Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
High 23 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-1299 Aladdin Knowledge System ChooseFilePath Buffer Overflow
High 3 Jan 2012 CPAI-2011-594 Oracle AutoVue ActiveX Control File Overwrite
High 31 Jan 2012 CPAI-2012-039 Oracle AutoVue AutoVueX ActiveX Control ExportEdaBom Remote File Creation
Medium 5 Mar 2012 CPAI-2012-079 CVE-2011-1508 Microsoft Publisher Function Pointer Overwrite (MS11-091; CVE-2011-1508)
High 10 Apr 2012 CPAI-2012-128 CVE-2012-0177 Microsoft Office WPS Converter Heap Overflow (MS12-028; CVE-2012-0177)
Critical 8 May 2012 CPAI-2012-199 CVE-2012-0176 Microsoft Silverlight Double-Free Remote Code Execution (MS12-034; CVE-2012-0176)
Critical 14 May 2012 CPAI-2012-209 CVE-2012-0830 PHP php_register_variable_ex Function Code Execution (CVE-2012-0830)
High 14 May 2012 CPAI-2012-170 CVE-2011-3179 Novell Groupwise Messenger Server Process Memory Information Disclosure (CVE-2011-3179)
Critical 2 Jul 2012 CPAI-2012-287 CVE-2012-1675 Oracle Database TNS Listener Service Registration Authentication Weakness (CVE-2012-1675)
Critical 14 Aug 2012 CPAI-2012-348 CVE-2012-1888
Microsoft Visio DXF File Parsing Code Execution (MS12-059; CVE-2012-1888)
High 4 Sep 2012 CPAI-2012-366 CVE-2012-0667
Apple QuickTime QTVR QTVRStringAtom Parsing Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-0667)
High 4 Sep 2012 CPAI-2012-290 CVE-2012-0551 Oracle GlassFish Enterprise Server Multiple Stored XSS Vulnerabilities (CVE-2012-0551)
Critical 14 Oct 2012 CPAI-2012-374 CVE-2011-4163
HP Database Archiving Software GIOP Opcode Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-4163)
High 4 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-691 RealFlex RealWin SCADA On FC BINFILE FCS FILE Buffer Overflow 1
Low 18 Nov 2012 CPAI-2012-753 SCADA DNP3 get file info function code
High 2 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-798 CYME Multiple Products ChartFX.ClientServer.Core.dll Remote Code Execution
High 23 Dec 2012 CPAI-2012-602 Flexera Multiple Products ISGrid.dll ActiveX Control Code Execution
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