IPS Protections: Security Gateway R75 and above

Release Date Description Advisory
25 May 2017 Linux EternalRed Samba Remote Code Execution (CVE-2017-7494) CPAI-2017-0444
25 May 2017 Microsoft Windows ArchiTouch SMB Scanner CPAI-2017-0443
22 May 2017 Microsoft Windows SMBTouch Scanner CPAI-2017-0440
22 May 2017 Microsoft Windows EternalSynergy SMB Remote Code Execution CPAI-2017-0434
21 May 2017 Microsoft Windows Eternalchampion SMB Remote Code Execution CPAI-2017-0429
21 May 2017 PDF File Containing Ransomware Downloader CPAI-2017-0428
21 May 2017 StremIO Subtitles Remote Code Execution CPAI-2017-0432
21 May 2017 VLC ParseJSS Null Skip Subtitle Remote Code Execution CPAI-2017-0433
21 May 2017 Joomla com_fields Component SQL Injection (CVE-2017-8917) CPAI-2017-0427
18 May 2017 Microsoft Windows EsteemAudit RDP Remote Code Execution CPAI-2017-0424
16 May 2017 Microsoft Windows SMB Remote Code Execution (MS17-010: CVE-2017-0148) CPAI-2017-0419
14 May 2017 Microsoft Windows DoublePulsar SMB Remote Code Execution CPAI-2017-0422
14 May 2017 Terror Exploit Kit URL Pattern CPAI-2017-0414
10 May 2017 Apple Safari WebKit JSString Use After Free Code Execution (CVE-2017-2491) CPAI-2017-0402
10 May 2017 HPE Intelligent Management Center CommonUtils ZIP Directory Traversal (CVE-2017-5793) CPAI-2017-0408
10 May 2017 Adobe Acrobat and Reader Information Disclosure (APSB17-11: CVE-2017-3045) CPAI-2017-0381
10 May 2017 Adobe Flash Player Memory Corruption (APSB17-15: CVE-2017-3074) CPAI-2017-0390
10 May 2017 Microsoft Office EPS Remote Code Execution (CVE-2017-0262) CPAI-2017-0406
10 May 2017 Microsoft Office Multiple Remote Code Execution (CVE-2017-0261) CPAI-2017-0403
9 May 2017 Microsoft Browser Scripting Engine Memory Corruption (CVE-2017-0238) CPAI-2017-0335