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Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS Import Use-After-Free Code Execution (MS11-003; CVE-2004-0842; CVE-2010-3971)

Check Point Reference: CPAI-2004-190
Date Published: 18 Feb 2010
Severity: Critical
Last Updated: 9 Apr 2017
Source: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-003
Industry Reference:CVE-2004-0842
Protection Provided by:

Security Gateway
R80, R77, R76, R75

Who is Vulnerable? Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
Vulnerability Description Microsoft Internet Explorer is a popular web browser provided by Microsoft Corporation. Its web engine is also incorporated into other Microsoft products including Outlook. The product supports Cascading Style Sheets.A vulnerability exists in the way Microsoft Internet Explorer renders web pages using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). When the vulnerable software is used to view a malicious CSS web page, a buffer may be overrun. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to inject and execute arbitrary code on a system running the vulnerable software.If the exploit simply overflows the buffer with arbitrary data, then the application may crash, creating a denial of service condition. In general, the DoS condition is likely limited to the current user and the application can be restarted.An attacker can also choose to carefully craft the buffer overflow in in order to inject code into the vulnerable product. Upon successful exploitation, the attacker supplied data could gain control of the current process resulting in code execution. The actual behavior of the attack target in this case depends on the actual exploit code injected by an attacker.
Update/Patch AvaliableApply patches from: MS11-003

Protection Overview

This protection will detect and block attempts to exploit this vulnerability.

In order for the protection to be activated, update your Security Gateway product to the latest IPS update.For information on how to update IPS, go to SBP-2006-05, click on Protection tab and select the version of your choice.

Security Gateway R80 / R77 / R76 / R75

  1. In the IPS tab, click Protections and find the Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS Import Use-After-Free Code Execution (MS11-003) protection using the Search tool and Edit the protection's settings.
  2. Install policy on all modules.

This protection's log will contain the following information:

Attack Name:  Web Client Enforcement Violation.
Attack Information:  Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS Import Use-After-Free Code Execution (MS11-003)

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