Check Point INFINITY

The Security Architecture for Future-Facing Business Cloud Security

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Check Point Infinity: Cloud Security


Check Point Infinity is the first consolidated architecture that spans network protection, cloud protection and mobile protection. Infinity delivers the highest level of advanced threat prevention against known and unknown attacks and highly evasive malware. One important component of Infinity is our Check Point cloud security.

Infinity architecture streamlines security management and administration by providing uniform policy management, complete visibility and unified reporting through a single pane-of-glass across all physical and cloud environments including public cloud and private cloud environments.

Cloud computing’s agility for provisioning new services and high resource economy are draws that few enterprises can resist for long. However, along with the benefits of deploying cloud services come cloud security challenges. Workloads residing in cloud data centers move among virtual machines often without touching perimeter security. These cloud services, already beyond most enterprise security perimeters, create a different kind of security environment that adds complexity and cost to enterprise cyber security programs. Combining cloud protection with network and mobile security to create a unified security environment is the reason why Check Point engineers created Infinity security architecture.

Check Point Infinity’s consolidated architecture uses Check Point cloud vSEC security portfolio to prevent risk from exposure to cyber security threats, while allowing businesses to take full advantage of the cloud for more agile IT and security operations.

The vSEC portfolio integrates with all major public and private cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Cisco ACI, VMware NSX, and others to protect your IT assets in the cloud regardless of which platform you choose.

Business Benefits:

  • Combines the most comprehensive threat prevention security with complete visibility and control across physical and virtual, and mobile environments
  • Enables auto scaling protection and high availability needed for public cloud security
  • Accelerates and simplifies single-click based auto-deployment and rapid provisioning
  • Provides consistent visibility across public cloud and private cloud infrastructures
  • Unifies and centralizes management with granular control
  • Allows intelligent services provisioning
  • Protects east-west traffic
  • Supports rapid, secure application deployment in next-generation data centers
  • Lowers the costs and complexity of public cloud security and private cloud security





The latest extension of the SandBlast family of advanced threat prevention solutions, SandBlast Mobile is the industry’s only unified, cross-platform solution, which protects enterprises from mobile breaches. SandBlast Mobile detects and blocks both known and unknown malware, safeguards against poisoned Wi-Fi networks and man-in-the-middle attacks, as well as SMS phishing schemes.





SandBlast, the most comprehensive zero day threat prevention suite, protects networks, cloud, endpoints and now mobile devices, ensuring quick delivery of safe content to your users and preventing advanced cyberattacks.

The newly introduced Check Point Anti-Ransomware technology enables businesses to stay protected against cyber extortion and even the most sophisticated ransomware.




The security platform of the future—consolidating networks, cloud and mobile.

Check Point Infinity consolidates the most advanced software with the fastest, highest performing security gateways in the industry, providing a complete protection against cyber threats.


Check Point software release R80 is the most advanced security management platform for enterprises, consolidating all aspects of their security. A single, unified policy for users, data, applications and networks introduces unparalleled granular control and consistent security.

The new Check Point software release R80.10 version now features dozens of new capabilities and enhancements, including unique policy layers, security multi-zones and boosted performance to keep you protected against any threat, anytime and anywhere.


Check Point’s highest performing security gateway product line is designed to prevent the most sophisticated threats today and in the future. New ultra-high-end 44000 and 64000 security gateways, the world’s fastest threat prevention platforms, include multi-bladed chassis to support the dynamic needs of growing networks, while offering the highest reliability and performance needed for the future of cyber security.