Zero Trust Network Access for Today’s Enterprise

Work has changed. Remote access solutions have not.

Harmony Connect Remote Access is simple, clientless and secure and responds to the demands created by the cloud, mobility, and increasing demands for agility.


Harmony Connect

Clientless Secure
Remote Access

Access any application using a web browser

  • Intuitive portal to access corporate apps
  • Personal view based on permissions
  • Single Sign-On

Easy Management

Granular access control over and within each resource, based on the dynamic and contextual assessment of user attributes and device state. A rich set of rules can be enforced across all users, servers and enterprise data stores, including user commands and database queries.


Improved Security

Check Point’s zero-trust architecture moves access control decisions from the network perimeter to individual devices, users, and applications. It eliminates all network-level access and mitigates the risk of lateral movement attacks.

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Full Visibility

Full audit trail of all user activity including server access, executed commands and queried data, as well as fully recorded sessions. Alerts on suspicious activity allow administrators to block user actions in real time.

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We Support Your Stack

Check Point integrates with every internal application,
every server, every database, and every cloud.

Odo integrates with every internal application, every server, every database, and every cloud.

Use Cases

A zero trust platform that delivers value across your entire organization.

VPN Replacement

VPN Replacement

Give your users single-click, least privilege access to internal resources located anywhere and from any device, without compromising security.

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Third Party Access

Third Party Access

Access to – and within – any application, server, database or environment can be easily compartmentalized and limited in both time and scope.

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DevOps Access

DevOps Access

Manage and monitor database access end-to-end. Provide granular control over permissions, with full control and visibility over which servers they access or what commands they run.

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