IPS Protections: Security Gateway R75 and above

Release Date Description Advisory
4 Aug 2021 WordPress Popular Posts Plugin Remote Code Execution CPAI-2021-0483
3 Aug 2021 Latrix Project SQL Injection (CVE-2021-30000) CPAI-2021-0488
3 Aug 2021 PHPMyWind Cross Site Scripting (CVE-2020-18229) CPAI-2020-3374
3 Aug 2021 Tenda AC1200 Denial Of Service (CVE-2020-28095) CPAI-2020-3381
2 Aug 2021 WordPress WooCommerce Plugin SQL Injection CPAI-2021-0480
2 Aug 2021 VoIPmonitor Remote Code Execution (CVE-2021-30461) CPAI-2021-0425
2 Aug 2021 NETGEAR Command Injection (CVE-2021-33514) CPAI-2021-0328
2 Aug 2021 WordPress BuddyPress Plugin Privilege Escalation (CVE-2021-21389) CPAI-2021-0368
2 Aug 2021 Rocket.Chat NoSQL injection (CVE-2021-22911) CPAI-2021-0389
28 Jul 2021 Belkin Linksys Denial Of Service (CVE-2020-35716) CPAI-2020-1395
27 Jul 2021 Nagios XI Remote Code Execution CPAI-2020-0651
27 Jul 2021 Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services NTLM Relay CPAI-2021-0487
27 Jul 2021 Open LiteSpeed Web Server Command Injection CPAI-2021-0044
26 Jul 2021 CRMEB Arbitrary File Upload (CVE-2020-21787) CPAI-2020-3377
26 Jul 2021 Microsoft Internet Explorer Out-of-Bounds Write (CVE-2021-33742) CPAI-2021-0485
26 Jul 2021 Apple WebKit Use After Free (CVE-2021-1879) CPAI-2021-0481
26 Jul 2021 Google Chrome Heap Corruption (CVE-2021-21166) CPAI-2021-0482
26 Jul 2021 Google Chrome Heap Corruption (CVE-2021-30551) CPAI-2021-0484
26 Jul 2021 Moodle Command Injection (CVE-2021-21809) CPAI-2021-0475
21 Jul 2021 ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Command Injection (CVE-2021-20081) CPAI-2021-0479
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