The Next Generation of Cyber Security is Here: Gen V

Third-generation security is no match for today’s fifth generation of cyber attacks. Step up to Gen V.

Step Up to Gen V Cyber Security.
Security That Prevents Fifth-Generation Cyber Attacks.

2017 was a global wake-up call to get serious about addressing the cyber threat landscape. Unprecedented levels of cyber attacks played out as large-scale, multi-vector mega attacks that inflicted major damage on business and reputation. As a result, we find ourselves in the midst of the fifth generation of cyber attacks.  To succeed in business now, we must evolve to a new generation of cyber security: Gen V.

Hackers are exploiting the fact that most organizations rely on older generations of security. As the sophistication and scale of attacks has grown, previous generations of security, which merely detect, are no longer effective. What’s needed: advanced real-time threat prevention that protects all networks, virtual, cloud, remote office and mobile operations.

We Are at an Inflection Point

  • Generation I: Virus attacks on stand-alone PCs. Anti-virus products are developed.
  • Generation II: Internet attacks impact businesses globally. Check Point invents the first firewall.
  • Generation III: Exploits target application vulnerabilities. Check Point creates intrusion prevention systems (IPS) products.
  • Generation IV: Rise of targeted, unknown, evasive, polymorphic attacks. Check Point introduces anti-bot and sandboxing products
  • Generation V: Large scale multi-vector, mega attacks target businesses, individuals, and countries. Check Point develops a unified architecture with advanced threat prevention solutions.

It's Time to Modernize

Most businesses are trying to protect 2018 IT environments against 2018 attack technology with circa 2000 security technology that relies on detection. They are stuck in the world of 2nd and 3rd generation security, which only protects against viruses, application attacks, and payload delivery.  Networks, virtualized data centers, cloud environments, and mobile devices are left exposed. 

Gen V Defined

Gen V security leaves the patch work, best-of-breed deployments of the past behind. Instead, it’s characterized by an architecture that unifies all networks, cloud, and mobile, supported by automatic and immediate threat intelligence.

Gen V Benefits

Check Point Infinity Architecture consolidates the essentials of what it takes to remain protected in the modern cyber threat landscape.

  • Proven, best prevention that seals security gaps
  • Real time sharing of threat information for hyper responsive protection
  • Single, unified management to resolve the complexities of growing connectivity and inefficient security

As Check Point’s Gen V cyber security solution, Infinity delivers unprecedented protection against current and potential attacks—today and in the future.