SolarWinds Sunburst Attack: What You Need to Know and How You Can Remain Protected

The world is now facing what seems to be a 5th generation cyber attack – sophisticated, multi-vector attacks with clear characteristics of an upcoming cyber pandemic.

Named Sunburst by researchers, we believe this is one of the most sophisticated and severe attacks seen in the wild. Check Point has been closely examining this attack through its global intelligence and research teams. To help customers, we are providing informative and actionable resources based on our R&D teams’ experience, expertise and insights.

Our teams are working across the board, side-by-side with other industry leaders, to provide the best protections against these attacks.


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Security Checkup to Determine if You Have Been Compromised

Check Point offers assessment tools that organizations can leverage, at no charge, to identify attacks operating within their environments. These solutions can pinpoint the presence of Sunburst indicators associated with network and endpoint activity.


Webinar Replay | SolarWinds attack: Insights and advice from Check Point’s Head of Incident Response

Hear from Daniel Wiley, Check Point’s Chief Security Advisor and Head of Incident Response to learn Up-to-the-minute analysis of the attack, How to contain the sunburst attack, What have we learned from Check Point customers? How to take advantage of Check Point’s complimentary security check up and incident response hotline engagement


Sunburst Attack Webinar

Get Proactive and Stay Safe From the SUNBURST ATTACK

Proactively contain Multi-Vector Cyber attacks with Horizon SOC

To help you rapidly investigate and mitigate the current attack but also ensure your organization is protected from future cyber threats, Check Point offers a complimentary 3-months license of its Horizon SOC offering.


Best Practice: Identifying and Mitigating the Impact of Sunburst

This Check Point blog provides guidance for network and security administrators on available tools to search for indicators of the Sunburst campaign on their networks and cloud environments and to remediate potential effects of the incident.


Best Practice: Identifying and Mitigating the Impact of Sunburst

SUNBURST, TEARDROP and the NetSec New Normal

SUNBURST, TEARDROP and the NetSec New Normal

In this article, Check Point Researchers share a focused analysis of some choice features of the backdoor used (SUNBURST) and one of its payloads (TEARDROP), in the SolarWinds Hack, including a first time thorough decryption of the domains the malware was designed not to execute on and a comprehensive technical analysis of the TEARDROP malware, used in this attack.


SolarWinds Sunburst Brief

The world is now facing what seems to be a 5th generation cyber attack—sophisticated, multi-vector attacks, potentially carried out by nation-state actors. Check Point’s finest teams are working closely with our customers and different industry leaders to provide the best protections against the Sunburst attack


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Check Point’s Advice on Protecting from the Sunburst Attack

Our researchers are constantly monitoring the situation and have already issued the following advice about how organizations can protect themselves.


To Contain the Threat, Call Check Point’s Incident Response Hotline

The Check Point Incident Response Team is available 24/7/365 to deliver security incident response services. If you believe you were exposed to the SolarWinds attack, we are just a single phone call away.

We will help you contain the threat, minimize its impact and keep your business running. Contact us now.


Incident Response

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