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Defense Updates
InterSpect NGX

SmartDefense Updates add new defense capabilities to Check Point products, and bring existing defense capabilities up-to-date.

Build Number
592101012 Microsoft IIS Repeated Parameter Request Denial of Service Protection (MS10-065) CPAI-2010-260
592101012 Microsoft IIS Directory Authentication Bypass Protection (MS10-065) CPAI-2010-262
592100627 Multiple Vendors rpc.pcnfsd Syslog Format String Protection CPAI-2010-082
592100427 Security Best Practice: Blocking Null Prefix in DNS MX Records SBP-2010-16
592100427 Microsoft Media Services Stack-based Buffer Overflow Protection (MS10-025) CPAI-2010-062
592100214 Microsoft SMB COPY Command Pathname Overflow Protection (MS10-012) CPAI-2010-022
592091201 Detecting Slowloris: A Denial of Service (DoS) over HTTP SBP-2009-09
592091201 Microsoft Windows Workstation Service NetrGetJoinInformation Routine Memory Corruption Protection (MS09-041) CPAI-2009-155
592091201 Microsoft WINS Buffer Allocation Integer Overflow Protection (MS09-039) CPAI-2009-147
592091201 Microsoft WINS Buffer Length Heap Overflow Protection (MS09-039) CPAI-2009-145
592091110 Microsoft License Logging Server RPC Call Heap Overflow Protection (MS09-064) CPAI-2009-286
592091110 Microsoft Web Services on Devices API Memory Corruption Protection (MS09-063) CPAI-2009-280
592091102 Microsoft Internet Information Services FTP Server Recursive Listing Denial of Service Protection (MS09-053) CPAI-2009-183
592091102 Microsoft Windows SMB Negotiate Request Remote Code Execution Protection (MS09-050) CPAI-2009-194
592091021 Microsoft LSASS Authentication Process Integer Overflow Protection (MS09-059) CPAI-2009-216
592091021 Microsoft SMB Infinite Loop Denial of Service Protection (MS09-050) CPAI-2009-212
592090625 Microsoft Windows Print Spooler LoadLibrary Information Disclosure Protection (MS09-022) CPAI-2009-168
592090625 Microsoft Windows Print Spooler NetShareEnum Buffer Overflow Protection (MS09-022) CPAI-2009-154
592090625 Microsoft Active Directory Invalid Free Remote Code Execution Protection (MS09-018) CPAI-2009-152
592090625 Microsoft IIS Anonymous HTTP Request Authentication Bypass Protection (MS09-020) CPAI-2009-138
592090625 Microsoft IIS WebDAV Extension URL Decoding Security Bypass Protection (MS09-020) CPAI-2009-130
592090520 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (20-May-09) CPAI-2009-128
592090520 Symantec Alert Management System Intel Alert Originator Service Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2009-089
592090520 Symantec Alert Management System Intel File Transfer Service Arbitrary Program Execution Protection CPAI-2009-087
592090520 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Agent Client Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2009-085
592090427 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (28-Apr-09) CPAI-2009-098
592090427 MIT Kerberos ASN.1 asn1_decode_generaltime Uninitialized Pointer Reference Protection CPAI-2009-096
592090413 Microsoft Windows HTTP Services Credential Reflection Remote Code Execution Protection (MS09-013) CPAI-2009-082
592090329 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (30-Mar-09) CPAI-2009-054
592090329 Oracle Secure Backup NDMP Packet Handling Multiple Denial of Service Protections CPAI-2009-052
592090319 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (22-Mar-09) CPAI-2009-042
592090310 Microsoft Windows Security Support Provider SChannel Spoofing Protection (MS09-007) CPAI-2009-038
592090310 Multiple Microsoft DNS Server Cache Spoofing Protections (MS09-008) CPAI-2009-036
592090310 Microsoft WINS Server WPAD Registration Spoofing Protection (MS09-008) CPAI-2009-034
592090310 Microsoft DNS Server WPAD Registration Spoofing Protection (MS09-008) CPAI-2009-032
592090226 Multiple Oracle Secure Backup Administration Server Command Injection Protections CPAI-2009-031
592090226 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (1-Mar-09) CPAI-2009-030
592090226 Oracle Secure Backup NDMP CONECT_CLIENT_AUTH Command Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2009-029
592090226 Squid HTTP Version Number Parsing Denial of Service Protection CPAI-2009-026
592090226 Oracle TimesTen evtdump Remote Format String Protection CPAI-2009-021
592090219 Sun Solstice AdminSuite sadmind service adm_build_path Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2009-024
592090219 Oracle Database SYS.OLAPIMPL_T Package ODCITABLESTART Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2009-022
592090219 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (19-Feb-09) CPAI-2009-020
592090219 LibSPF2 DNS TXT Records Parsing Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-230
592090219 Microsoft Exchange Server EMSMDB32 Literal Processing Protection (MS09-003) CPAI-2009-014
592090219 Microsoft Exchange Server MS-TNEF Memory Corruption Protection (MS09-003) CPAI-2009-010
592090115 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (19-Jan-09) CPAI-2009-005
592090115 Microsoft SMB TRANS Request Buffer Overflow Remote Code Execution Protection (MS09-001) CPAI-2009-003
592090115 Microsoft SMB TRANS2 Request Validation Remote Code Execution Protection (MS09-001) CPAI-2009-002
592081225 Microsoft SQL Server sp_replwritetovarbin Stored Procedure Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-189
592081225 Microsoft Internet Explorer XML Parsing Zero-Day Remote Code Execution Protection CPAI-2008-187
592081225 Microsoft Windows Search Parsing Remote Code Execution Protection (MS08-075) CPAI-2008-184
592081225 Microsoft Internet Explorer WebDav Memory Corruption Protection (MS08-073) CPAI-2008-183
592081225 Microsoft Internet Explorer URL Cache Memory Corruption Protection (MS08-073) CPAI-2008-182
592081225 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Access Control Elevation of Privilege Protection (MS08-077) CPAI-2008-181
592081225 Microsoft Visual Basic ActiveX Controls Remote Code Execution Protections (MS08-070) CPAI-2008-170
592081225 Microsoft Internet Explorer Parameter Validation Memory Corruption Protection (MS08-073) CPAI-2008-169
592081130 iseemedia LPViewer ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-237
592081130 Novell iPrint Client nipplib.dll ActiveX Remote Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-231
592081130 Sun Solaris rpc.ypupdated Command Injection Protection CPAI-2008-167
592081130 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (1-Dec-08) CPAI-2008-166
592081119 Microsoft Visual Studio ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-234
592081116 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (17-Nov-08) CPAI-2008-165
592081116 Autodesk Multiple Products LiveUpdate ActiveX Control Code Execution Protection CPAI-2008-164
592081116 SMB Reflection Attacks Protection SBP-2008-12
592081116 Microsoft XML Core Services Chunked Request Protection (MS08-069) CPAI-2008-163
592081116 Microsoft XML Core Services DTD Cross-Domain Scripting Protection (MS08-069) CPAI-2008-162
592081116 Microsoft XML Core Services Nested Tag Protection (MS08-069) CPAI-2008-161
592081103 Microsoft Internet Explorer Cross-Domain Information Disclosure Protection (MS08-058) CPAI-2008-159
592081103 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Client Components ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-157
592081103 Microsoft LDAP Active Directory Remote Code Execution Protection (MS08-060) CPAI-2008-156
592081103 Multiple Microsoft Internet Explorer Protections (MS08-058) CPAI-2008-155
592081103 Microsoft Server Message Block Remote Code Execution Protection (MS08-063) CPAI-2008-153
592081103 Message Queuing Service Remote Code Execution Protection (MS08-065) CPAI-2008-152
592081103 Microsoft Office Content-Disposition Header Protection (MS08-056) CPAI-2008-151
592081103 Host Integration Server RPC Buffer Overflow Protection (MS08-059) CPAI-2008-149
592081103 Multiple ActiveX Kill Bits Protections CPAI-2008-148
592080928 Adobe Flash Proxy Auto-Discovery DHCP Traffic Inspection SBP-2008-11
592080928 Macrovision InstallShield Update Service Agent ActiveX Memory Corruption Protection CPAI-2008-146
592080928 Trend Micro OfficeScan objRemoveCtrl ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-145
592080928 Windows Media Player Sampling Rate Protection (MS08-054) SBP-2008-10
592080928 GDI+ VML Buffer Overrun Protection (MS08-052) CPAI-2008-143
592080928 GDI+ GIF Parsing Protection (MS08-052) CPAI-2008-140
592080928 Microsoft Windows Media Encoder Buffer Overrun Protection (MS08-053) CPAI-2008-139
592080928 Uniform Resource Locator Validation Error Protection (MS08-055) CPAI-2008-138
592080827 Cisco Webex Meeting Manager atucfobj ActiveX Control Buffer Protection CPAI-2008-135
592080827 Microsoft URL Parsing Cross Domain Information Disclosure Protection (MS08-048) CPAI-2008-126
592080827 Microsoft Argument Handling Memory Corruption Protection (MS08-045) CPAI-2008-125
592080827 Messenger Information Disclosure Protection (MS08-050) CPAI-2008-120
592080827 Microsoft Internet Explorer Uninitialized Memory Corruption Protection (MS08-045) CPAI-2008-119
592080827 Aurigma and HP ActiveX Kill Bits Protections CPAI-2008-118
592080731 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (3-Aug-08) CPAI-2008-110
592080731 Novell iPrint Client ActiveX Control Stack Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-108
592080731 Security Best Practice: Blocking TeamViewer SBP-2008-08
592080731 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (27-Jul-08) CPAI-2008-103
592080708 Microsoft Access Snapshot Viewer ActiveX Control Remote Code Execution Protection CPAI-2008-096
592080708 Outlook Web Access Data Validation Cross-Site Scripting Protection (MS08-039) CPAI-2008-095
592080708 Outlook Web Access HTML Parsing Cross-Site Scripting Protection (MS08-039) CPAI-2008-094
592080708 Microsoft Windows Saved Search Protection (MS08-038) CPAI-2008-093
592080702 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (3-Jul-08) CPAI-2008-089
592080702 Multiple Vendor SNMPv3 HMAC Handling Authentication Bypass Protection CPAI-2008-088
592080702 CA Multiple Products ActiveX Control ListCtrl AddColumn Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-087
592080702 HP Software Update HPeDiag ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-086
592080702 Alt-N Technologies SecurityGateway Username Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-085
592080618 IBM Lotus Domino Web Server HTTP Header Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-084
592080618 Microsoft Active Directory Denial of Service Protection (MS08-035) CPAI-2008-081
592080618 PGM Malformed Fragment Protection (MS08-036) CPAI-2008-080
592080618 PGM Invalid Length Protection (MS08-036) CPAI-2008-079
592080618 Microsoft ActiveX Object Memory Corruption Protection (MS08-032) CPAI-2008-078
592080618 Microsoft WINS Remote Code Execution Protection (MS08-034) CPAI-2008-077
592080618 Microsoft Windows Media Player SAMI Format Parsing Protection (MS08-033) CPAI-2008-076
592080602 Apple Safari on Windows Platform Remote Code Execution Protection CPAI-2008-082
592080528 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (1-Jun-08) CPAI-2008-075
592080528 Novell eDirectory HTTP Headers Denial of Service Protection CPAI-2008-074
592080528 Linux Kernel IPv6 over IPv4 Memory Leak Denial of Service Protection CPAI-2008-073
592080429 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (30-Apr-08) CPAI-2008-067
592080429 Motorola Timbuktu Crafted Login Request Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-066
592080429 HP OpenView Products OVTrace Service Stack Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-065
592080429 HP OpenView Network Node Manager Message Handling Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-064
592080421 Yahoo! Messenger YVerInfo.dll ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-062
592080421 RealNetworks RealPlayer Playlist Handling Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-061
592080421 Borland InterBase Database Service Create-Request Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-060
592080415 Facebook Photo Uploader ActiveX Control FileMask Method Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-058
592080415 Symantec Backup Exec ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-057
592080415 Multiple Yahoo! Music Jukebox ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-056
592080415 Novell iPrint Client ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-055
592080415 Microsoft VBScript and JScript Scripting Engines Protection (MS08-022) CPAI-2008-049
592080401 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (1-Apr-08) CPAI-2008-051
592080325 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (26-Mar-08) CPAI-2008-045
592080325 Microsoft Outlook Crafted URI Code Execution Protection (MS08-015) CPAI-2008-036
592080325 Microsoft Office Web Components Code Execution Protection (MS08-017) CPAI-2008-035
592080302 Multiple PDF Containing Embedded JavaScript Protections SBP-2008-02
592080302 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (2-Mar-08) CPAI-2008-033
592080221 Microsoft Argument Handling Memory Corruption Protection (MS08-010) CPAI-2008-025
592080221 Microsoft Property Memory Corruption Protection (MS08-010) CPAI-2008-024
592080221 Microsoft HTML Rendering Memory Corruption Protection (MS08-010) CPAI-2008-023
592080221 Microsoft Visual FoxPro ActiveX Object Memory Corruption Protection (MS08-010) CPAI-2008-022
592080221 Microsoft WebDAV Mini-Redirector Remote Code Execution Protection (MS08-007) CPAI-2008-021
592080221 Microsoft OLE Automation Remote Code Execution Protection (MS08-008) CPAI-2008-020
592080203 Microsoft Rich Textbox Control SaveFile File Overwrite Protection CPAI-2008-018
592080203 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (04-Feb-08) CPAI-2008-017
592080203 LinkedIn IE Toolbar ActiveX Control Code Execution Protection CPAI-2008-011
592080203 Yahoo! Toolbar URL Shortcut ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-008
592080127 Cisco Unified Communications Manager CTL Provider Heap Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-015
592080127 OpenSSL SSL_get_shared_ciphers Function Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-014
592080127 Apache HTTP Server mod_cache Module DoS Protection CPAI-2008-013
592080115 Macrovision InstallShield Update Service ActiveX Control Protection CPAI-2008-010
592080115 VideoLAN VLC ActiveX Control Memory Corruption Protection CPAI-2008-009
592080108 MS Windows Long IGMP Queries Protection (MS08-001) CPAI-2008-005
592080108 MS Windows Fragmented ICMP Router Advertisement Protection (MS08-001) CPAI-2008-004
592080108 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (09-Jan-08) CPAI-2008-003
592080108 AOL Radio AmpX ActiveX Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2008-002
592080108 HP Update Tool ActiveX File Overwrite Protection CPAI-2008-001
592071227 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (30-Dec-07) CPAI-2007-143
592071227 Microsoft Windows Media Format ASF Parsing Vulnerability (MS07-068) CPAI-2007-142
592071223 Microsoft Windows Message Queuing Protection (MS07-065) CPAI-2007-139
592071223 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (18-Dec-07) CPAI-2007-138
592071223 Apple QuickTime Crafted RTSP Response Protection CPAI-2007-137
592071223 FLAC Project libFLAC Picture Protection CPAI-2007-136
592071211 Multiple Oracle Database Protections SBP-2007-11
592071115 Apple QuickTime PICT Image Stack Overflow Protection CPAI-2007-131
592071106 Protections against Recent Malware Threats (7-Nov-07) CPAI-2007-129
592071106 Microsoft Windows MFC Library FileFind Class Heap Overflow Protection CPAI-2007-128
592071106 Sun Microsystems JRE Memory Exception Protection CPAI-2007-127
592071106 MIT Kerberos kadmind RPC Library RPCSEC_GSS Authentication Protection CPAI-2007-126
592071106 Microsoft Windows Media Player Skin Parsing Protection (MS07-047) CPAI-2007-102
592071028 Blocking QQ Instant Messenger SBP-2007-10
592071028 New Feature for the Block FTP Brute Force Attacks Protection SBP-2007-09
592071028 Microsoft Windows RPC NTLMSSP Authentication Protection (MS07-058) CPAI-2007-124
592071028 Microsoft Word Malformed String Memory Corruption Protection (MS07-060) CPAI-2007-123
592071028 Microsoft Visual Studio PDWizard.ocx Protection CPAI-2007-122
592071028 Microsoft Windows Kodak Image Viewer Protection (MS07-055) CPAI-2007-121
592071028 OpenOffice TIFF File Parsing Protection CPAI-2007-120
592071009 CA eTrust Intrusion Detection (caller.dll) ActiveX Control Protection CPAI-2007-117
592071009 IBM and Lenovo Access Support ActiveX Control Protections CPAI-2007-116
592071009 Microsoft Visual Studio Crystal Reports RPT File Protection (MS07-052) CPAI-2007-115
592071009 Microsoft SQL Server Distributed Management Objects Protection CPAI-2007-114
592071009 Symantec Products ActiveX Control Protection CPAI-2007-113
592071009 VMware Workstation ActiveX Control Protection CPAI-2007-112
592071009 Ipswitch IMail Server IMAP SEARCH Command Date String Protection CPAI-2007-111
592070918 Multiple Trend Micro ServerProtect Protections CPAI-2007-106
592070918 Yahoo! Widgets YDP ActiveX Control Protection CPAI-2007-105
592070918 Squid Proxy TRACE Request Denial of Service Protection CPAI-2007-084
592070918 Microsoft Exchange Server iCal Denial of Service Protection (MS07-026) CPAI-2007-081
592070828 Microsoft Excel Workspace Memory Corruption Protection (MS07-044) CPAI-2007-101
592070828 Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption Protection (MS07-045) CPAI-2007-100
592070828 Microsoft Internet Explorer IObjectsafety Protection (MS07-045) CPAI-2007-099
592070821 Trend Micro ServerProtect CreateBinding Protection CPAI-2007-098
592070821 Trend Micro ServerProtect EarthAgent Protection CPAI-2007-097
592070821 Provideo ISSCamControl Module Protection CPAI-2007-093
592070821 WinZip FileView ActiveX Controls Protection CPAI-2007-092
592070821 Sun Microsystems Java System Web Proxy Protection CPAI-2007-091
592070805 Microsoft Office Publisher Remote Code Execution Protection (MS07-037) CPAI-2007-087
592070805 Microsoft Windows Active Directory LDAP Protections (MS07-039) CPAI-2007-086
592070805 Microsoft Excel Remote Code Execution Protection (MS07-036) CPAI-2007-085
592070716 Security Best Practice: Blocking Skype SBP-2007-07
592070716 Samba NetDFS RPC Remote Code Execution Protection CPAI-2007-079
592070716 MIT Kerberos Multiple Remote Code Execution Protections CPAI-2007-078
592070628 Microsoft Speech API and Microsoft Internet Explorer Protections (MS07-033) CPAI-2007-076
592070628 Microsoft Office MSODataSourceControl ActiveX Control Protection CPAI-2007-075
592070628 Microsoft Visio Protections (MS07-030) CPAI-2007-074
592070628 Microsoft CSS Tag Protection (MS07-033) CPAI-2007-073
592070628 Microsoft Win32 API Protection (MS07-035) CPAI-2007-072
592070612 LANDesk Alert Service Protection CPAI-2007-070
592070612 Apple QuickTime Crafted Media File Protection CPAI-2007-069
592070517 Multiple Microsoft Internet Explorer Protections (MS07-027) CPAI-2007-066
592070517 IBM Lotus Domino Protection CPAI-2007-065
592070517 Microsoft CAPICOM Protection (MS07-028) CPAI-2007-064
592070510 Sun Java GIF Image Protection CPAI-2007-063
592070510 Multiple McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator SiteManager Protections CPAI-2007-062
592070510 Multiple Symantec SupportSoft ActiveX Control Protections CPAI-2007-061
592070510 Mercury Mail Transport System Data Protection CPAI-2007-060
592070510 Apple Mac OS X GIF Image Protection CPAI-2007-059
592070419 Microsoft DNS Server RPC Protection CPAI-2007-053
592070419 Microsoft UPnP Protection (MS07-019) CPAI-2007-052
592070412 FTP Format Strings Attacks Protection SBP-2007-06
592070412 FTP Brute Force Attacks Protection SBP-2007-05
592070412 Trend Micro OfficeScan ActiveX Protection CPAI-2007-051
592070412 Microsoft Windows Workstation Service 'NetrWkstaUserEnum' Protection CPAI-2007-050
592070412 Novell NetMail IMAP Verb Literal Protection CPAI-2007-049
592070412 Novell Netmail WebAdmin Protection CPAI-2007-048
592070412 Trend Micro ServerProtect Protection CPAI-2007-047
592070412 Oracle ORADC ActiveX Control Protection CPAI-2007-046
592070412 Symantec Veritas NetBackup Protection CPAI-2007-045
592070314 Microsoft Multiple COM Objects Protection (MS07-016) CPAI-2007-033
592070314 Microsoft Data Access Components Protection (MS07-009) CPAI-2007-032
592070314 Microsoft PDF Protection (MS07-010) CPAI-2007-031
592070314 Microsoft IE FTP Responses Protection (MS07-016) CPAI-2007-030
592070314 Sun Solaris Telnet Bypass Protection CPAI-2007-029
592070314 Microsoft HTML Help ActiveX Control Protection (MS07-008) CPAI-2007-028
592070314 Microsoft Step-by-Step Interactive Training Protection (MS07-005) CPAI-2007-027
592070314 Microsoft RTF Protections (MS07-011, MS07-012, MS07-013) CPAI-2007-026
592070221 Multiple SNMP Protections SBP-2007-03
592070221 Microsoft Windows Print Spooler Service Protection CPAI-2007-023
592070221 Novell eDirectory Protection CPAI-2007-022
592070221 Novell Print Spooler Protection CPAI-2007-021
592070221 Microsoft Windows SNMP GetBulk Protection (MS06-074) CPAI-2007-020
592070221 Citrix Presentation Protection CPAI-2007-019
592070221 Novell NetMail NMAP Protection CPAI-2007-018
592070221 Symantec Veritas NetBackup Protection CPAI-2007-017
592070221 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Protection CPAI-2007-015
592070221 3Com TFTP Server Protection CPAI-2007-014
592070221 AOL (CDDB) Control Protection CPAI-2007-013
592070121 Multiple Adobe Acrobat Protections CPAI-2007-008
592070121 Microsoft Vector Markup Language Protection (MS07-004) CPAI-2007-007
592070103 Syslog Related Protections SBP-2007-02
592070103 Malformed IMAP Commands Protections SBP-2007-01
592070103 Microsoft Windows Media Player Protection (MS06-078) CPAI-2007-004
592070103 Microsoft Outlook Express WAB Protection (MS06-076) CPAI-2007-003
592070103 Microsoft TIF Folder Protection (MS06-072) CPAI-2007-002
592070103 Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption Protection (MS06-072) CPAI-2007-001
592061129 AOL Nullsoft Winamp Ultravox Protection CPAI-2006-144
592061129 MSN Messenger Live 8 Protection CPAI-2006-143
592061129 Microsoft Agent Protection (MS06-068) CPAI-2006-142
592061129 Visual Studio WMI Protection CPAI-2006-141
592061129 Microsoft XML Protection (MS06-071) CPAI-2006-140
592061129 Workstation Service Buffer Overflow Protection (MS06-070) CPAI-2006-139
592061129 NetWare Client Service Protection (MS06-066) CPAI-2006-138
592061129 Novell eDirectory Protection CPAI-2006-137
592061112 Protection against Heap Spraying Techniques SBP-2006-12
592061112 W-Agora Remote File Inclusion Protection CPAI-2006-131
592061112 Multiple MySQL Query Commands Protection CPAI-2006-130
592061112 Microsoft Server Service Protections (MS06-063) CPAI-2006-129
592061112 Microsoft Vector Markup Language (VML) Protection (MS06-055) CPAI-2006-128
592061112 Microsoft setSlice Integer Overflow Protection (MS06-057) CPAI-2006-127
592061112 phpFullAnnu File Inclusion Protection CPAI-2006-126
592061112 C-News File Inclusion Protection CPAI-2006-125
592061112 OpenSSL RSA Key Signature Forgery Protection CPAI-2006-123
592061011 CBSMS Mambo Module Protection CPAI-2006-119
592061011 Microsoft Internet Explorer (daxctle.ocx) Protection CPAI-2006-118
592061011 Microsoft Windows MailSlot Protection (MS06-035) CPAI-2006-117
592061011 Microsoft Windows RASMAN Protection (MS06-025) CPAI-2006-116
592061011 Windows Explorer GUID Protection (MS06-045) CPAI-2006-115
592061011 Microsoft Management Console Protection (MS06-044) CPAI-2006-114
592061011 Microsoft Windows MHTML Protection (MS06-043) CPAI-2006-113
592061011 Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption Protections (MS06-042) CPAI-2006-112
592061011 Malformed DNS ATMA Protection (MS06-041) CPAI-2006-111
592060914 Microsoft Windows Indexing Service XSS Protection (MS06-053) CPAI-2006-110
592060914 Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Protections SBP-2006-07
592060912 Block Microsoft Office Protections SBP-2006-06
592060912 Apache LDAP HTTP Server Protection CPAI-2006-106
592060912 Microsoft Internet Explorer UTF-8 Decoding Protection (MS06-021) CPAI-2006-105
592060912 Microsoft Internet Explorer (Internet.HHCtrl) Protection CPAI-2006-104
592060912 GraceNote (CDDB) Control ActiveX Protection CPAI-2006-103
592060912 MiniBB Remote File Protection CPAI-2006-102
592060912 Microsoft Windows DHCP Protection (MS06-036) CPAI-2006-101
592060912 Malformed IMAP Commands Protection CPAI-2006-098
592060816 Microsoft Windows Server Service Protection (MS06-040) CPAI-2006-097
592060716 ASP.NET Protection (MS06-033) CPAI-2006-087
592060716 Plume CMS Manager Protection CPAI-2006-086
592060716 Cisco CallManager XSS Protection CPAI-2006-085
592060716 Geeklog Remote Code Execution Protection CPAI-2006-084
592060716 WebAttacker Spyware Protection CPAI-2006-083
592060705 MySQL Server str_to_date DoS Protection CPAI-2006-081
592060705 ART Image Rendering Protection (MS06-022) CPAI-2006-080
592060705 Windows Media Player PNG Protection (MS06-024) CPAI-2006-079
592060705 AWStats Remote Command Execution Protection CPAI-2006-078
592060705 Virtual War (VWar) File Inclusion Protection CPAI-2006-077
592060705 Horde Help Viewer Protection CPAI-2006-076
592060705 Symantec Sygate SQL Injection Protection CPAI-2006-075
592060705 Microsoft JScript Remote Code Execution Protection (MS06-023) CPAI-2006-074
592060705 COM Object Instantiation Memory Corruption Vulnerability (MS06-021) CPAI-2006-073
592060705 COM Object Instantiation Protection (MS06-013) CPAI-2006-072
592060705 VNC Authentication Bypass Protection CPAI-2006-071
592060705 Multiple IMAP Servers Directory Traversal Protection CPAI-2006-070
592060705 Malformed SSH Init Message Protection CPAI-2006-069
592060606 MS ISA Server 2004 Manipulation Protection CPAI-2006-061
592060606 Apache Header Injection Protection CPAI-2006-060
592060606 SAP Business Connector Protection CPAI-2006-059
592060606 Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional Multiple Vulnerabilities Protection CPAI-2006-058
592060606 osCommerce SQL Injection Protection CPAI-2006-057
592060606 Adobe Reader Extensions Protection CPAI-2006-056
592060524 MS Word Trojan Connection Attempt Protection (919637) CPAI-2006-051
592060521 MySQL Protections CPSA-2006-04
592060521 Microsoft FrontPage XSS Enhanced Protection (MS06-017) CPAI-2006-035
592060521 IMAP Multiple Vulnerabilities Protection CPAI-2006-046
592060521 Winny P2P Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2006-045
592060521 Internet Explorer mhtml Redirection Protection CPAI-2006-044
592060521 Microsoft MDAC Protection (MS06-014) CPAI-2006-043
592060425 IPSwitch WhatUp Professional DoS CPAI-2006-038
592060425 Oracle Reports/Forms Vulnerability CPAI-2006-037
592060425 Multiple Products FTP Servers Vulnerabilities CPAI-2006-036
592060425 Multiple Products LDAP Vulnerabilities CPAI-2006-035
592060425 MS-RPC Protections Enforced on TCP Ports CPSA-2006-03
592060327 Microsoft Internet Explorer createTextRange Protection (kb 917077) CPAI-2006-033
592060326 Google Talk via Gmail Web Interface Protection CPSA-2006-02
592060326 IBM Tivoli Access Manager Directory Traversal Protection CPAI-2006-031
592060326 Oracle Report File Overwrite/Oracle Report Directory Traversal Protection CPAI-2006-030
592060326 SHOUTcast Filename Request Format String Protection CPAI-2006-029
592060326 Cisco IOS CDP Status Page Code Injection Protection CPAI-2006-028
592060326 TFTPD32 Request Error Message Format String Protection CPAI-2006-027
592060326 ezDatabase Remote File Inclusion Protection CPAI-2006-026
592060326 Trojan Spy Goldun.de Protection CPAI-2006-025
592060326 FreeBSD NFS Malformed Mount Request Protection CPAI-2006-032
592060326 Microsoft Windows Media Player Enhanced Protection (MS06-005) CPAI-2006-016
592060301 Microsoft Windows WMF/EMF Processing Protection (MS06-004) CPAI-2006-020
592060301 Microsoft Windows Web Client Service Protection (MS06-008) CPAI-2006-018
592060212 Apache Format String Vulnerability Protection CPAI-2006-014
592060212 Oracle XDB HTTP Buffer Overflow Protection CPAI-2006-013
592060212 HP OpenView Command Execution Protection CPAI-2006-012
592060212 PHP-based Vulnerabilities Protection CPAI-2006-011
592060212 Microsoft Windows EOT Files Protection (MS06-002) CPAI-2006-010
592060212 Oracle XDB FTP Protection CPAI-2006-008
592060212 Protection against CIFS Brute Force Attacks CPSA-2006-01
592060212 Protection against PHP-Nuke and PHPGedView Remote Execution Commands CPAI-2006-004
592060105 Macromedia JRun 4 Web Server Protection CPAI-2005-161
592051228 Microsoft IIS URI DoS Protection CPAI-2005-160
592051228 Cisco IOS HTTP Server Protection CPAI-2005-159
592051228 Microsoft Internet Explorer COM object (MS05-054) CPAI-2005-158
592051214 SSL Tunneling on Non Standard Ports Protection CPSA-2005-17
592051214 Sony DRM Protection CPAI-2005-156
592051214 Microsoft Internet Explorer DOM Objects Protection (KB 911302) CPAI_2005-155
592051130 Google Talk Protection CPAI-2005-151
592051101 MS COM Objects Protection (MS05-052) CPAI-2005-148
592051011 Protection against Vulnerabilities in Microsoft DTC (MS05-051) CPAI-2005-140
592051011 Microsoft uPnP Protection (MS05-047) CPAI-2005-139
592051011 Microsoft Client Service for NetWare Protection (MS05-046) CPAI-2005-138
592051011 LSASS Protection CPAI-2005-136
592050926 GoToMyPC Protection CPAI-2005-131
592050926 Malformed AVI Protection CPAI-2005-130
592050906 Direct Connect Peer to Peer Protocol Protection CPAI-2005-127
592050906 Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Protection (MS05-041) CPAI-2005-126
592050906 CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup Agent Protection CPAI-2005-125
592050906 Microsoft Color Management Module Protection (MS05-036) CPAI-2005-124