IPS Protections: Security Gateway R75 and above

Release Date Description Advisory
31 May 2020 WordPress Calculated Fields Form Plugin Cross Site Scripting (CVE-2020-7228) CPAI-2020-0467
31 May 2020 Localize My Post Project Directory Traversal (CVE-2018-16299) CPAI-2018-1388
31 May 2020 Cisco UCS Director Directory Traversal (CVE-2020-3251) CPAI-2020-0468
31 May 2020 IPConfigure Orchid Core VMS Directory Traversal (CVE-2018-10956) CPAI-2018-1387
31 May 2020 Argus Surveillance Dvr Directory Traversal (CVE-2018-15745) CPAI-2018-1392
31 May 2020 Sitecore.net Directory Traversal (CVE-2018-7669) CPAI-2018-1391
31 May 2020 Schneider Electric U.motion SQL Injection (CVE-2018-7841) CPAI-2018-1393
31 May 2020 Joomla SimpleCalendar Component SQL Injection (CVE-2018-5974) CPAI-2018-1390
31 May 2020 FUEL CMS Remote Code Execution (CVE-2018-16763) CPAI-2018-1350
31 May 2020 MacOS Out Of Bounds Read (CVE-2019-6207) CPAI-2019-2140
31 May 2020 CentOS Web Panel Directory Traversal (CVE-2018-18323) CPAI-2018-1389
27 May 2020 Zoho ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus Authentication Bypass (CVE-2020-11532) CPAI-2020-0463
27 May 2020 NGINX NJS Heap-Based Buffer Overflow (CVE-2019-12206) CPAI-2019-2068
27 May 2020 NGINX Information Disclosure (CVE-2019-20372) CPAI-2019-2072
27 May 2020 HTTP Suspicious Windows Paths CPAI-2020-0285
27 May 2020 Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Insecure Deserialization (CVE-2020-6967) CPAI-2020-0461
27 May 2020 Oracle iPlanet External Image Injection (CVE-2020-9314) CPAI-2020-0410
27 May 2020 NGINX NJS Heap-Based Buffer Overflow (CVE-2019-12207) CPAI-2019-2059
27 May 2020 NGINX NJS Heap-Based Buffer Overflow (CVE-2019-12208) CPAI-2019-2051
26 May 2020 WordPress Ajax Load More Plugin SQL Injection CPAI-2020-0419
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