Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
Critical 2 Feb 2012 CPAI-2012-045 Suspected LOIC Traffic Domains Block List
High 12 Mar 2012 CPAI-2012-087 CVE-2012-0006 Microsoft DNS Server Denial of Service (MS12-017; CVE-2012-0006)
Critical 10 Apr 2012 CPAI-2012-132 CVE-2012-0158 MSCOMCTL.OCX Killbit: 996BF5E0-8044-4650-ADEB-0B013914E99C (MS12-027; CVE-2012-0158)
Critical 16 Apr 2012 CPAI-2012-120 CVE-2012-0391 Apache Struts 2 ConversionErrorInterceptor OGNL Script Injection (CVE-2012-0391)
High 14 May 2012 CPAI-2012-213 CVE-2010-3269 Cisco WebEx Player Malformed .WRF File Code Execution (CVE-2010-3269)
Critical 28 May 2012 CPAI-2012-223 CA Total Defense Suite UNCWS exportReport SQL Injection
Medium 2 Jul 2012 CPAI-2012-295 CVE-2012-0708 IBM Rational ClearQuest CQOle ActiveX Code Execution (CVE-2012-0708)
High 10 Jul 2012 CPAI-2012-263 CVE-2012-1854 Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Insecure Library Loading (MS12-046; CVE-2012-1854)
High 21 Aug 2012 CPAI-2012-280 CVE-2012-0551
Oracle GlassFish Enterprise Server Multiple Reflected XSS Vulnerabilities (CVE-2012-0551)
Critical 19 Sep 2012 CPAI-2012-600 CVE-2012-4969
Internet Explorer execCommand Use-After-Free (CVE-2012-4969)
Critical 14 Oct 2012 CPAI-2012-385 CVE-2012-2019
HP Operations Agent Opcode 0x34 Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-2019)
High 4 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-724 RealWin INFOTAG SET CONTROL Packet Processing Buffer Overflow
Low 18 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-757 Non-DNP3 Traffic over DNP3 Port
High 11 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-1295 DNS ANY Request Malformed Payload Denial of Service
Critical 11 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-1252 CVE-2012-4787
Internet Explorer Improper Ref Counting Use After Free (MS12-077; CVE-2012-4787)
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