Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
Critical 18 Nov 2013 CPAI-2013-3503 McAfee Web Reporter JBoss EJBInvokerServlet Marshalled Object Code Execution
High 2 Dec 2013 CPAI-2013-3552 CVE-2009-1857
Adobe Reader And Acrobat TrueType Font Handling Remote Memory Corruption (CVE-2009-1857)
High 8 Jan 2013 CPAI-2012-1338 CVE-2013-0005
Microsoft OData WCF Replace Denial of Service (MS13-007; CVE-2013-0005)
High 17 Feb 2013 CPAI-2013-998 Non Compliant Scada Modbus Write Multiple Regs Response
High 27 Feb 2013 CPAI-2013-1325 Nagios XI Autodiscovery Arbitrary Command Execution
High 7 Mar 2013 CPAI-2013-1343 CVE-2005-0817
Symantec Gateway Products DNS Cache Poisoning - High Confidence (CVE-2005-0817)
High 23 Apr 2013 CPAI-2013-1677 CVE-2012-3754
Apple QuickTime ActiveX Control Clear Method Use After Free - Improved Performance (CVE-2012-3754)
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1784 OPC UA Delete Monitored Items Request Command
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1752 OPC UA Browse Next Response Command
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1724 OPC UA Get Endpoints Request Command
Medium 3 Jun 2013 CPAI-2013-1854 CVE-2012-1336
Cisco WebEx Recording Format Player atas32.dll Integer Overflow (CVE-2012-1336)
Critical 30 Jun 2013 CPAI-2013-1703 CVE-2013-1080
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management File Upload (CVE-2013-1080)
High 21 Jul 2013 CPAI-2013-379 CVE-2011-1220
IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager POST Query Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-1220)
Critical 13 Aug 2013 CPAI-2013-2522 CVE-2013-3194
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS13-059: CVE-2013-3194)
High 10 Sep 2013 CPAI-2013-2925 CVE-2013-3856
Microsoft Word Memory Corruption (MS13-072: CVE-2013-3856)
High 8 Oct 2013 CPAI-2013-2983 CVE-2013-3895
Microsoft SharePoint Server Parameter Injection (MS13-084; CVE-2013-3895)
High 20 Oct 2013 CPAI-2013-2986 CVE-2011-2505
PhpMyAdmin Remote Variable Manipulation (CVE-2011-2505)
Critical 12 Nov 2013 CPAI-2013-3531 CVE-2013-3912
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS13-088: CVE-2013-3912)
Critical 2 Dec 2013 CPAI-2013-3581 CVE-2013-3358
Adobe Acrobat and Reader Integer Overflow (APSB13-22: CVE-2013-3358)
High 22 Dec 2013 CPAI-2013-3688 CVE-2013-3155
Microsoft Access Memory Corruption (MS13-074; CVE-2013-3155)
High 7 Jan 2013 CPAI-2013-817 IBM Lotus Notes Lotus 1-2-3 Work Sheet File Viewer Code Execution
Critical 20 Jan 2013 CPAI-2013-021 CVE-2013-0604
Adobe Acrobat Reader Open Type Integer Overflow (APSB13-02; CVE-2013-0604)
High 17 Feb 2013 CPAI-2013-982 Non Compliant Scada Modbus Read Write Reg Query
High 19 Feb 2013 CPAI-2013-1305 Nagios XI Alert Cloud Cross-Site Scripting
Critical 21 Mar 2013 CPAI-2013-1630 CVE-2012-0830
PHP php_register_variable_ex Function Code Execution - Improved performance (CVE-2012-0830)
Medium 9 Apr 2013 CPAI-2012-834 Multiple Products wintab32.dll Insecure Library Loading (CVE-2013-0742)
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1773 OPC UA Call Response Command
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1740 OPC UA Add Nodes Request Command
High 19 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1802 CVE-2012-0124
HP Data Protector Create New Folder Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-0124)
Critical 11 Jun 2013 CPAI-2013-1843 CVE-2013-3111
Internet Explorer deleted html object Use After Free (MS13-047; CVE-2013-3111)
Critical 30 Jun 2013 CPAI-2013-1649 CVE-2012-2686
OpenSSL AES-NI Integer Underflow (CVE-2012-2686)
High 13 Aug 2013 CPAI-2013-2542 CVE-2013-3182
Microsoft DirectAccess ICMP Denial of Service (MS13-064; CVE-2013-3182)
Critical 20 Aug 2013 CPAI-2013-2167 CVE-2013-2134
Apache Struts Wildcard Matching OGNL Code Execution (CVE-2013-2134)
High 10 Sep 2013 CPAI-2013-2903 CVE-2013-3137
Microsoft FrontPage XML Information Disclosure (MS13-078; CVE-2013-3137)
High 22 Sep 2013 CPAI-2013-2493 CVE-2013-0986
Apple QuickTime enof Atom Parsing Heap Buffer Overflow (CVE-2013-0986)
Critical 27 Oct 2013 CPAI-2013-2957 PineApp Mail-SeCure livelog.html Command Injection
Critical 26 Nov 2013 CPAI-2013-3577 CVE-2013-3355
Adobe Acrobat and Reader Memory Corruption (APSB13-22: CVE-2013-3355)
Critical 26 Nov 2013 CPAI-2013-3496 CVE-2013-5325
Adobe Reader and Acrobat JavaScript scheme URI Remote Code Execution (CVE-2013-5325)
High 29 Dec 2013 CPAI-2013-3726 CVE-2006-1540
Microsoft Office File Malformed String Parsing Buffer Overflow (MS06-038; CVE-2006-1540) - ver 2
Medium 13 Jan 2013 CPAI-2012-840 CVE-2012-2982
Webmin show.cgi Command Execution (CVE-2012-2982)
Critical 12 Feb 2013 CPAI-2013-1267 CVE-2013-0019
Internet Explorer COmWindowProxy Use After Free (MS13-009; CVE-2013-0019)
High 17 Feb 2013 CPAI-2013-972 Non Compliant Scada Modbus Write File Record
Critical 27 Feb 2013 CPAI-2013-1323 CVE-2013-1592
SAP NetWeaver Message Server Memory Corruption (CVE-2013-1592)
Critical 8 Apr 2013 CPAI-2013-1640 CVE-2012-3284
HP LeftHand Virtual SAN Appliance hydra SNMP Processing Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-3284)
High 28 Apr 2013 CPAI-2013-1674 CVE-2012-5612
Oracle MySQL DELETE Heap Buffer Overflow Improved Performance (CVE-2012-5612)
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1762 OPC UA Query Next Response Command
High 14 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1821 CVE-2013-1336
Microsoft .NET XML Digital Signature Spoofing (MS13-040; CVE-2013-1336)
High 11 Jun 2013 CPAI-2013-1882 CVE-2013-3110
Internet Explorer Object Use After Free Arbitrary Code Execution (MS13-047; CVE-2013-3110)
High 30 Jun 2013 CPAI-2013-1804 Squid Proxy httpMakeVaryMark Header Value Denial of Service
High 4 Jul 2013 CPAI-2013-2454 CVE-2007-0774
HTTP Format Sizes (CVE-2007-0774)
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