For retailers, security breaches can erode customer confidence, impact the bottom line and incur regulatory penalties.  Check Point protects retailers from cyberattacks such as malware, remote threats and data theft, while maintaining reliable connectivity for secure financial transactions from the PoS to the data center.

Safeguard the ultimate jackpot

Retailers are a uniquely attractive target for cybercriminals. With thousands or even millions of credit cards and consumer identities housed deep within their networks, criminals have good reason to expend their efforts on a retail target.

Those that experience a breach can expect negative publicity and at least a temporary loss in consumer confidence.

Maintain compliance to reduce fines

The cost of data breaches are going up, too, as regulators, financial institutions, card issuers, and payment processors use monetary penalties to drive great security compliance. Retailers are under pressure to develop a multi-faceted security strategy that protects data as well as endpoints at store locations and PoS.

How We Can Help

Protect against known, unknown and emerging threats

  • Provides integrated, defense-in-depth protection including firewall, VPN, IPS, anti-virus, anti-bot, anti-malware, URL filtering, data loss prevention, identity awareness and endpoint protection.
  • Feeds real-time intelligence to our security gateways, protecting against unknown malware, zero-day exploits and advanced persistent threats (APTs) via ThreatCloud Services.

Protect customer and confidential data

  • Protects PoS machines running Windows operating systems from malware and external threats.
  • Provides reliable VPN connectivity that is affordable and easy to deploy.
  • Offers a non-intrusive, compact appliance managed apart from the PoS to support various WAN options such as USB cellular and dial-up modems, delivering reliable connections from remote locations.

Ensure performance and business reliability

  • Provides the scalability to support thousands of concurrent VPN tunnels via a wide range of security appliances.
  • Delivers the high performance and reliability that data centers depend on for PoS transactions.
  • Provides real-time content filtering and prevents data loss from mission critical systems.

Stay compliant in a highly regulated environment

  • Gives instant notification of changes negatively impacting security posture.
  • Conducts real-time assessments of compliance with major regulations.
  • Translates complex regulatory requirements into actionable security best practices.

Reduce management complexity and operational costs

  • Protects against unknown threats and maintains PoS access control at all times with device-specific PoS identification, policy-based security and strong authentication.
  • Eliminates redundant management processes, logins and servers, minimizing IT costs and complexity.
  • Delivers customized, filtered reports for specific stakeholder needs, as well as time-saving distribution automation for predefined reports.

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