Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
Low 18 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-761 SCADA DNP3 record current time function code
High 18 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-656 CVE-2012-3684
Apple Safari WebKit CSS Title Memory Corruption (CVE-2012-3684)
Critical 11 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-1258 CVE-2012-1537 Microsoft DirectPlay CLSID_DirectPlay8Client (MS12-082; CVE-2012-1537)
Critical 30 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-1136 CVE-2012-5270
Adobe Flash Player Type Confusion Remote Code Execution (APSB12-22; CVE-2012-5270)
High 5 Jan 2012 CPAI-2011-128 Preemptive Protection against Freefloat FTP Server Invalid Command Buffer Overflow
Critical 14 Feb 2012 CPAI-2012-054 CVE-2012-0155 Internet Explorer VML Remote Code Execution (MS12-010; CVE-2012-0155)
High 19 Mar 2012 CPAI-2012-100 CVE-2011-3162 HP Data Protector Multiple Products FinishedCopy SQL Injection (CVE-2011-3162)
High 16 Apr 2012 CPAI-2012-148 CVE-2011-0531 VideoLAN VLC MKV Memory Corruption (CVE-2011-0531)
Medium 16 Apr 2012 CPAI-2012-137 CVE-2011-3834 Nullsoft Winamp AVI Stream Count Integer Overflow (CVE-2011-3834)
Critical 14 May 2012 CPAI-2012-218 PHP htmlspecialchars htmlentities Buffer Overflow
Critical 28 May 2012 CPAI-2012-242 CVE-2012-0160 Microsoft .NET Framework Serialization Data Validation Error (MS12-035; CVE-2012-0160)
High 10 Jul 2012 CPAI-2012-310 CVE-2012-1861 Microsoft SharePoint Script in Username Cross-site Scripting (MS12-050; CVE-2012-1861)
Critical 10 Jul 2012 CPAI-2012-305 CVE-2012-1524 Internet Explorer Attribute Remove Remote Code Execution (MS12-044; CVE-2012-1524)
Critical 21 Aug 2012 CPAI-2012-353 CVE-2012-4147
Adobe Acrobat PDF File Array Type Error Memory Corruption (APSB12-16; CVE-2012-4147)
Critical 20 Sep 2012 CPAI-2012-418 CVE-2012-4154
Adobe Acrobat and Reader Embedded TTF Integer Overflow (APSB12-16; CVE-2012-4154)
High 14 Oct 2012 CPAI-2012-396 CVE-2012-2574
Symantec Web Gateway blocked.php Blind SQL Injection (CVE-2012-2574)
Critical 13 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-808 CVE-2012-1527
Microsoft Windows Briefcase Integer Underflow (MS12-072; CVE-2012-1527; CVE-2012-1528)
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