Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
High 13 Jan 2013 CPAI-2012-1307 Sophos Anti-Virus RAR VMSF_RGB Filter Parsing Integer Underflow
High 17 Feb 2013 CPAI-2013-977 Non Compliant Scada Modbus Read Device ID Query
Critical 3 Mar 2013 CPAI-2013-1296 CVE-2013-0638
Adobe Flash Player malformed FLV file Flash memory corruption vulnerability (APSB13-05; CVE-2013-0638)
Critical 12 Mar 2013 CPAI-2013-1331 CVE-2013-0088
Internet Explorer saveHistory Use After Free Code Execution (MS13-021; CVE-2013-0088)
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1793 OPC UA Publish Response Command
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1767 OPC UA Write Request Command
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1734 OPC UA Activate Session Request Command
High 14 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1340 CVE-2013-0096
Windows Live Essentials Improper URI Handling Vulnerability (MS13-045; CVE-2013-0096)
High 30 Jun 2013 CPAI-2013-1838 CVE-2012-5208
HP Intelligent Management Center DownloadServlet Information Disclosure (CVE-2012-5208)
Critical 9 Jul 2013 CPAI-2013-2459 CVE-2013-3144
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS13-055; CVE-2013-3144)
High 28 Jul 2013 CPAI-2013-2452 Apple Safari webarchive File Format UXSS
Critical 1 Sep 2013 CPAI-2013-2518 CVE-2012-0897
Irfanview JPEG2000 jp2 Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-0897)
High 22 Sep 2013 CPAI-2013-2934 CVE-2013-0753
Mozilla Firefox XMLSerializer use-after-free (CVE-2013-0753)
High 13 Oct 2013 CPAI-2013-2953 CVE-2012-3748
Apple Safari Heap Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-3748)
Critical 4 Nov 2013 CPAI-2013-3518 CVE-2013-4822
HP Intelligent Management Center BIMS UploadServlet Arbitrary File Upload (CVE-2013-4822)
High 18 Nov 2013 CPAI-2013-3523 CVE-2013-0632 Adobe ColdFusion Authentication Bypass (CVE-2013-0632)
High 10 Dec 2013 CPAI-2013-3618 CVE-2013-4547
Preemptive Protection against Nginx Request URI Verification Security Bypass (CVE-2013-4547)
Critical 8 Jan 2013 CPAI-2012-1346 CVE-2013-0007
Microsoft Windows MSXML XSLT Remote Code Execution (MS13-002; CVE-2013-0007)
High 7 Feb 2013 CPAI-2013-092 CVE-2013-0634
Adobe Flash Player ActionScript Code Heap Buffer Overflow (APSB13-04; CVE-2013-0634)
High 17 Feb 2013 CPAI-2013-418 Scada Modbus Acknowledge Exception Code Delay
Critical 12 Mar 2013 CPAI-2013-1598 CVE-2013-1288
Internet Explorer CTreeNode Use After Free Remote Code Execution (MS13-021; CVE-2013-1288)
Critical 4 Apr 2013 CPAI-2013-034 CVE-2012-4607
EMC NetWorker nsrindexd RPC Service Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-4607)
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1788 OPC UA Modify Subscription Request Command
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1756 OPC UA Register Nodes Response Command
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1728 OPC UA Open Secure Channel Request Command
Critical 11 Jun 2013 CPAI-2013-1847 CVE-2013-3120
Internet Explorer HTML Object access Memory Corruption (MS13-047; CVE-2013-3120)
Critical 30 Jun 2013 CPAI-2013-1709 CVE-2012-4708
3S Smart Software Solutions CoDeSys Gateway Server Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-4708)
Critical 30 Jun 2013 CPAI-2012-1332 Schneider Modicon SCADA Ladder Logic Upload/Download
Critical 13 Aug 2013 CPAI-2013-2527 CVE-2013-3189 Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS13-059: CVE-2013-3189)
High 10 Sep 2013 CPAI-2013-2929 CVE-2013-3848
Microsoft Word Memory Corruption (MS13-072: CVE-2013-3848)
High 10 Sep 2013 CPAI-2013-2899 CVE-2013-3203
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS13-069: CVE-2013-3203)
Critical 27 Oct 2013 CPAI-2013-3488 BlackHole Toolkit v2 Flash Player Payload Stage Code Execution
Critical 18 Nov 2013 CPAI-2013-3550 CVE-2008-1910
Borland Software InterBase ibserver.exe Service Attach Request Buffer Overflow (CVE-2008-1910)
Critical 2 Dec 2013 CPAI-2013-3592 Oracle Outside In OS 2 Metafile Parser Heap Buffer Overflow
High 22 Dec 2013 CPAI-2013-3750 CVE-2013-3346
Adobe Acrobat and Reader ToolButton Use After Free (APSB13-15; CVE-2013-3346)
Critical 20 Jan 2013 CPAI-2013-025 CVE-2012-1530
Adobe Reader Crafted XSL Remote Code Execution (APSB13-02; CVE-2012-1530)
High 17 Feb 2013 CPAI-2013-990 Scada Modbus Report Slave ID
High 20 Feb 2013 CPAI-2013-033 CVE-2011-3414
Microsoft ASP.NET and PHP Hash Collision Denial of Service - Specific (CVE-2011-3414)
High 5 Mar 2013 CPAI-2013-1321 CVE-2013-0003
Microsoft .NET Framework S.DS.P Namespace Method Buffer Overflow (CVE-2013-0003)
High 15 Apr 2013 CPAI-2013-1664 CVE-2009-2524
Microsoft LSASS Authentication Process Integer Overflow (MS09-059; CVE-2009-2524) - high confidence
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1777 OPC UA Monitored Item Modify Request Command
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1744 OPC UA Delete Nodes Request Command
High 2 Jun 2013 CPAI-2013-1846 SAP NetWeaver SXPG_CALL_SYSTEM Remote Code Execution
Critical 25 Jun 2013 CPAI-2013-1905 CVE-2013-1331
Microsoft Office PNG File Parsing Buffer Overflow (MS13-051; CVE-2013-1331)
Medium 30 Jun 2013 CPAI-2013-1666 CVE-2012-4900
Corel WordPerfect Document Processing Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-4900)
Critical 9 Jul 2013 CPAI-2013-2443 CVE-2013-3151
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS13-055; CVE-2013-3151)
Medium 25 Aug 2013 CPAI-2013-2492 SAP NetWeaver SOAP Request SXPG_CALL_SYSTEM Command Execution
Critical 10 Sep 2013 CPAI-2013-2909 CVE-2013-3204
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS13-069: CVE-2013-3204)
High 30 Sep 2013 CPAI-2013-2940 PineApp Mail-SeCure confpremenu.php Install License Command Injection
Medium 27 Oct 2013 CPAI-2013-2964 CVE-2013-2577
XnView PCT File Processing Buffer Overflow (CVE-2013-2577)
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