IPS Protections: Security Gateway R75 and above

Release Date Description Advisory
22 Oct 2018 SugarCRM Cross-Site Scripting (CVE-2018-17784) CPAI-2018-1021
16 Oct 2018 WordPress Breadcrumb NavXT Plugin Information Disclosure CPAI-2018-1012
9 Oct 2018 Microsoft Windows Theme API Remote Code Execution (CVE-2018-8413) CPAI-2018-0991
9 Oct 2018 Microsoft MFC Insecure Library Loading (CVE-2010-3190) CPAI-2018-0986
9 Oct 2018 Microsoft Device Guard Code Integrity Policy Security Feature Bypass (CVE-2018-8492) CPAI-2018-0987
9 Oct 2018 Microsoft Windows Shell Remote Code Execution (CVE-2018-8495) CPAI-2018-0992
9 Oct 2018 Microsoft NTFS Elevation of Privilege (CVE-2018-8411) CPAI-2018-0993
9 Oct 2018 Microsoft Edge Chakra Scripting Engine Memory Corruption (CVE-2018-8505) CPAI-2018-0994
9 Oct 2018 Microsoft DirectX Information Disclosure (CVE-2018-8486) CPAI-2018-0995
9 Oct 2018 Microsoft Win32k Elevation of Privilege (CVE-2018-8453) CPAI-2018-0996
9 Oct 2018 Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (CVE-2018-8460) CPAI-2018-0997
9 Oct 2018 Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (CVE-2018-8491) CPAI-2018-0998
9 Oct 2018 Netgear Multiple Products Command Injection (CVE-2016-1555) CPAI-2018-1007
8 Oct 2018 MikroTik RouterOS Buffer Overflow (CVE-2018-1156) CPAI-2018-1017
8 Oct 2018 D-Link Central WiFiManager Cross-Site Scripting (CVE-2018-17441; CVE-2018-17443) CPAI-2018-1008
7 Oct 2018 Microsoft Filter Manager Elevation Of Privilege (CVE-2018-8333) CPAI-2018-1000
7 Oct 2018 Google PDFium Out-of-bounds read (CVE-2018-16076) CPAI-2018-1009
3 Oct 2018 D-LINK Multiple Products Remote Code Execution (CVE-2015-2051) CPAI-2018-0988
2 Oct 2018 Adobe Acrobat and Reader Heap Overflow (APSB18-30: CVE-2018-12833) CPAI-2018-0958
2 Oct 2018 Adobe Acrobat and Reader Out-of-bounds read (APSB18-30: CVE-2018-12873) CPAI-2018-0917
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