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With over 90% of attacks on organizations originating in a malicious email, email security is a necessity for every organization.

The transition to the Work-From-Home era has brought a surge in the number of attacks coming from emails, and their success rate. Accordingly, organization must ensure they choose the optimal email security solution for their needs.


Email Security Trends


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Of malicious files were distributed by email

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Email attachments are malicious

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Links in emails are

Why Do You Need Email Security

Email scams have been on the rise in the past years, presenting ever-growing attack variety and sophistication. The success rate of these attacks is high, and the amount of effort required is relatively low compared to other types of attacks that rely on vulnerabilities in infrastructure or network.

This makes email attacks extremely lucrative for cyber criminals, which in turn constantly create increasingly sophisticated campaigns that are designed to bypass traditional security solutions, and exploit human nature.

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Email Security by Check Point

Office 365 & G Suite Security

Complete protection across cloud email and productivity suite applications, including phishing, malware, account takeover and DLP


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The Key Capabilities of an Optimal Email Security Solution

5 Must-Have Protections for Office 365 and G Suite

Find out the 5 must-have protections for Office 365 and G Suite in order to combat the recent rise in phishing, malware, data leak, account takeover and internal threats, which is a direct result of the fast adoption of remote work during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Phishing is one of the most common threats to organizations. It is probably the most versatile and sophisticated form of attack. Email phishing attacks often serve as the first stage of a bigger attack, making them the hacker’s front door to your organization – which will consequently enable lateral movement within the organization. For these reasons and many others, real-time phishing protection is crucial to ensuring that your organization is safe.

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A good malware solution should provide organizations with the highest block rate possible, combined with little to zero impact on productivity. In order to maintain productivity without compromising security, the solution must be able to clean any file of active content instantly, so it can deliver it within seconds to the end-user. Block rate is crucial since once malware reaches the end-user’s machine, it’s too late.

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Hijacking users’ accounts is achieved by gaining access to an account’s credentials through a phishing attack, a breach to a third-party site, or even on the dark web. A hijacked account presents a huge risk to organizations as the hacker now has complete access to the organization’s database, contacts, customer information, and other sensitive data. With account takeover, hackers also impersonate the account owner and send emails on their behalf, moving internally within your organization. Accordingly, your security solution must be able to prevent account takeover.

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Data leakage presents a huge risk to organizations. Employees can unintentionally or sometimes intentionally leak sensitive data to outside the organization, which can result in fines for non-compliance with regulations, losing a competitive advantage due to intellectual property being breached, and even damage to brand equity. The solution you choose should enable you to set custom policies that work for your organization and automatically prevent employees from sending out sensitive information via email or any other productivity application they use.

Find Your Security Gaps in 5 Minutes

Take our online remote workforce security assessment to understand your organization’s security gaps and how to close them, including insights into your:

  • Endpoints’ resilience to ransomware
  • Internet access risk exposure
  • Remote access strategy strength
  • Office 365 and G Suite protection level
  • Vulnerability to mobile-related attacks


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“Grace has deployed Office 365 cloud based email solution…. We were experiencing significant phishing attacks; within three months we were in trouble. We turned to our trusted partner Check Point and deployed CloudGuard SaaS. Within an hour we had the product up and running. Within the second hour we had it properly tuned and it was catching emails immediately…”


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