Akamai Download Manager Arbitrary Program Execution
High 8 May 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-081 Secunia Advisory: SA34074 CVE-2009-1016 Update Protection against Oracle BEA WebLogic Server Plug-ins Certificate Buffer Overflow
High 28 Apr 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-098 Trojan-Dropper: IRC.TKB
Backdoor: Trojan.TDSS.1.Gen
Trojan-Downloader: Trojan-Spy.Win32.Pophot
Password Stealer: 0desa Msn Pass Stealer 8.5
Update Protections against Recent Malware Threats (28-Apr-09)
High 30 Jan 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-037 Secunia Advisory: SA33605 CVE-2009-0304 Update Protection against Sun Solaris IPv6 Denial of Service Vulnerability
Critical 10 Nov 2009 1 Jan 2009 SBP-2009-21 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS09-065 CVE-2009-2514 Workaround for Microsoft Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers Win32k EOT Parsing Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (MS09-065)
N/A 1 Oct 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-237 Secunia Advisory: SA36394


Preemptive Protection against Dnsmasq TFTP Service Remote Heap Buffer Overflow
Critical 12 Dec 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-307 Secunia Advisory: SA32534 CVE-2009-3853 Update Protection against IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client CAD Service Buffer Overflow
Critical 2 Jul 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-201 Secunia Advisory: 35408


Update Protection against HP OpenView Network Node Manager rping Stack Buffer Overflow
Medium 17 Sep 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-192 Adobe vulnerability identifier: APSB09-12 CVE-2009-1874 Update Protection against Adobe JRun 4 Management Console Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability (APSB09-12)
High 27 Feb 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-055 Secunia Advisory: SA33794 CVE-2009-0388 Update Protection against UltraVNC VNCViewer Authenticate Buffer Overflow
Low 6 Feb 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-043 SecurityFocus CVE-2008-4309 Update Protection against Net-SNMP Denial of Service
High 19 Feb 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-020 Win32.Cekar Variant
Malware: WeatherStudio
Malware: Antivirus XP 2008
Toolbar: Starware Videos
Trojan: Win32.Agent.aah
Trojan Downloader: Gen
Trojan Downloader: Agent.vhb
Update Protections against Recent Malware Threats (19-Feb-09)
High 6 Feb 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-045 Secunia Advisory: SA33444  CVE-2008-5260 Update Protection against AXIS Communications Camera Control image_pan_tilt Buffer Overflow
High 13 Oct 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-208 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS09-062 CVE-2009-2518 Preemptive Protection against Microsoft Office BMP Integer Overflow Vulnerability (MS09-062)
High 22 Mar 2009 1 Jan 2009 CPAI-2009-042 iWonBar
Update Protections against Recent Malware Threats (22-Mar-09)
Critical 14 Dec 2009 12 Jul 2002 CPAI-2009-308 BugTraq ID: 31563 N/A Preemptive Protection against RhinoSoft Serv-U FTP Server 'rnto' Command Directory Traversal Vulnerability