Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
High 25 Aug 2013 CPAI-2013-2476 CVE-2013-1081
Novell ZENworks Mobile Management MDM.php Code Execution (CVE-2013-1081)
Critical 22 Sep 2013 CPAI-2013-2930 CVE-2011-3322
Procyon Core Server HMI Memory Corruption SCADA Remote Code Execution (CVE-2011-3322)
Medium 13 Oct 2013 CPAI-2013-2519 CVE-2011-4075
PHP phpLDAPadmin Remote Code Execution (CVE-2011-4075)
High 4 Nov 2013 CPAI-2013-3507 CVE-2013-0653
GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy SCADA Substitute.bcl Directory Traversal (CVE-2013-0653)
Medium 18 Nov 2013 CPAI-2013-3521 CVE-2007-5461
Apache Tomcat WebDav Remote Information Disclosure (CVE-2007-5461)
Critical 10 Dec 2013 CPAI-2013-3617 CVE-2013-5049
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS13-097: CVE-2013-5049)
Critical 8 Jan 2013 CPAI-2012-1342 CVE-2007-5530
Oracle Database Control Component Denial of Service (CVE-2007-5530)
High 20 Jan 2013 CPAI-2013-020 CVE-2013-0621
Adobe Reader Crafted JP2K Heap Overflow (APSB13-02; CVE-2013-0621)
High 17 Feb 2013 CPAI-2013-417 Scada Modbus Clear Counters And Diagnostic Registers
High 12 Mar 2013 CPAI-2013-1597 CVE-2013-0086
Microsoft Office OneNote Parsing Memory Information Disclosure (MS13-025; CVE-2013-0086)
Critical 28 Mar 2013 CPAI-2013-1639 CVE-2012-6275
BigAnt Server SCH Request Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2012-6275)
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1787 OPC UA Create Subscription Response Command
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1755 OPC UA Register Nodes Request Command
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1727 OPC UA Register Server Response Command
Critical 6 Jun 2013 CPAI-2013-1873 Apache Web Server Plesk Control Panel Configuration Code Execution
Critical 30 Jun 2013 CPAI-2013-1708 CVE-2012-4705
3S Smart Software Solutions CoDeSys Gateway Server Directory Traversal (CVE-2012-4705)
Critical 30 Jun 2013 CPAI-2012-1331 Schneider Modicon SCADA Remote START/STOP Command
Critical 13 Aug 2013 CPAI-2013-2525 CVE-2013-3193
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS13-059: CVE-2013-3193)
High 10 Sep 2013 CPAI-2013-2928 CVE-2013-3850
Microsoft Word Memory Corruption (MS13-072: CVE-2013-3850)
High 10 Sep 2013 CPAI-2013-2897 CVE-2013-3208
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS13-069: CVE-2013-3208)
Critical 27 Oct 2013 CPAI-2013-3487 BlackHole Toolkit v2 Adobe Reader Payload Stage Code Execution
High 12 Nov 2013 CPAI-2013-3547 CVE-2013-3908
Microsoft Internet Explorer Information Disclosure (MS13-088: CVE-2013-3908)
Critical 2 Dec 2013 CPAI-2013-3588 CVE-2009-1861
Adobe Reader And Acrobat PDF JBIG2 Stream Heap Memory Corruption (CVE-2009-1861)
High 22 Dec 2013 CPAI-2013-3693 CVE-2013-3882
Microsoft Internet Explorer runtimeStyle Handling Memory Corruption (MS13-080; CVE-2013-3882)
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