Check Point Update Services Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Check Point Update Services?
In a constantly changing threat environment, defenses must evolve with or ahead of threats. For defenses to evolve in real-time, an ongoing service is required. Check Point Update Services provide real-time and ongoing defenses, defense updates and configuration advice against emerging threats and attacks. Check Point Update Services also add completely new defense techniques for new and emerging protocols and applications between your regularly scheduled product upgrades.
What are the components of Check Point Update Services?
  • Advisories: Step-by-step instructions on how to activate and configure defenses against emerging threats and vulnerabilities—usually before exploits are created by hackers.
  • Defense Updates by Product: Preemptive, ongoing and real-time defense updates, including new protection capabilities for emerging protocols and applications.
  • Security Best Practices: The latest security recommendations from Check Point.
What products are supported by Check Point Update Services?
  • IPS and NGX SmartDefense: Protections for dedicated IPS-1, integrated IPS Software Blade, and NGX SmartDefense IPS solutions
  • Antivirus: Regular updates of the latest anti-virus database.
  • Anti-Spam: Access to the latest IP Reputation database, Anti-Spam block list, and spam signatures
  • URL Filtering: Regular updates to a database of over 20 million URLs.
  • Anti-Malware: Updates to the Endpoint Security On Demand database which mitigates the risks of unmanaged and unsafe PCs connecting to an enterprise’s Web-facing resources.
  • Program Advisor: A database of malicious and benign applications for Check Point Endpoint Security.
What is the relationship between Enterprise Software Subscription and Check Point Update Services?
Check Point Update Services provide ongoing and real-time defense updates and advice. Enterprise Software Subscription entitles customers to product hot fixes, service packs, and product releases. These offerings are complementary, and Check Point strongly recommends both.
How and by whom is Check Point Update Services content created?
Check Point Update Services are backed by Check Point  Research and Response Centers located around the globe. These centers, staffed by experienced security researchers, provide 24-hour research and coverage. Check Point Research and Response Centers conduct original research on network, protocol and application vulnerabilities. The Centers also actively monitor and where appropriate communicate with white-, black- and grayhat communities to identify vulnerabilities and potential exploits before they are introduced into "the wild" (i.e., to the general internet community). Using this information, Check Point Research and Response Centers develop and disseminate defenses through relevant Update Services components.
How are Check Point Update Services licensed?
Check Point Update Services utilize an annually recurring license based on a combination of the number of gateways and users secured. For details, please contact your local Check Point reseller or view the price list.
What Check Point products can benefit from Check Point Update Services?
Check Point Update Services support the Check Point Security Gateway Service Blades, NGX VPN-1, NGX UTM-1, IPS-1, Connectra, VSX, InterSpect and Endpoint Security product families.
Can Check Point Update Services update different protections on different gateways?
Using IPS profiles and SmartDefense profiles, which were introduced in NGX R62, you can associate different defense settings and attributes with different gateways. All IPS profiles can be centrally-managed, assigned and updated from SmartDashboard.
How can I evaluate Check Point Update Services?
Check Point customers with valid User Center accounts are automatically entitled to one free 30-day trial. To register for the free evaluation, please visit the evaluation sign-up page.