IPS Protections: Security Gateway R75 and above

Release Date Description Advisory
10 May 2021 Beckhoff IPC Diagnostics Denial Of Service (CVE-2015-4051) CPAI-2015-1473
10 May 2021 Vtiger SQL Injection (CVE-2020-22807) CPAI-2020-3344
10 May 2021 Google Chrome Remote Code Execution (CVE-2021-21220) CPAI-2021-0276
10 May 2021 Microsoft Exchange Server Remote Code Execution (CVE-2021-28482) CPAI-2021-0275
5 May 2021 TikiWiki Project SQL Injection (CVE-2004-1925) CPAI-2004-0217
5 May 2021 Apache Solr Server-Side Request Forgery (CVE-2021-27905) CPAI-2021-0265
2 May 2021 WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin Remote Code Execution (CVE-2020-29047) CPAI-2020-3337
2 May 2021 Tenda G0 Routers Command Injection (CVE-2021-27691) CPAI-2021-0254
2 May 2021 ImageMagick Command Injection (CVE-2020-29599) CPAI-2020-3321
2 May 2021 WordPress Food And Drink Menu Plugin Remote Code Execution (CVE-2020-29045) CPAI-2020-3339
2 May 2021 Fake Software Update Webpage CPAI-2021-0258
2 May 2021 WordPress WPGraphQL Plugin Denial of Service CPAI-2021-0264
29 Apr 2021 Visual Studio Code Python Extension Remote Code Execution CPAI-2021-0270
29 Apr 2021 Microsoft Windows GDI Information Disclosure (CVE-2019-1009) CPAI-2019-2460
29 Apr 2021 D-Link DIR-878 Command Injection (CVE-2019-8315) CPAI-2019-2459
29 Apr 2021 Apple Safari Type Confusion (CVE-2019-6215) CPAI-2019-2461
28 Apr 2021 Online Reviewer System SQL Injection (CVE-2021-27130) CPAI-2021-0243
28 Apr 2021 Apache OFBiz Insecure Deserialization(CVE-2021-26295) CPAI-2021-0267
28 Apr 2021 Qcubed Remote Code Execution (CVE-2020-24914) CPAI-2020-3326
28 Apr 2021 Microsoft Windows Contact Files Script Injection CPAI-2021-0266
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