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Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
High 3 Jan 2012 CPAI-2011-592 CVE-2009-2994 Adobe Acrobat and Reader U3D CLODMeshDeclaration Memory Corruption (CVE-2009-2994)
Critical 31 Jan 2012 CPAI-2012-038 CVE-2011-0799 Oracle Warehouse Builder WB_OLAP_AW_REMOVE_SOLVE_ID SQL Injection (CVE-2011-0799)
High 5 Mar 2012 CPAI-2012-077 CVE-2011-3368 Apache HTTPD mod_proxy Security Bypass (CVE-2011-3368)
Critical 10 Apr 2012 CPAI-2012-127 CVE-2012-0172 Internet Explorer VML Style Remote Code Execution (MS12-023; CVE-2012-0172)
Critical 8 May 2012 CPAI-2012-198 CVE-2012-0159 Microsoft Windows Malformed TrueType Font Remote Code Execution (MS12-034; CVE-2012-0159)
High 14 May 2012 CPAI-2012-208 CVE-2011-4189 Novell GroupWise Address Book Heap Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-4189)
High 14 May 2012 CPAI-2012-169 CVE-2011-4536 WellinTech Kingview SCADA Heap Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-4536)
High 25 Jun 2012 CPAI-2012-285 EMC Data Protection Advisor Denial of Service
Critical 14 Aug 2012 CPAI-2012-347 CVE-2012-1856
Microsoft Windows Common Controls Remote Code Execution (MS12-060; CVE-2012-1856)
Critical 4 Sep 2012 CPAI-2012-346 CVE-2012-1667
ISC BIND Zero Length RDATA Denial of Service (CVE-2012-1667)
Critical 14 Oct 2012 CPAI-2012-634 CVE-2012-2288
EMC NetWorker nsrd Format String Remote Code Execution (CVE-2012-2288)
Critical 14 Oct 2012 CPAI-2012-373 CVE-2012-1769
Oracle Outside In JPEG 2000 QCD Segment Processing Heap Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-1769)
High 4 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-669 IGSS SCADA Write File Function Buffer Overflow
Low 18 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-752 SCADA DNP3 freeze time no ack function code
Critical 2 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-786 CVE-2012-4933
Novell ZENworks Asset Management Web Console Information Disclosure (CVE-2012-4933)
Medium 23 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-289 CVE-2012-1923
RealNetworks Helix Server SNMP Master Agent TCP Connection Denial of Service (CVE-2012-1923)
High 17 Jan 2012 CPAI-2012-022 Embarcadero InterBase Connect Request Multiple Stack Buffer Overflows
High 27 Feb 2012 CPAI-2012-062 CVE-2010-4221 ProFTPD FTP Server TELNET_IAC Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2010-4221)
Medium 26 Mar 2012 CPAI-2012-101 CVE-2011-3360 Wireshark Insecure Search Path Script Execution (CVE-2011-3360)
High 30 Apr 2012 CPAI-2012-162 CVE-2011-1273 Microsoft Office Excel Record Type Confusion (MS11-045; CVE-2011-1273)
High 30 Apr 2012 CPAI-2012-152 CVE-2011-0097 Microsoft Excel Substream Parsing Integer Overflow (MS11-021; CVE-2011-0097)
High 14 May 2012 CPAI-2012-187 ASUS Net4Switch ipswcom.dll ActiveX Control Stack Buffer Overflow
High 12 Jun 2012 CPAI-2012-261 CVE-2012-0018 Microsoft Visio Viewer VSD File Attributes Validation Error (MS12-031; CVE-2012-0018)
High 23 Jul 2012 CPAI-2012-321 CVE-2009-0077 Microsoft Web Proxy TCP State Limited Denial of Service (MS09-016; CVE-2009-0077)
High 30 Jul 2012 CPAI-2012-283 Quest InTrust Annotation Objects ActiveX Control Index out of Bounds
High 27 Aug 2012 CPAI-2012-312 CVE-2012-2948 Digium Asterisk Skinny Channel NULL-Pointer Dereference (CVE-2012-2948)
Critical 14 Oct 2012 CPAI-2012-421 CVE-2012-0409
EMC AutoStart ftAgent.exe Null Byte Write (CVE-2012-0409)
High 4 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-780 ROCKWELL Automation ControlLogix Denial of Service (CPU Stop)
High 18 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-774 SCADA DNP3 write system time
Low 18 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-741 SCADA DNP3 delay measure function code
Critical 13 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-1303 CVE-2011-4516
Oracle Outside In JPEG 2000 Parameter Heap Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-4516)
Medium 30 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-771 SCADA DNP3 Unsolicited Server Response Flooding
High 10 Jan 2012 CPAI-2012-016 CVE-2012-0009 Microsoft Windows Object Packager Insecure Executable Launching (MS12-002; CVE-2012-0009)
High 14 Feb 2012 CPAI-2012-055 CVE-2012-0019 Microsoft Visio Viewer VSD File Format Memory Corruption (MS12-015; CVE-2012-0019)
Medium 19 Mar 2012 CPAI-2012-102 Executable File Embedded in JPEG File Vulnerabilities
High 16 Apr 2012 CPAI-2012-149 CVE-2012-0505 Oracle Java Runtime Environment Sandbox Breach (CVE-2012-0505)
High 16 Apr 2012 CPAI-2012-138 CVE-2011-5001 Trend Micro Control Manager CmdProcessor.exe AddTask Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-5001)
High 14 May 2012 CPAI-2012-219 CVE-2010-2561 Microsoft XML Core Services Response Handling Memory Corruption (MS10-051; CVE-2010-2561)
Critical 28 May 2012 CPAI-2012-243 CVE-2011-5007 Smart Software Solutions CoDeSys ControlService Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-5007)
Medium 11 Jun 2012 CPAI-2012-247 CVE-2012-1195 LANDesk ThinkManagement Suite ServerSetup.asmx Directory Traversal (CVE-2012-1195)
High 10 Jul 2012 CPAI-2012-306 CVE-2012-1859 Microsoft SharePoint XSS scriptresx.ashx Elevation of Privilege (MS12-050; CVE-2012-1859)
Critical 21 Aug 2012 CPAI-2012-355 CVE-2012-4151
Adobe Reader PDF File Invalid Value Code Execution (APSB12-16; CVE-2012-4151)
Critical 20 Sep 2012 CPAI-2012-419 CVE-2012-4159
Adobe Acrobat and Reader Invalid Memory Access Code Execution (APSB12-16; CVE-2012-4159)
High 14 Oct 2012 CPAI-2012-398 CVE-2012-1520
Apple Safari WebKit Button Column Blocks Memory Corruption (CVE-2012-1520)
Medium 14 Oct 2012 CPAI-2012-300 CVE-2012-2176 IBM Lotus Quickr qp2.cab ActiveX Control Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-2176)
Low 18 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-762 SCADA DNP3 save configuration function code
Low 18 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-730 SCADA DNP3 abort file function code
Critical 11 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-1259 CVE-2012-1537 Microsoft DirectPlay CLSID_DirectPlay8LobbyClient (MS12-082; CVE-2012-1537)
Critical 30 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-1253 CVE-2012-5269
Adobe Flash Player Out of Bound Memory Corruption (APSB12-22; CVE-2012-5269)
Critical 24 Jan 2012 CPAI-2012-034


Samba SRVSVC RPC sec_io_acl Request Handling Heap Buffer Overflow
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