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Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
High 16 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-826 CVE-2012-5271
Adobe Flash Player OP_inclocal and OP_declocal Memory Corruption (APSB12-22; CVE-2012-5271)
Critical 30 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-1302 CVE-2012-5678
Adobe Flash Player SWF Traits Structure Remote Code Execution (APSB12-27; CVE-2012-5678)
Critical 5 Jan 2012 CPAI-2011-126 Novell ZENworks Handheld Management Upload Directory Traversal
High 14 Feb 2012 CPAI-2012-052 CVE-2012-0020 Microsoft Visio Viewer File Format Code Execution (MS12-015; CVE-2012-0020)
Critical 12 Mar 2012 CPAI-2012-089 CVE-2012-0768 Adobe Flash Player Stage3D NULL Pointer Dereference (APSB12-05; CVE-2012-0768)
High 16 Apr 2012 CPAI-2012-146 CVE-2005-0402 Mozilla Firefox Sidebar Panel Code Execution (CVE-2005-0402)
High 16 Apr 2012 CPAI-2012-135 Avaya WinPDM Unite Host Router Service Stack Buffer Overflow
Critical 14 May 2012 CPAI-2012-216 CVE-2012-0199 IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Express User.updateUserValue SQL Injection (CVE-2012-0199)
High 28 May 2012 CPAI-2012-238 CVE-2011-1965 Microsoft Windows TCP/IP QOS Denial of Service (MS11-064; CVE-2011-1965)
Critical 10 Jul 2012 CPAI-2012-308 CVE-2012-1889 Preemptive Protection against Microsoft XML Uninitialized Memory Corruption (MS12-043; CVE-2012-1889)
Critical 10 Jul 2012 CPAI-2012-303 CVE-2012-1891 Microsoft Data Access Components ADO Cachesize Heap Overflow (MS12-045; CVE-2012-1891)
Critical 21 Aug 2012 CPAI-2012-320 ZDI-12-052 Flexera FlexNet Publisher License Server Manager lmgrd Stack Buffer Overflow
Critical 20 Sep 2012 CPAI-2012-401 CVE-2011-1907
ISC BIND RRSIG Query Denial of Service (CVE-2011-1907)
High 14 Oct 2012 CPAI-2012-387 CVE-2011-3068
Google Chrome and Apple Safari Runin Handling Use After Free (CVE-2011-3068)
Critical 13 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-793 CVE-2012-2519
Microsoft .NET Framework Insecure Library Loading Code Execution (MS12-074; CVE-2012-2519)
Low 18 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-759 SCADA DNP3 operate function code
Critical 5 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-1284 CVE-2012-2288
EMC NetWorker nsrd Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-2288)
Critical 11 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-1256 CVE-2012-1537 Microsoft DirectPlay CLSID_DP8SP_SERIAL (MS12-082; CVE-2012-1537)
Critical 30 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-1134 CVE-2012-5272
Adobe Flash Player Plugin Use-After-Free Code Execution (APSB12-22; CVE-2012-5272)
Critical 17 Jan 2012 CPAI-2012-030 CVE-2011-4373 Adobe Reader and Acrobat Embedded BMP Memory Corruption (APSB12-01; CVE-2012-4373)
High 27 Feb 2012 CPAI-2012-076 Non-SNMP Traffic Over Port 161/162
Critical 26 Mar 2012 CPAI-2012-115 CVE-2011-4191 Novell Netware XNFS.NLM xdrDecodeString Heap Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-4191)
Critical 10 Apr 2012 CPAI-2012-123 CVE-2012-0151 Microsoft Windows Signature Validation Remote Code Execution (MS12-024; CVE-2012-0151)
High 8 May 2012 CPAI-2012-190 CVE-2012-0167 Microsoft Windows GDI+ EMF Heap Overflow (MS12-034; CVE-2012-0167)
Critical 14 May 2012 CPAI-2012-203 Novell eDirectory Unchecked Length Denial of Service
High 14 May 2012 CPAI-2012-096 Microsoft Excel Window2 Record Use-After-Free
Critical 18 Jun 2012 CPAI-2012-270 CVE-2011-3176 Novell ZENworks Configuration Management PreBoot Opcode Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-3176)
High 6 Aug 2012 CPAI-2012-328 CVE-2012-0664
Apple QuickTime Text Track Descriptors Heap Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-0664)
High 4 Sep 2012 CPAI-2012-333 CVE-2012-0659
Apple QuickTime MPEG Stream Padding Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-0659)
High 14 Oct 2012 CPAI-2012-612 CVE-2009-1016
Oracle BEA WebLogic Server Client Certificate Buffer Overflow (CVE-2009-1016)
High 14 Oct 2012 CPAI-2012-369 CVE-2012-2514
SAP NetWeaver DiagiEventSource Denial of Service (CVE-2012-2514)
Critical 18 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-813 SCADA PcVue Activex Control Insecure Method (LoadObject)
Low 18 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-748 SCADA DNP3 freeze clear function code
High 25 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-823 CVE-2012-3753
Apple QuickTime Plugin Content-Type Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-3753)
High 16 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-658 CVE-2012-3526
Apache HTTP Server mod_rpaf Denial of Service (CVE-2012-3526)
High 17 Jan 2012 CPAI-2012-008 CVE-2011-0283 MIT Kerberos KDC NULL Pointer Denial Of Service (CVE-2011-0283)
High 14 Feb 2012 CPAI-2012-048 CVE-2012-0144 Microsoft SharePoint themeweb.aspx Cross-Site Scripting (MS12-011; CVE-2012-0144)
Medium 19 Mar 2012 CPAI-2012-094 CVE-2011-2657 Novell ZENworks LaunchHelp.dll ActiveX Control Code Execution (CVE-2011-2657)
Critical 30 Apr 2012 CPAI-2012-157 CVE-2012-0774 Adobe Reader and Acrobat TTF MINDEX Code Execution (APSB12-08; CVE-2012-0774)
Critical 14 May 2012 CPAI-2012-231 CVE-2011-4191 Novell Netware XNFS.NLM Caller Name xdrDecodeString Heap Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-4191)
Critical 14 May 2012 CPAI-2012-183 Oracle Outside In OOXML Relationship Tag Parsing Stack Buffer Overflow
Critical 12 Jun 2012 CPAI-2012-257 CVE-2012-1878 Internet Explorer OnBeforeDeactivate Event Remote Code Execution (MS12-037; CVE-2012-1878)
Critical 23 Jul 2012 CPAI-2012-311 CVE-2012-0297 Symantec Web Gateway Management Console Remote Shell Command Execution (CVE-2012-0297)
High 27 Aug 2012 CPAI-2012-395 CVE-2012-2030
Adobe Shockwave Player Chunk Parsing Uninitialized Object Access (APSB12-13; CVE-2012-2030)
High 9 Oct 2012 CPAI-2012-630 CVE-2012-2550
Microsoft Works RTF Heap Remote Code Execution (MS12-065; CVE-2012-2550)
Critical 14 Oct 2012 CPAI-2012-412 CVE-2011-4517
Oracle Outside In JPEG 2000 CRG Segment Processing Heap Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-4517)
High 21 Oct 2012 CPAI-2012-642 CVE-2012-2551
Microsoft Kerberos NULL Dereference Denial of Service (MS12-069; CVE-2012-2551)
High 18 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-769 SCADA DNP3 unauthorized client
High 18 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-737 SCADA DNP3 broadcast
High 16 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-825 CVE-2012-2972
CA ARCserve Backup Authentication Service Denial of Service (CVE-2012-2972)
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