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Messaging Security from Check Point

Protect Your E-mail Infrastructure

Messaging Security from Check Point provides comprehensive protection for an organization's messaging infrastructure. The multi-dimensional approach protects the e-mail infrastructure, provides highly accurate spam protection, and defends organizations from a wide variety of virus and malware threats within e-mail. Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, and IPS protections are available as part of Check Point Software Blades which is included on Check Point appliances and Security Gateway Systems, pre-defined bundles composed of a container and software blades.

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Six Dimensions of Comprehensive Messaging Security

Content-Based Anti-Spam

Protects against advanced forms of spam, including image-based and foreign language spam, using pattern-based detection.

Block List Anti-Spam

Utilizes block or allow lists to deny obvious e-mail offenders and allow trusted senders.

IP Reputation

Blocks spam and malware at the connection level by checking the sender's reputation against a dynamic database of known malicious IP addresses.

Zero-Hour Malware Protection

Defends against new spam and malware outbreaks by using advanced pattern matching and distribution analysis engine.

Mail Antivirus

Protects against a wide range of viruses and malware, including scans of message content and attachments.

IPS E-mail Protections

Protects against a broad range of threats, including DoS and buffer overflow attacks, that target the messaging infrastructure itself.