The Brain Behind
Check Point’s Power

When you are using Check Point to secure your business, you gain accurate prevention against the most advanced attacks through the power of ThreatCloud, the brain behind all of Check Point’s products.



Check Point Protects Your Everything with
Accurate Prevention Powered by ThreatCloud

ThreatCloud - prevention first

Prevention First

Block attacks faster than anyone else

ThreatCloud - best catch rate

Best Catch Rate

Of known & unknown threats

ThreatCloud - near zero false positives

Near Zero False Positives

Less alerts/tickets for sec admins;
Uninterrupted user productivity

How ThreatCloud Works

ThreatCloud - the brain diagram

Big Data Threat Intelligence

Aggregating and analyzing big data telemetry and
millions of Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) every day

150,000 Connected Networks
Millions of Endpoint Devices

Dozens of external feeds and crawling the www and social media

Exclusive intelligence
discovered by CPR
Learn more

MITRE ATT&CK Framework Directly from Check Point Products


mitre floating hero image

How ThreatCloud Works

30+ examples across different security functionality

ThreatCloud AI

Protections are Shared Worldwide in Seconds

ThreatCloud updates newly revealed threats and protections
in real-time across Check Point’s entire portfolio

ThreatCloud map

ThreatCloud Catches What Everyone Else Missed

Three examples of malware variants detected by ThreatCloud before VirusTotal

ThreatCloud catches

Protect Users Without Impacting Productivity

Delivering cleaned files in seconds

Instantly deliver safe web downloads and email attachments to users by disarming files from possible malicious content in less than a second, leveraging ultra-fast Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) services.


Blocking Never Seen Before Phishing Attacks

AI-Based Analysis of 300 Phishing Indicators in Email & Web

ThreatCloud phishing

Instant Protection From The Most Significant Unknown Software Vulnerability

CPR Findings’ Protections are Propagated Throughout Check Point’s Products

ThreatCloud zero day

Watch the Webinar

Learn how ThreatCloud provides organizations around the world with accurate prevention that not only blocks the most advanced zero day attacks, but also keeps your business running without a hitch.


ThreatCloud webinar

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