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SmartDefense Services Overview

SmartDefense Services maintain the most current preemptive security for the Check Point security infrastructure. To help defenses stay continuously ahead of today's constantly evolving threat landscape, SmartDefense Services provide ongoing and real-time updates and configuration advice for defenses and security policies found in SmartDefense.

SmartDefense, which is updated by SmartDefense Services, provides intrusion prevention capabilities that are integrated into Check Point products. SmartDefense also helps to minimize threats by providing defenses that can be used before vendor supplied patches become available or are fully installed throughout a network. SmartDefense protections are developed and distributed by SmartDefense Research and Response Centers located around the globe.

For more information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions. Components of SmartDefense Services include:

  • AdvisoriesStep-by-step instructions on how to activate and configure defenses against emerging threats and vulnerabilities—usually before exploits are created by hackers.
  • Defense UpdatesPreemptive, ongoing and real-time defense updates, including new protection capabilities for emerging protocols and applications.
  • Security Best PracticesThe latest security recommendations from Check Point.
  • Program Advisor for Check Point Endpoint SecurityA database of malicious and benign applications; automates creation of network access and malware termination policies.