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What's New in NGX: SmartCenter


The NGX platform delivers hundreds of important new features, improvements, and enhancements to over twenty Check Point products, offering stronger security enforcement, VPN, and management capabilities - addressing your most challenging security problems.

Learn more about the specific features and benefits of upgrading your Check Point products to the NGX platform below and start planning your upgrade today.

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Management Plug-Ins

  • Administrators can now add incremental management features to SmartCenter without a complete upgrade.  These management plug-ins will be released as packages when new functionality is available.

Administrator Password

  • Administrators can now change their passwords through SmartDashboard

Cloning Network Objects

  • Networks and Host Nodes can now be “cloned” with a right click. The newly created object has field values in common with the original object.


  • Groups can be viewed hierarchically in the Objects Tree. Additionally, a new feature in SmartDashboard allows you to configure group conventions. When you do so, SmartDashboard makes suggestions to assign newly created objects to groups based on their name, color or network location.

Group Properties

  • When you create or edit a group you can now view a selected object’s details with the View Object button.

Objects List

The Objects List contains the following additional information:

  • All lists except New Users lists columns
    • Last modifier
    • Last modified date
  • New Network Services columns
    • Session timeout
  • New Network Objects columns
    • NAT properties
    • Operating System version
  • You can remove or add columns to the Objects List. To do this, right click one of the columns and select the column you would like to add or remove. You can also add and remove a column using the Customize window.


  • Details about a network object or service, such as IP/port, version, and comment, are now visible within SmartDashboard rule bases without opening the object or service.

Unique Rule Identifier

  • A new feature in SmartView Tracker allows you to open SmartDashboard to the rule that a certain connection matched on. Also, an enhanced rule filter provides the ability to search within SmartView Tracker for other connections that matched on that rule, either by rule number or unique rule ID. A new feature in SmartDashboard allows you to view all logs generated for a certain rule.

Improved Manageability of Administrators

  • In this release, cpconfig allows the definition of just one administrator. Others can be added through SmartDashboard. All cpconfig administrators can be converted to administrators in SmartDashboard by using the $FWDIR/bin/cp_admin_convert tool.

Mandatory Session Description

  • SmartDashboard users can now be compelled to enter a session ID describing the changes they have made. This provides a better ability to track database changes in the audit logs.

GUI Client Disconnect

  • When logging into a SmartCenter Server, an administrator can now disconnect other users who are logged in and locking the database.

NAT Rules

  • In the Address Translation tab of SmartDashboard you can add a Section Title above or below manually added rules or above the first automatic rule, but not between the automatic rules.

Central Management for Connectra

  • Connectra devices are now part of Check Point's centralized SMART management, integrating security, monitoring, logging, reporting, updating and intelligent information processing in a single interface.

Central Management for Integrity

  • Integrity can now be managed from the same SmartCenter console, on the same server, and by the same administrators who manage other Check Point products using the SmartCenter unified management platform.

Additional Information

SmartCenter Product Page

Take advantage of these important new features and hundreds of others available only with the NGX platform by ordering your NGX Upgrade Kit today.