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The Only Platform to Offer a Unified Security Architecture

NGX - The Only Platform to Offer a Unified Security ArchitectureNGX is an advanced security software platform that is the basis for all Check Point enterprise security solutions. NGX is the platform that enables the sharing of common security technologies, Unified Security management, and Universal Updateability across all Check Point solutions. It represents a unique approach to enterprise-wide information security by enabling a unified security architecture across an entire security system. The NGX platform is an extension of the robust, secure, and reliable Next Generation (NG) platform that has been the foundation of network security defenses for tens of thousands of enterprises.

Highlights of the NGX platform

  • Reduces the Cost of Security Management
    Unified security management allows administrators to centrally manage, monitor, and update perimeter, internal, web and endpoint security policies – all from a single console.
  • Secures More Network and Application Types
    Expanded intelligent inspection technologies secure more threats than any other solution – including difficult to secure applications such as VoIP.
  • Delivers insights into your network and security operations
    Centralized provisioning, logging, tracking, monitoring, updating and reporting for all Check Point products provides enterprises with a unified view and better understanding of their network and security deployments.