Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
High 9 Aug 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-112 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-064 CVE-2011-1871 Windows TCP/IP Stack ICMP Denial of Service (MS11-064)
High 31 Jan 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-100 Secunia Advisory SA39590 CVE-2010-1728 Update Protection against Opera Browser Document Writing Uninitialized Memory Access
High 13 Sep 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-118 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-074 CVE-2011-1893 Microsoft Share Point Query/View Cross-Site Scripting (MS11-074)
High 13 Sep 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-408 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-072 CVE-2011-1986 Preemptive Protection against Microsoft Office Excel Use-after-free Code Execution (MS11-072; CVE-2011-1986)
High 11 Oct 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-465 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-077 CVE-2011-2003 Preemptive Protection against Microsoft Windows Kernel Font Library File Buffer Overrun (MS11-077; CVE-2011-2003)
High 9 Mar 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-105 Secunia Advisory SA42770 Update Protection against HP Photo Creative audio.Record ActiveX Stack Buffer Overflow
Critical 4 Oct 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-448 APSB11-24 CVE-2011-2439
Preemptive Protection against Adobe PDF File LoadImageA RMA JavaScript Multiple Code Execution Vulnerabilities (APSB11-24; CVE-2011-2439)
Critical 11 Oct 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-123 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-079 CVE-2011-1897 Microsoft ForeFront Default Portal Cross-Site Scripting (MS11-079)
Critical 15 Feb 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-106 SecurityFocus Update Protection against IBM Rational Quality Manager and Test Lab Manager Policy Bypass
Medium 1 Nov 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-499 Preemptive Protection against MPlayer for Windows Calloc Integer Overflow
Critical 13 Sep 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-121 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-073 CVE-2011-1980 Microsoft PowerPoint .dll Insecure Library Loading (MS11-073; CVE-2011-1980)
High 6 Dec 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-553 Secunia Advisory: 46013 CVE-2011-3348 Preemptive Protection against Apache HTTPD mod_proxy_ajp Denial of Service (CVE-2011-3348)
Critical 9 Aug 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-370 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-057 CVE-2011-1963
Preemptive Protection against Internet Explorer XSLT Object Memory Corruption (MS11-057; CVE-2011-1963)
High 13 Sep 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-409 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-074 CVE-2011-1252 Preemptive Protection against Microsoft Internet Explorer SafeHTML Cross-Site Scripting (MS11-074)
High 12 Apr 2011 1 Jan 2011 CPAI-2011-213 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-024 CVE-2010-3974 Preemptive Protection against Microsoft Windows Fax Cover Page Editor Memory Corruption Vulnerability (MS11-024)
N/A 30 Jan 2011 1 Jan 2000 SBP-2011-02 Apple iPhone Browsing