Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
Critical 13 Oct 2013 CPAI-2013-2963 CVE-2013-4635
PHP SdnToJewish Function Integer Overflow (CVE-2013-4635)
High 27 Oct 2013 CPAI-2013-2933 CVE-2013-2461
Oracle Java SE XML Digital Signature Spoofing (CVE-2013-2461)
Critical 26 Nov 2013 CPAI-2013-3564 CVE-2013-3362
Adobe Flash Player Memory Corruption (APSB13-21: CVE-2013-3362)
Critical 10 Dec 2013 CPAI-2013-3622 CVE-2013-5056
Microsoft Scripting Runtime Object Library Use-After-Free Code Execution (MS13-099; CVE-2013-5056)
High 22 Dec 2013 CPAI-2013-3529 CVE-2013-4660
Nodejs js-yaml load() Code Execution (CVE-2013-4660)
Medium 6 Jan 2013 CPAI-2013-416 Contaware FreeVimager GIF LZWMinimumCodeSize Memory Corruption
High 13 Jan 2013 CPAI-2012-1315 CVE-2012-0308
Symantec Messaging Gateway Cross Site Request Forgery (CVE-2012-0308)
High 17 Feb 2013 CPAI-2013-979 Non Compliant Scada Modbus Read File Record Query
High 17 Feb 2013 CPAI-2013-032 Scada Modbus Restart Communications Option
Critical 12 Mar 2013 CPAI-2013-1594 CVE-2013-0079
Microsoft Visio Viewer Tree Object Type Confusion Code Execution (MS13-023; CVE-2013-0079)
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1795 OPC UA Republish Response Command
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1769 OPC UA History Update Request Command
Low 6 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1736 OPC UA Close Session Request Command
Critical 14 May 2013 CPAI-2013-1694 CVE-2013-1308
Internet Explorer CMarkupTransNavContext Use After Free (MS13-037; CVE-2013-1308)
High 30 Jun 2013 CPAI-2013-1840 CVE-2012-5211
HP Intelligent Management Center UAM acmServletDownload Information Disclosure (CVE-2012-5211)
Critical 9 Jul 2013 CPAI-2013-2461 CVE-2013-3146
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS13-055; CVE-2013-3146)
Medium 4 Aug 2013 CPAI-2013-1891 Sysax Multi-Server SSHD Key Exchange Denial of Service
High 1 Sep 2013 CPAI-2013-2746 CVE-2013-1896
Apache HTTP Server mod_dav MERGE Request Denial of Service (CVE-2013-1896)
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