Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
High 15 Nov 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-527 CVE-2005-0696
Preemptive Protection against Freefloat FTP Server Invalid Command Buffer Overflow (CVE-2005-0696; CVE-2005-3683)
High 29 Nov 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-556 SecurityFocus Advisory: 49478 CVE-2011-1988 Preemptive Protection against Microsoft Excel Incorrect BIFF2 Record Parsing Code Execution (MS11-072; CVE-2011-1988)
High 9 Aug 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-363 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-064 CVE-2011-1965
Preemptive Protection against Microsoft Windows TCP/IP QOS Denial of Service (MS11-064; CVE-2011-1965)
High 13 Sep 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-117 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-074 CVE-2011-1891 Microsoft Share Point Picker Cross-Site Scripting (MS11-074)
Medium 1 Nov 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-499 Preemptive Protection against MPlayer for Windows Calloc Integer Overflow
Critical 20 Sep 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-422 Adobe Security Bulletin APSB11-24 CVE-2011-1353
Preemptive Protection against Adobe Reader Sandbox Local Privilege Escalation (APSB11-24; CVE-2011-1353)
Critical 13 Sep 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-121 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-073 CVE-2011-1980 Microsoft PowerPoint .dll Insecure Library Loading (MS11-073; CVE-2011-1980)
Critical 9 Aug 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-370 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-057 CVE-2011-1963
Preemptive Protection against Internet Explorer XSLT Object Memory Corruption (MS11-057; CVE-2011-1963)
High 13 Sep 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-119 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-072 CVE-2011-1986 Microsoft Office Excel Use-after-free Code Execution (MS11-072)
Critical 5 Apr 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-212 IPS Research Center Preemptive Protection against LizaMoon - Mass SQL Injection Attacks
High 11 Oct 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-124 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-077 CVE-2011-2003 Portable Executable (PE) 16-bit File
High 4 Oct 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-452 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-051 CVE-2011-1264 Preemptive Protection against Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services Cross-Site Scripting (MS11-051; CVE-2011-1264)
Critical 9 Mar 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-103 Secunia Advisory SA41735 Update Protection against HP Data Protector Manager RDS Denial of Service
High 13 Sep 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-403 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-074 CVE-2011-1890
Preemptive Protection against Microsoft SharePoint Server Multiple Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities (MS11-074)
Critical 27 Apr 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-243 Adobe Security Advisory: APSB11-01 CVE-2010-2876
Preemptive Protection against Adobe Shockwave Player Director File FFFFFF88 Record Parsing Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities (APSB11-01)
N/A 30 Jan 2011 1 Jan 2000 SBP-2011-02 Apple iPhone Browsing
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