IPS Protections: Security Gateway R75 and above

Release Date Description Advisory
16 Apr 2014 Realplayer vidplin.dll AVI Header Parsing Code Execution - Ver2 (CVE-2010-4393) CPAI-2014-1356
16 Apr 2014 Microsoft Excel Substream Parsing Integer Overflow (MS11-021) - Ver2 (CVE-2011-0097) CPAI-2014-1427
16 Apr 2014 Microsoft Excel Column Record Handling Memory Corruption (MS07-002) - Ver2 (CVE-2007-0030) CPAI-2014-1421
16 Apr 2014 Microsoft Excel REPT Function Integer Overflow (MS08-057) - Ver2 (CVE-2008-4019) CPAI-2014-1408
16 Apr 2014 Mozilla Browsers JavaScript Navigator Object Memory Corruption - Ver2 (CVE-2006-3677) CPAI-2014-1473
16 Apr 2014 Apple Quicktime RTSP URL Buffer Overflow - Ver2 (CVE-2007-0015) CPAI-2014-1406
16 Apr 2014 Microsoft Access Memory Corruption (MS13-074) - Ver2 (CVE-2013-3155) CPAI-2014-1410
16 Apr 2014 Microsoft Windows Signature Validation Remote Code Execution (MS12-024) - Ver2 (CVE-2012-0151) CPAI-2014-1401
16 Apr 2014 Mozilla Firefox JIT escape Function Memory Corruption - Ver2 (CVE-2009-2477) CPAI-2014-1426
16 Apr 2014 Microsoft Word TextBox Sub-document Memory Corruption - Ver2 (CVE-2007-1910) CPAI-2014-1369
16 Apr 2014 Microsoft Publisher Function Pointer Overwrite (MS11-091) - Ver2 (CVE-2011-1508) CPAI-2014-1367
31 Mar 2014 Microsoft Word Section Table Array Buffer Overflow (MS07-14) - Ver2 (CVE-2007-0515) CPAI-2014-1245
31 Mar 2014 Internet Explorer JavaScript window() Memory Corruption (MS05-054) - Ver2 (CVE-2005-1790) CPAI-2014-1294
31 Mar 2014 Oracle Java JPEGImageWriter Memory Corruption - Ver2 (CVE-2013-2429) CPAI-2014-1281
31 Mar 2014 Microsoft Windows Shell MSHTA Script Execution in OLE Files (MS05-016) - Ver2 (CVE-2005-0063) CPAI-2014-1287
31 Mar 2014 Mozilla Firefox XUL Tree Element Code Execution - Ver2 (CVE-2009-1044) CPAI-2014-1211
31 Mar 2014 IBM Forms Viewer XFDL Form Processing Stack Buffer Overflow - Ver2 (CVE-2013-5447) CPAI-2014-1197
31 Mar 2014 Microsoft Windows Embedded OpenType Font Engine LZCOMP Overflow (MS10-001) - Ver2 (CVE-2010-0018) CPAI-2014-1255
31 Mar 2014 Novell ZENworks Asset Management File Upload Directory Traversal - Ver2 (CVE-2010-4229) CPAI-2014-1244
31 Mar 2014 Microsoft Excel Incorrect BIFF2 Record Parsing Code Execution (MS11-072) - Ver2 (CVE-2011-1988) CPAI-2014-1260
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