VPN Replacement

With a mobile workforce and no perimeter to protect, securing today’s digital environment demands a solution that protects people, devices, applications, and data wherever they are located.


Security for Today’s Digital Environment

Companies no longer have corporate data centers serving a contained network of systems but instead, typically have some applications on-premises and some in the cloud with employees accessing these applications from a range of devices and multiple locations – including their living room, airport lounges, hotel conference rooms, and their local cafe.

This poses security challenges that were not an issue only a decade ago. Companies can no longer rely on perimeter-based security models that focus on letting good guys in and keeping bad guys out.

Check Point’s zero-trust access solution is designed for the complexities of the modern digital environment. Privileged access to private company web applications is granted only once the user and device are fully authenticated and authorized at the application layer, eliminating implicit trust from the network.


Improve Security Posture

Users and devices are consistently authenticated and verified prior to being given access to sensitive company data. As an added bonus, you no longer need to use a corporate VPN, which makes everyone happy.

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Easy Management

Role-based controls allow system administrators to easily set up policies to grant and revoke access to applications (and within applications) without wasting valuable time trying to set up and manage complex workflows.

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Improved User Experience

Give users a quick and secure connection to any application, hosted anywhere, from any device. No endpoint agents to install, appliances to deploy, or maintenance to perform. Underlying security measures are invisible to your end user.

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Key Features

Built-in privileged access management

Application-layer access only

Role-based controls

Unified, centralized management

Full sync with identity management provider

Employee activity audit logs & real-time alerts

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