IPS Protections: Security Gateway R75 and above

Release Date Description Advisory
2 May 2016 Apache Jetspeed Remote Code Execution (CVE-2016-0709) CPAI-2016-0289
2 May 2016 Apache Jetspeed SQL Injection (CVE-2016-0710) CPAI-2016-0288
2 May 2016 Autodesk Design Review GIF GlobalColorTable DataSubBlock Buffer Overflow (CVE-2015-8572) CPAI-2016-0219
2 May 2016 Oracle Application Testing Suite ReportImage tempfilename Directory Traversal (CVE-2016-0489) CPAI-2016-0202
2 May 2016 Microsoft Office RTF Embedded Object Remote Code Execution CPAI-2016-0310
2 May 2016 Suspicious Sender Mail Phishing Attempt CPAI-2016-0298
2 May 2016 Apache Subversion svn Protocol Parser Integer Overflow (CVE-2015-5259) CPAI-2016-0236
2 May 2016 Apache Jetspeed Privilege Escalation CPAI-2016-0293
1 May 2016 Apache Struts Dynamic Method Remote Code Execution (CVE-2016-3081) CPAI-2016-0302
20 Apr 2016 AWStats Totals awstatstotals.php sort Parameter Code Execution (CVE-2008-3922) CPAI-2016-0250
20 Apr 2016 Microsoft Network Policy Server RADIUS Denial of Service (MS16-021; CVE-2016-0050) CPAI-2016-0190
20 Apr 2016 ZTE F460/F660 Backdoor Unauthorized Access (CVE-2014-2321) CPAI-2016-0287
20 Apr 2016 WordPress ACF Frontend Display Plugin Arbitrary File Upload CPAI-2016-0286
20 Apr 2016 Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional Source Disclosure (CVE-2006-2357) CPAI-2016-0285
20 Apr 2016 Netis/Netcore Router Hard-Coded Backdoor CPAI-2016-0166
20 Apr 2016 Microsoft Windows DNS Use After Free (MS15-127: CVE-2015-6125; CVE-2015-6125) CPAI-2016-0207
20 Apr 2016 Unitronics VisiLogic OPLC IDE vlp File Parsing Heap Buffer Overflow (CVE-2015-7939) CPAI-2016-0089
12 Apr 2016 Adobe Flash Player Use After Free Code Execution (APSB16-10: CVE-2016-1016; CVE-2016-1016) CPAI-2016-0272
12 Apr 2016 Microsoft Win32k Elevation of Privilege (MS16-039: CVE-2016-0165; CVE-2016-0165) CPAI-2016-0245
12 Apr 2016 Adobe Flash Player Use After Free Code Execution (APSB15-32: CVE-2015-8822; CVE-2015-8822) CPAI-2016-0195