Microsoft Security Vulnerabilities Advisories

Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
Critical 5 Jun 2011 27 Jun 2019 CPAI-2011-296 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-043 CVE-2011-1268
Microsoft SMB Create Response Remote Code Execution (MS11-043; CVE-2011-1268)
Critical 9 Feb 2016 6 Jun 2019 CPAI-2016-0053 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-015 CVE-2016-0022
Microsoft Office Memory Corruption (MS16-015: CVE-2016-0022)
High 10 May 2016 5 Jun 2019 CPAI-2016-0309 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-051 CVE-2016-0189
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS16-051: CVE-2016-0189)
Critical 14 Jul 2015 4 Jun 2019 CPAI-2015-0843 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-065 CVE-2015-2419
Microsoft Internet Explorer Jscript9 Memory Corruption (MS15-065: CVE-2015-2419)
High 13 Dec 2016 4 Jun 2019 CPAI-2016-1068 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-149 CVE-2016-7292
Microsoft Windows Installer Elevation of Privilege (MS16-149: CVE-2016-7292)
High 13 Dec 2016 15 May 2019 CPAI-2016-0961 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-129 CVE-2016-7202
Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine Memory Corruption (MS16-129: CVE-2016-7202)
High 29 Jul 2014 7 Apr 2019 CPAI-2014-1691 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-031 CVE-2014-1811
Microsoft Windows TCP Denial of Service (MS14-031; CVE-2014-1811)
Critical 12 Mar 2014 1 Apr 2019 CPAI-2014-0879 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-006 CVE-2014-0254
Microsoft Windows IPv6 Router Advertisements Denial of Service (MS14-006; CVE-2014-0254)
High 10 Jan 2017 27 Mar 2019 CPAI-2017-0010 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-004 CVE-2017-0004
Microsoft LSASS Denial of Service (MS17-004: CVE-2017-0004)
Critical 11 Nov 2014 7 Mar 2019 CPAI-2014-1940 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-064 CVE-2014-6332
Microsoft Windows OLE Automation Array Remote Code Execution (MS14-064; CVE-2014-6332)
Critical 11 Nov 2014 3 Mar 2019 CPAI-2014-1967 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-065 CVE-2014-6343
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS14-065: CVE-2014-6343; CVE-2015-1662)
Critical 23 Feb 2015 20 Feb 2019 CPAI-2015-0096 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-011 CVE-2015-0008
Microsoft Windows Group Policy Remote Code Execution (MS15-011; CVE-2015-0008)
High 12 May 2015 26 Jul 2018 CPAI-2015-0536 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-043 CVE-2015-1692
Microsoft Internet Explorer Clipboard Information Disclosure (MS15-043: CVE-2015-1692)
Critical 13 Oct 2015 11 Jul 2018 CPAI-2015-1183 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-110 CVE-2015-2558
Microsoft Office Memory Corruption (MS15-110: CVE-2015-2558)
Medium 13 Sep 2016 8 Jul 2018 CPAI-2016-0736 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-104 CVE-2016-3297
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS16-104: CVE-2016-3297)
Critical 14 Jun 2016 8 Jul 2018 CPAI-2016-0422 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-063 CVE-2016-3210
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS16-063: CVE-2016-3210)
Critical 11 Nov 2014 29 Apr 2018 CPAI-2014-1948 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-066 CVE-2014-6321
Microsoft Windows Schannel Remote Code Execution (MS14-066; CVE-2014-6321)
Critical 26 Nov 2014 2 Apr 2018 CPAI-2014-2231 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-066 CVE-2014-6321
Microsoft Windows SChannel Buffer Overflow (MS14-066; CVE-2014-6321)
High 13 Jan 2015 31 Jan 2018 CPAI-2014-2243 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-007 CVE-2015-0015
Microsoft Network Policy Server RADIUS Denial of Service (MS15-007; CVE-2015-0015)
Critical 9 Mar 2016 15 Jan 2018 CPAI-2016-0190 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-021 CVE-2016-0050
Microsoft Network Policy Server RADIUS Denial of Service (MS16-021; CVE-2016-0050)
High 13 Sep 2016 12 Dec 2017 CPAI-2016-0750 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-104 CVE-2016-3375
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS16-104: CVE-2016-3375; CVE-2017-11913)
Critical 25 Nov 2014 3 Dec 2017 CPAI-2014-2220 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-066 CVE-2014-6321
Microsoft Windows SChannel Denial Of Service (MS14-066; CVE-2014-6321)
High 8 Nov 2016 26 Nov 2017 CPAI-2016-0956 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-142 CVE-2016-7195
Microsoft Browser Memory Corruption (MS16-142: CVE-2016-7195)
Critical 13 Dec 2016 26 Nov 2017 CPAI-2016-1067 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-146 CVE-2016-7272
Microsoft Windows Graphics Remote Code Execution (MS16-146: CVE-2016-7272)
Critical 9 Feb 2016 26 Nov 2017 CPAI-2016-0068 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-009 CVE-2016-0060
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS16-009: CVE-2016-0060)
Critical 10 Nov 2015 26 Nov 2017 CPAI-2015-1260 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-112 CVE-2015-6079
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS15-112: CVE-2015-6079)
Critical 14 Mar 2017 26 Nov 2017 CPAI-2017-0177 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010 CVE-2017-0143
Microsoft Windows SMB Remote Code Execution (MS17-010: CVE-2017-0143)
High 7 Jul 2015 15 Nov 2017 CPAI-2015-0802 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-055 CVE-2015-4000
TLS DHE_EXPORT Information Disclosure (MS15-055; CVE-2015-4000; CVE-2015-1716)
High 10 Mar 2015 30 Oct 2017 CPAI-2015-0207 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-021 CVE-2015-0089
Microsoft Windows ATMFD Font Driver Information Disclosure (MS15-021: CVE-2015-0089; CVE-2015-1670)
Medium 14 Mar 2017 24 Sep 2017 CPAI-2017-0087 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-006 CVE-2017-0033
Microsoft Browser Spoofing (MS17-006: CVE-2017-0033)
High 14 Mar 2017 29 Aug 2017 CPAI-2017-0168 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-007 CVE-2017-0071
Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine Memory Corruption (MS17-007: CVE-2017-0071; CVE-2017-8548)
Critical 9 Aug 2016 20 Aug 2017 CPAI-2016-0667 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-096 CVE-2016-3319
Microsoft Edge PDF Remote Code Execution (MS16-096: CVE-2016-3319; CVE-2017-0291)
Medium 13 Sep 2016 2 Aug 2017 CPAI-2016-0739 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-104 CVE-2016-3324
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS16-104: CVE-2016-3324)
Critical 12 Jan 2016 30 Jul 2017 CPAI-2016-0014 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-006 CVE-2016-0034
Microsoft Silverlight Runtime Remote Code Execution (MS16-006: CVE-2016-0034)
High 13 Dec 2016 16 Jul 2017 CPAI-2016-1066 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-145 CVE-2016-7288
Microsoft Edge Use After Free (MS16-145: CVE-2016-7288)
Critical 14 Mar 2017 5 Jul 2017 CPAI-2017-0198 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010 CVE-2017-0144
Microsoft Windows SMB Remote Code Execution (MS17-010: CVE-2017-0144)
Critical 14 Jun 2016 5 Jul 2017 CPAI-2016-0449 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-077 CVE-2016-3236
Microsoft Windows WPAD Proxy Discovery Elevation of Privilege (MS16-077; CVE-2016-3236)
Medium 12 Jan 2016 5 Jul 2017 CPAI-2016-0011 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-007 CVE-2016-0018
Microsoft Windows DLL Loading Remote Code Execution (MS16-007: CVE-2016-0018)
Critical 12 Aug 2014 2 Jul 2017 CPAI-2014-1752 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-051 CVE-2014-2824
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS14-051: CVE-2014-2824)
High 10 May 2016 27 Jun 2017 CPAI-2016-0312 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-062 CVE-2016-0174
Microsoft Windows Win32k Elevation of Privilege (MS16-062: CVE-2016-0174)
Medium 14 Mar 2017 15 Jun 2017 CPAI-2017-0205 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010 CVE-2017-0147
Microsoft Windows SMB Information Disclosure (MS17-010: CVE-2017-0147)
Critical 13 Dec 2016 14 Jun 2017 CPAI-2016-1075 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-148 CVE-2016-7289
Microsoft Office Memory Corruption (MS16-148: CVE-2016-7289)
Critical 9 Aug 2016 13 Jun 2017 CPAI-2016-0679 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-099 CVE-2016-3318
Microsoft Graphics Component Memory Corruption (MS16-099: CVE-2016-3318; CVE-2017-8510)
High 14 Mar 2017 28 May 2017 CPAI-2017-0202 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-006 CVE-2017-0130
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS17-006: CVE-2017-0130)
High 14 Mar 2017 25 May 2017 CPAI-2017-0100 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-013 CVE-2017-0014
Microsoft Windows Graphics Component Remote Code Execution (MS17-013: CVE-2017-0014)
Critical 13 Dec 2016 23 May 2017 CPAI-2016-1054 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-144 CVE-2016-7283
Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS16-144: CVE-2016-7283)
Critical 27 Feb 2017 22 May 2017 CPAI-2017-0149 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-006 CVE-2017-0037
Microsoft Browser Memory Corruption (MS17-006: CVE-2017-0037)
High 10 Mar 2015 21 May 2017 CPAI-2015-0237 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-030 CVE-2015-0079
Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Protocol Denial of Service (MS15-030; CVE-2015-0079)
High 14 Mar 2017 21 May 2017 CPAI-2017-0095 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-007 CVE-2017-0023
Microsoft PDF Memory Corruption (MS17-007: CVE-2017-0023)
Medium 14 Jul 2015 17 May 2017 CPAI-2015-0833 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-069 CVE-2015-2369
Microsoft DLL Planting Remote Code Execution (MS15-069: CVE-2015-2369)
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