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IPS Protections: Security Gateway R75 and above

Release Date Description Advisory
21 Mar 2016 Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance IKEv1 and IKEv2 multiple payloads Buffer Overflow (CVE-2016-1287) CPAI-2016-0201
31 Jan 2016 SQL Servers SQL Injection Characters Evasion Techniques CPAI-2016-0044
18 Jan 2016 Apple QuickTime MP4 Absent stbl Box Memory Corruption (CVE-2015-3667) CPAI-2015-1397
13 Oct 2015 Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS15-106: CVE-2015-6045; CVE-2015-6045) CPAI-2015-1161
26 Mar 2015 Mozilla Firefox XSL Transformation Memory Corruption - Ver2 (CVE-2009-1169) CPAI-2015-0281
26 Mar 2015 Linux Kernel nfsd CAP_MKNOD Security Bypass - Ver2 (CVE-2009-1072) CPAI-2015-0376
26 Mar 2015 Microsoft Excel Cell Length Buffer Overflow (MS04-033) - Ver2 (CVE-2004-0846) CPAI-2015-0289
26 Mar 2015 BitDefender Antivirus Logging Function Format String - Ver2 (CVE-2005-3154) CPAI-2015-0282
26 Mar 2015 Microsoft Outlook Express Windows Address Book File Overflow (MS06-016) - Ver2 (CVE-2006-0014) CPAI-2015-0352
26 Mar 2015 Microsoft IIS 5.0 ISAPI Internet Printing Protocol Extension Buffer Overflow - Ver2 (CVE-2001-0241) CPAI-2015-0336
26 Mar 2015 Persistent Systems Radia Client Automation Command Execution - Ver2 (CVE-2015-1497) CPAI-2015-0325
26 Mar 2015 AlienVault OSSIM av-centerd Util.pm remote_task Arbitrary Command Execution - Ver2 (CVE-2014-5210) CPAI-2015-0303
26 Mar 2015 Wireshark SigComp UDVM Dissector Remote Code Execution - Ver2 (CVE-2010-2287) CPAI-2015-0388
26 Mar 2015 Drupal Core XML-RPC Endpoint xmlrpc.php Internal Entity Expansion Denial of Service - Ver2 (CVE-2014-5265) CPAI-2015-0297
26 Mar 2015 Microsoft Excel Sheet Name Memory Corruption - Ver2 (CVE-2007-3490) CPAI-2015-0354
26 Mar 2015 HP Data Protector Opcode 42 Directory Traversal - Ver2 (CVE-2013-6194) CPAI-2015-0308
26 Mar 2015 Interactive Data eSignal Listener Buffer Overflow - Ver2 (CVE-2004-1868) CPAI-2015-0280
26 Mar 2015 Microsoft HSC URL Remote Code Execution (MS04-015) - Ver2 (CVE-2004-0199) CPAI-2015-0389
26 Mar 2015 Internet Explorer DHTML Object Memory Corruption (MS05-020) - Ver2 (CVE-2005-0553) CPAI-2015-0390
26 Mar 2015 Lexmark MarkVision Enterprise GfdFileUploadServlet Directory Traversal - Ver2 (CVE-2014-8741) CPAI-2015-0293
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